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Media Corruptie 4

Hubert Smeets van de NRC: 'een minimale vorm van intellectuele discipline en coherentie is dan toch wenselijk.'
Waarom het voor de Atlantische Commissie zo aantrekkelijk is om juist mainstream-journalisten als Hubert Smeets van de NRCaan haar kant te krijgen, is niet moeilijk te raden. De Commissie, speciaal in het leven geroepen om NAVO-propaganda te bedrijven, financiert zogeheten 'studiereizen' met belastinggeld, in de verwachting dat dit een voor haar positieve uitwerking heeft op de informatieverschaffing aan het grote publiek. Daarom worden de meest 'plooibare' en 'betrouwbare' opiniemakers uitgenodigd enHubert Smeets is één van hen, zo weet de Atlantische Commissie aan de hand van zijn journalistieke producten. Hubert is iemand die niet aan zelfcensuur hoeft te doen, aangezien hij nagenoeg alles wat hij schrijft en zegt ook daadwerkelijk gelooft, anders zou hij domweg niet bij de 'kwaliteitskrant'zijn aangenomen. Smeets verdedigt overal en…

MH 17 Mystery 16

De vraag van een leek:
waarom hebben de onderzoekers van het MH 17-ongeval nog steeds niet kunnen vaststellen of het verkeersvliegtuig door een Russische raket is getroffen? Immers, met microscopisch forensisch onderzoek moet men toch betrekkelijk snel  kunnen vaststellen of er  resten van  een dergelijke raket in het vliegtuig zijn aangetroffen, op zijn minst op de plaatsen waar het raketmetaal de aluminium romp van het vliegtuig doorboorde. Het vliegtuig stortte op 17 juli 2014 neer, dat is bijna drie maanden geleden.
Scanning electron microscope forensic research
The Phenom desktop SEM systems are commonly used in all-round forensic investigations and forensic analysis to perform ballistic research on diverse forensic evidence like fabrics, metals, textile or glass and also to identify scratches and indents from tool marks, blood, human and animal hair classification or scrutinizing residues such as sand, mud and diatoms. The Phenom is a desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM) whic…


FRI OCT 10, 2014 AT 06:50 AM PDT Cartoon: Shell's deadliest crudebyMark FioreFollowforComics 4 Comments / 4 New Here's a video I did in collaboration with a group that is fighting to protect the Arctic, the Alaska Wilderness League. We're trying to draw attention to the fact that Shell is going to make another attempt at drilling in the impossibly beautiful and fragile Arctic. But Shell must know what they're doing, right? Um, not quite. They ran a drill rig onto the rocks, (which I didn't even know could be done), ran another exploration boat onto some otherrocks, had a fire break out in another case and, um, they want to try this all again. I'm sure it'll all go just fine now, right? Shell is trying to prove that they can do this thing and that the Obama administration should let them have at it. Take a look at the animation and let me know if you're ready to turn over the Arctic to Shell.   And by the way, this week I'm hosting Satire Fest here in…

Paul Craig Roberts 39

Ebola Update — Paul Craig RobertsOctober 11, 2014| Categories: Articles & Columns| Tags: |Print This Article Ebola Update Paul Craig Roberts A number of readers have read reports that the CIA was active in West Africa just prior to the ebola outbreak, and some have read reports that the ebola strain is a weaponized version engineered to spread by air and surface contact. Some readers ask me to confirm or refute these reports, and others want to know if the One Percent or the Bilderbergers have started the process of eliminating the surplus population. The only people who would be able to answer these questions would be the people responsible, if such a plot is actually underway. Even then, the warning would likely to ignored or discredited. A top NSA official, William Binney, told us years ago about the illegal and unconstitutional NSA spying, but nothing was done about it. Edward Snowden told us again, and the response was to label him a Russian or Chinese spy. Congress has not…

Land of the Free. Home of the Brave

Friday, October 10, 2014 This Is Wrong: On Race and Class and Unassailable Privilege by Abby Zimet, staff writer


Become a fan Co-founder, CODEPINK: Women for Peace Email The Fourth Estate in FlamesPosted: 10/10/2014 12:31 pm EDT  Updated: 10/10/2014 12:59 pm EDT  A war-weary American public that a year ago resoundingly rejected US military intervention in Syria to overthrow the Assad regime now is rallying behind the use of force to destroy the so-called Islamic State (ISIS). In just three months, from June to September, support for US airstrikes in Iraq soared from 45% percent to 71%, and to 65% for airstrikes in Syria. How did such an astounding turnabout occur? Certainly it wasn't due to the persuasive powers of President Obama, who seems to have been reluctantly dragged into a conflict that he once acknowledged has no military solution. The credit for selling Obama's war on ISIS must go to the mainstream American media. Day after day, night after night, the press relied on propaganda from both ISIS and the US government to whip up fear and a thirst for revenge in the Ame…