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The Empire 902

How the Bush administration sold the war – and we bought it We knew WMD intelligence was flawed, but there was a larger failure of officials, media and public to halt the neocon juggernaut 582

'Deskundigen' 122

When tariffs and food and fuel subsidies are eliminated under an IMF diktat, small farmers and the landless know they have been declared expendable. They join the 750 million people already under-employed, and unemployed. The World Resources Institute says the toll of globalization reached 13-18 million child deaths every year; or 12 million children under the age of five, according tot the UN Development Report. ‘If 100 million have been killed in the formal wars of the twentieth century,’ wrote Michael McKinley, ‘why are they to be privileged in comprehension over the annual [death] toll of children from (IMF imposed) structural adjustment programmes since 1982?’ He quoted Lester C. Thurow’s view that ‘the tragedy afflicting humanity [was] neither metaphor, nor simile, of war, but war itself.’ John Pilger. The New Rulers of the World. 2002
Uit dat Amerika komen op een gegeven moment pakjes groen-witte poeder waaruit een huisvrouw een pan soep kan toveren: California heet het spul. Cal…