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Posted on Feb 7, 2013AP/Jacquelyn Martin Demonstrators from the groups Code Pink and Witness Against Torture protest last month against President Obama’s choice of John Brennan to head the CIA. By Robert Scheer
The title, “Globalizing Torture,” says it all. This meticulous accounting of the network of torture chambers that the United States has authorized in more than 54 nations is a damning indictment that should make all of us in this country cringe with shame. The report is a product of the Open Society Foundations, funded by international financier and philanthropist George Soros, who, as a young Jew, suffered through the Nazi occupation of Hungary and emerged from that experience an uncompromising fighter for human rights. That his lifelong goal to “foster accountability for international crimes,” reflected in his organization’s mission statement, now includes our government is a condemnation as awful…

Geert Mak 6

Geert Mak: Chevalier de la L├ęgion  d’Honneur (23 april 2009) 

Het is beter voor Nederland en de internationale gemeenschap dat Obama de verkiezingen wint.'Geert Mak. EO Radio. 6 november 2012

Austerity can’t solve crises of capitalism

Ko Colijn. Professor 14

Professor Ko Colijn:'het [gaat] niet meer om de vraag of Saddam

Hoessein massavernietigingswapens verbergt – niemand

twijfelt daar nog aan.'

FAIR BLOG Feb 05 2013 Where Are They Now? The Reporters Who Got Iraq So Wrong By 14 Comments

'Deskundigen' 104

The age of American global dominance is drawing to a rapid and definitive close. In the space of barely a decade, the United States has slipped from a position of seemingly inexhaustible national strength to one of breahtaking vulnerability. John C. Hulsman and A. Wess Mitchell. The Godfather Doctrine. 2009 Amerika staat er over een halve eeuw beter voor dan Europa. Dat is de overtuiging van Geert Mak, die voor zijn nieuwste boek maandenlang de Verenigde Staten doorkruiste. ‘Amerikanen zijn bereid heel hard te werken en het land heeft een grote hoeveelheid natuurlijke hulpbronnen.’ Geert Mak. Nu.NL 22 augustus 2012
A resurgent and energy-rich Russia, a geopolitically awakened India, and a booming and proud China – all see themselves as rising powers gaining traction at the expense of the United States. They will expect to have a say in how the world is run. Just as the challenges facing the United States are growing more numerous, the tools for managing them will be scarcer than ever… Sa…