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The Empire 931

Who Will Watch the Watchers?Saturday, 15 June 2013 10:04By The Thom Hartmann Program, The Daily Take | Op-Ed 16 font size

Zionist Terror 136

Het Westen zal alles in het werk stellen om de zionistische terreur tegen de Palestijnse bevolking goed te praten:

JUNE 15, 2013 UN justice champion Richard Falk targeted (again)EDITOR Vengeful Zio-schemers sharpen their knivesBy Stuart Littlewood The US ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Council, Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe, has branded Richard Falk as “unfit to serve in his role as a UN Special Rapporteur.” It seems that in his role monitoring the occupied Palestinian territories he’s in the habit of expressing views that don’t coincide with the twisted dogma of the pro-Israel lobby and its handmaidens, like Donahoe and Susan Rice, the outgoing US ambassador to the UN and National Security adviser-designate This attack is merely the latest in a long line of attempts to smear, vilify and dump Falk. Donahoe’s biography on the US mission website includes this high-tone gem. “On the front lines of the Obama administration’s strategy of multilateral engagement to promote democra…

Syria 128

OpEdNews Op Eds 6/15/2013 at 04:49:33 Why Obama is Declaring War on SyriaBy (about the author)Permalink (Page 1 of 2 pages)
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Why Obama is Declaring War on Syria The End of Syria as We Know It?

The short answer is Iran and Hezbollah according to Congressional sources. "The Syrian army's victory at al-Qusayr was more than the administration could accept given that town's strategic position in the region. Its capture by the Assad forces has essentially added Syria to Iran's list of victories starting with Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iraq, as well as its growing influence in the Gulf."
Other sources are asserting that Obama actually did not want to invoke direct military aid the rebels fighting to topple the Assad government o…

The Empire 930

On Prism, partisanship and propaganda Addressing many of the issues arising from last week's NSA stories 2841