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Stop Watching Us: Largest privacy rally in US history hits DCPublished on Oct 26, 2013 Crowds are flooding Capitol Hill in Washington DC, venting their fury against the NSA's sweeping surveillance practices. The organisers say it's the largest pro-privacy rally in US history. LIVE UPDATES:

Bug Off! EU leaders 'lack trust' in US after spying claimsPublished on Oct 25, 2013 EU leaders have admitted in a statement that a 'lack of trust' with America could affect the fight against terrorism. In a brief statement heads of state said that diminishing trust could complicate future collaboration between countries. This follows the latest leaks by whistleblower Edward Snowden, that revealed the National Security Agency had been spying on 35 world leaders. For more on this RT talks to former UN diplomat Lode Vanoost. READ MORE:

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Bill Maher Takes On Minimum Wage: 'That Is Barely Enough To Gas Up The Car You're Living In' (VIDEO)
Posted: 10/26/2013 1:11 pm EDT
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U.S. Spying On Angela Merkel's Phone May Date Back To 2002: ReportReuters  |  Posted: 10/26/2013 2:01 pm EDT  |  Updated: 10/26/2013 3:26 pm EDT 239 80

Russell Brand

Russell Brand: Radical Prophet, Mystical Force of Nature Russell Brand, that controversial, formerly drug and sex-addicted, adolescent funny man, who was spawned from UK “reality” television, became a movie star with roles in mindless comedy blockbuster hits and was briefly married to a pop princess, has evolved into one of the world’s most important radicals. In this modern age, where the spectacle of celebrity is used to distract, bamboozle and pacify the masses, where ignorance is placed on a pedestal and repetitiously rammed down our throat, raping our young minds, enslaving us in the all-consuming cult of consumerism and a never-ending narcissistic rat race to the bottom, Russell Brand has emerged as an enlightening force. Behold, Russell Brand: comedian / trendsetter / thought-leader / revolutionary / spiritual guru. The more you pay attention to him, the more you realize that he is a madly brilliant critical thinker, a prophet of sorts, a spiritual sage, a shaman of radical po…

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The World Without USSaturday, 26 October 2013 09:57By John FefferInter Press Service | Op-Ed