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Media Corruptie 35

March 20 - April 9, 2003: Studies Find that TV Coverage of Iraq Invasion Heavily Sanitized
A study by George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs examines the 600 hours of war coverage by the nation’s broadcast news organizations between the coverage of the first strikes (see March 19, 2003) and the fall of Baghdad (see April 9, 2003). The study shows that of the 1,710 stories broadcast, only 13.5 percent show any images of dead or wounded civilians or soldiers, either Iraqi or American. The study says that television news coverage 'did not differ discernibly' from the heavily sanitized, Pentagon-controlled coverage of the 1991 Gulf War (see August 11, 1990 and January 3, 1991). 'A war with hundreds of coalition and tens of thousands of Iraqi casualties' is transformed on US television screens 'into something closer to a defense contractor’s training video: a lot of action, but no consequences, as if shells simply disappeared into the air and a…

Obama's Wars

In a Shift, Obama Extends U.S. Role in Afghan CombatBy  and NOV. 21, 2014 Continue reading the main story Continue reading the main storyShare This PageShareTweetEmailSaveMoreContinue reading the main story