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The Empire 904

Published on Saturday, March 2, 2013 by Black Agenda Report

Hollywood’s Propaganda
“Movies have become a happy arm of the United States government as they advocate for violence and war crimes.” by Margaret Kimberley

There isn’t any part of popular culture which allows the citizens of this country to escape the glorification of American imperialism. One can’t watch a football game without seeing an honor guard present the colors, or soldiers stationed in Afghanistan, or in the worst case scenario a flyover of military jets. Commercials advertising everything from cars to dog food present endless images of soldiers returning home from the battlefield.

'Deskundigen' 128

Just why is Disney such a threat? The primary reason is that his products, necessitated and facilitated by a huge industrial capitalist empire are imported together with so many other consumer objects into the dependent country, which is dependent precisely because it depends on commodities arising economically and intellectually in the power center’s totally alien (foreign) conditions. Our countries are exporters of raw materials, and importers of superstructural and cultural goods. To service our ‘monoproduct’ economies and provide urban paraphernalia, we send copper, and they send machines to extract copper, and, of course, Coca Cola. Behind the Coca Cola stands a whole structure of expectations and models of behavior, and with it, a particular kind of present and future society, and an interpretation of the past. As we import the industrial product conceived, packaged and labeled abroad, and sold to the profit of the rich foreign uncle, at the same time we also import the foreign …

Noam Chomsky 69

Published: Friday 8 March 2013 If we keep to really existing capitalist democracy—RECD for short—the question is effectively answered: They are radically incompatible. There is “capitalism” and then there is “really existing capitalism.” The term “capitalism” is commonly used to refer to the U.S. economic system, with substantial state intervention ranging from subsidies for^ @creative innovation to the “too-big-to-fail” government insurance policy for banks. The system is highly monopolized, further limiting reliance on the market, and increasingly so: In the past 20 years the share of profits of the 200 largest enterprises has risen sharply, reports scholar Robert W. McChesney in his new book “Digital Disconnect.” “Capitalism” is a term now commonly used to describe systems in which there are no capitalists: for example, the worker-owned Mondragon conglomerate in the Basque region of Spain, or the worker-owned enterprises expanding in northern Ohio, often with conservative support …

Zionist Terror 111

The famous Egyptian journalist Mohammad Hasanein Haykal once related a conversation he had with the late Syrian President Hafez El-Assad with Assad expressing bewilderment: "How in the thousands of very able American diplomats, only Jewish diplomats (often Zionists) are the ones sent to us as intermediaries in the political negotiations for peace with the Israelis?! Dennis Ross is a case in point.
Dennis Ross is not the problem or the issue; he is merely a very visible symptom of the problem, which is the total inability of the United States to act as a truly impartial mediator in the Israeli-Palestinian and wider Arab-Israeli conflicts.                                                                                                  Issa -------------------

The Diplomatic Serial Failures Rami G. Khouri
NEW YORK -- Understandably, Middle East circles in the United States these days increasingly speculate about whether President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry will explore…