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Vladimir Putin's Speech

Putin: What we see now is full-scale civil war in Ukraine
Published on May 24, 2014 Though Ukraine continues to plunge into chaos, Russia is ready to work with whoever is elected in the presidential elections on May 25, President Vladimir Putin said. He added that after the ballot all military actions must be stopped in the country.
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Fight Against the Corrupt Elites 2

What Is The New Populism?Friday, 23 May 2014 19:38By Robert BorosageCampaign For America's Future | Op-Ed 2

Fight Against the Corrupt Elites

Published on Friday, May 23, 2014 by Common Dreams Can a New Populist Movement Fight Off American Oligarchy? Amid push for "new populist" agenda, can progressives ignite a grassroots insurgency, battle both parties, and save the democracy? - Jon Queally, staff writer If Hillary Clinton remains the uncontested voice of her party, what next for progressives who say they know too well where Wall Street-friendly economics and a hawkish foreign policy will take the nation? (Photo: Shutterstock)Bernie is "seriously considering" it. Warren says, "I'm not running." A few Democratic governors are reportedly dabbling. But with progressives nationwide yearning for a bold populist movement, is there any chance their hopes will be met in the upcoming midterm elections or on the 2016 presidential battlefield? At the 'New Populism Conference' hosted by the Campaign for America's Future on Thursday, a number of progressive thinkers and activists—not to men…

De Mainstream Pers 219

In Shadows of Liberty vertelt Robert Baer, Middle-East Field Officer van de CIA in de periode 1976 tot 1997, dat de zogeheten Iraqi National Congress door de VS zelf was opgericht als oppositiegroep tegen het regime van Saddam Hoessein en dat het Amerikaanse PR-concern The Rendon Group de propaganda verzon om een illegale inval in Irak te rechtvaardigen:
So what happened was that the Iraqi National Congress were asked to provide 'evidence' of weapons of mass destruction. Tell the White House what it wants to hear. It was a complete act of deceit from the beginning. 
De westerse 'vrije pers' was maar al te bereid om de leugens te verspreiden om de illegale inval te rechtvaardigden, en daarmee de gewelddadige schending van de soevereiniteit van een ander land. Als ik mij beperk tot Nederland: de hoogleraar Ko Colijn, sinds 1 mei 2011 directeur van Instituut Clingendaelbeweerde met grote stelligheid op televisie en in het tijdschrift Vrij Nederland van 15 februari 2003: