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American Weapons of Mass Destruction

The Rogue Empire
Chemical Weapons, Syria and American Exceptionalism
By Elizabeth O’Shea September 27, 2013 "Information Clearing House - It may be that we have inched back from the precipice of war in Syria, if for no other reason than a hefty gust of sheer luck. Russia’s intervention and neutralisation of the escalating tension between the US and the Assad regime has saved Obama from near certain defeat in Congress, with the UK government already rebuked and the Security Council never a viable option. The project was going soak up significant political capital for Obama and the well is nearly already dry. This political lacuna, or hopefully ongoing calm, presents a useful moment for reflection on the way war is propagated. There are, of course, plenty of obvious and practical reasons to oppose a military intervention into Syria. The first is that we know so very little about the chemical weapons attacks of late August: how they transpired, who was responsible, even how many people …

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FAIR BLOG Sep 24 2013 Asking What Kissinger Thinks–but Not What He Did By 10 Comments
Henry Kissinger (cc photo: Brandon) On September 22CBS Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer had a long interview with Henry Kissinger.  Take a look at the intro: In the long history of America, few men have had the influence of Henry Kissinger. For at least 60 years, powerful people have asked: "What does Henry think?" And he has never been shy about telling them…. Kissinger would go on to be Richard Nixon's national security adviser. He received the Nobel Prize for getting peace talks started on Vietnam, was point man for the opening to China, and guided the effort to forge new arms agreements with the Soviet Union. The media loved him. He became secretary of State and as Watergate exploded, kept American foreign policy together at a time when America had never been more vulnerable.  One part about this–"the media loved him"–is undeniably true. And it's certainl…

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AlterNet / ByEric Zuesse 5 COMMENTS U.S. Wealth Is Now the Most Concentrated at the Top Since 1916 The top ten-thousandth of the U.S. population have done very well under President Obama’s leadership, even if they had predominantly voted and contributed to Mitt Romney. September 27, 2013 |  
A new report shows that income in the U.S. in 2012 was more concentrated at the top than at any time since 1916.  A bit more than one twenty-fifth of all income in the U.S. is now being taken in by the top one-ten-thousandth of the U.S. population. That one rich statistical person is bringing in considerably more income than all of the poorest 2,000 people do in that same statistical 10,000 Americans. We must go back nearly a hundred years to find a time when the top 0.01%, the top 1 in 10,000 people in the U.S., were making more than 4% of the nation’s total income, as they were in the latest calculated year, 2012. This figure of income-concentration among the top 0.01% was the all-time high 4.4% i…

Climate Change 19

The Guardian / ByFiona Harvey 6 COMMENTS Major New Climate Report from the IPCC Reveals Human Impact Is 'Unequivocal' -- Global Response Needed UN secretary-general urges global response to clear message from scientists that climate change is human-induced. Protesters scream outside the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in Stockholm to demand immediate political action on the climate, on September 27, 2013
Photo Credit: AFP September 27, 2013 |   World leaders must now respond to an "unequivocal" message from climate scientists and act with policies to cut greenhouse gas emissions, the United Nations secretary-general urged on Friday. "The heat is on. We must act," said Ban Ki-moon, as he invited world leaders to a special summit next year to forge a global agreement on emissions. The world's leading climate scientists, who have been meeting in all-night sessions this week in the Swedish capital, said there was no longer room for do…

Iran 414

Dit ziet er niet goed uit voor Israel, waar de zionistische extremisten Iran willen vernietigen.Vrede is een ramp voor de joodse staat, want dan zal de staat zich aan het internationaal recht moeten houden, en op den duur minder financiele en militaire steun van het Westen krijgen.
Obama, Iran's Rouhani hold historic phone call
By Jeff Mason and Louis Charbonneau WASHINGTON/NEW YORK | Sat Sep 28, 2013 12:56am EDT (Reuters) - President Barack Obama and new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani spoke by telephone on Friday, the highest-level contact between the two countries in three decades and a sign that they are serious about reaching a pact on Tehran's nuclear program. The call is the culmination of a dramatic shift in tone between Iran and the United States, which cut diplomatic relations with Iran a year after the 1979 revolution that toppled U.S. ally Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and led to the U.S. Embassy hostage crisis in Tehran. Obama has said for years he was open to direct…

Responsibility to Protect? No!

Libya in Anarchy Two Years after NATO Humanitarian Liberation By F. William Engdahl Global Research, September 27, 2013 Url of this article:
In 2011 when Muhammar Qaddafi refused to leave quietly as ruler of Libya, the Obama Administration, hiding behind the skirts of the French, launched a ferocious bombing campaign and a “No Fly” zone over the country to aid the so-called fighters for democracy. The US lied to Russia and China with help of the (US-friendly) Gulf Cooperation Council about the Security Council Resolution on Libya and used it to illegally justify the war. The doctrine, “responsibility to protect” was used instead, the same doctrine Obama wants to use in Syria. It’s useful top look at Libya two years after the NATO humanitarian intervention.
Chaos in oil industry Libya’s economy is dependent on oil. Just after the war, Western media hailed the fact the oil installations were …

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Er zijn machten aan de gang boven Europa, ik zeg echt bóven Europa, het klassieke woord grootkapitaal doet hier zijn intrede. Ik heb er nooit zo in geloofd, maar nu wel, die ons totaal ontglipt en waar je niks tegen kunt doen. En dat vind ik buitengewoon beklemmend. Geert Mak. Radio I. 29 april 2013.
Because they (citizens) press for more action to meet the problems they have to face, they require more social control. At the same time they resist any kind of social control that is associated with the hierachical value they have learned to discard and reject. The problem may be worldwide. Trilateral Commission Report.The Crisis of Democracy.1975
[G]edurende zeker vijf decennia was het Europese project zeer succesvol. Dat is het in veel opzichten nog altijd, vergeet dat nooit – praat bijvoorbeeld maar eens met de Polen, de Esten of de andere voormalige Oost-Europeanen...
Kun je… de totaal verstoorde verhouding tussen staat en privé in de voormalige Oostbloklanden als bij toverslag laten verd…