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De Mainstream Pers 244

Gebleven is slechts het labyrint van rituelen, en niemand herinnert zich meer de ingang en de uitgang en al evenmin de zin van het labyrint. Federico Fellini. Gesprekken met Fellini. 1985
U.S. Ends Losing Streak with Successful Missile Intercept Test
June 23, 2014 By Rachel Oswald Global Security Newswire
The United States on Sunday intercepted a target ballistic missile, ending a long losing streak of failed tests of its homeland antimissile system.
The test of the Ground-based Midcourse Defense system took place Sunday over the Pacific and involved a strategic Ground Based Interceptor fired from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., and an intermediate-range missile target launched from the Reagan Test Site in the Marshall Islands.
Considerable political attention has been focused on the outcome of the test, given that the three most recent intercept attempts all ended in failure. Before Sunday's test, the last time a Ground Based Interceptor successfully eliminated a target missile was la…