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Chris Hedges 31

The Death of Truth
By Chris Hedges This interview is a joint project of Truthdig and The Nation magazine. LONDON—A tiny tip of the vast subterranean network of governmental and intelligence agencies from around the world dedicated to destroying WikiLeaks and arresting its founder, Julian Assange, appears outside the red-brick building on Hans Crescent Street that houses the Ecuadorean Embassy. Assange, the world’s best-known political refugee, has been in the embassy since he was offered sanctuary there last June. British police in black Kevlar vests are perched night and day on the steps leading up to the building, and others wait in the lobby directly in front of the embassy door. An officer stands on the corner of a side street facing the iconic department store Harrods, half a block away on Brompton Road. Another officer peers out the window of a neighboring building a few feet from Assange’s bedroom at the back of the embassy. Police sit round-the-clock in a com…

Zionist Terror 146

The Anguish of Israel's Bedouin A protester holds a placard as another holds an Islamic movement flag during a demonstration to show their solidarity with Bedouin citizens, near the Bedouin town of Rahat in southern Israel, Aug. 1, 2013. (photo by REUTERS/Amir Cohen) Print    FONT SIZE  

By: Shlomi Eldar for Al-Monitor Israel PulsePosted on August 2. בעברית

Zionist Terror 145

Turkey Stalls on Reconciliation
With Israel An Israeli flag flutters in the wind as a naval vessel (not seen) escorts the Mavi Marmara, a Gaza-bound ship that was raided by Israeli marines, to the Ashdod port May 31, 2010. (photo by REUTERS/Amir Cohen) Print    FONT SIZE  

By: Arad Nir for Al-Monitor Israel PulsePosted on August 1. בעברית

Free Bradley Manning 18

Ron29 juli 2013 00:43:00 CEST on Juli 26, 2013 Chomsky says ‘Snowden should be honored’ for ‘telling Americans what the government was doing’ Noam Chomsky: "Bradley Manning Should Be Regarded as a Hero"Friday, 02 August 2013 10:48By Laura FlandersTruthout | Interview 30