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Israel as a Rogue State 338

Truthout: 'Hillary Clinton's Silence Is Deafening on Massive Palestinian Prisoner Hunger StrikeThursday, 10 May 2012 16:07By Robert Naiman, Truthout | News Analysis

Arab Regimes 187

Abbaseya Aftermath and the Military Council's Reign of Terror Hundreds of Egyptians were hunted down and detained, including over 20 journalists and medics. Watch full multipart Egyptian Revolution
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Late-Stage Capitalism 2

Predatory Capitalism Failed
By Stephen Lendman Global Research, May 9, 2012 SteveLendmanBlog
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Independent observers knew it long ago. Today's global economic crisis provides added confirmation. In 2008, a staunch champion of the system expressed second thoughts. More on him below.
An ideology based on inequality, injustice, exploitation, militarism, and imperial wars eventually self-destructs or gets pushed. 
Growing evidence in America and Europe show systemic unaddressed problems too grave to ignore. They remain so despite millions without jobs, savings, homes or futures.
Imagine nations governed by leaders letting crisis conditions fester. Imagine voters reelecting them despite demanding change. OWS aside, one day perhaps rage will replace apathy in America. The latest jobs report alone provides incentive enough to try and then some.
On May 4, the Labor Department reported 115,000 new jobs. It way overstated…