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The USA will do anything to suppress the pro-democracy forces in the Arab world. As long as the mercenary state Israel is safe and our oil.
State Department Approved Export of US-Made Tear Gas to Egyptian GovernmentFriday 04 February 2011 by: Marian Wang  |  ProPublica | Report The American-made tear gas used to disperse pro-democracy protestors in Egypt earlier this week was sold to the country after government review, a State Department spokeswoman told us. The tear gas canisters used by Egyptian police against the protesters bore the label “Made in U.S.A.,” stirring controversy and bolstering the impression among Egyptians that the U.S. has propped up a dictatorshipat the expense of its citizens. Two government agencies, the Department of State and Department of Commerce, regulate the export of tear gas by granting export licenses allowing U.S. manufacturers to sell tear gas to foreign buyers. The State spokeswoman, Nicole Thompson, said she didn’t immediately know when the approval was…

Robert Fisk 66

De informatie die u niet van het NOS-Journaal krijgt:Robert Fisk: Exhausted, scared and trapped, protesters put forward plan for futureOn a day of drama and confusion in Cairo, opponents of the Mubarak regime propose a new kind of politics. Saturday, 5 February 2011

AP Anti-government protesters pray in Tahrir Square yesterday

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Uprising in Egypt: Al-Jazeera,Twitter, & Democracy Now! Live Coverage
Saturday, February 5, 2011

Robert Fisk: Exhausted, scared and trapped, protesters put forward plan for future
On a day of drama and confusion in Cairo, opponents of the Mubarak regime propose a new kind of politics.
Saturday, 5 February 2011
  Caged yesterday inside a new army cordon of riot-visored troops and coils of barbed wire – the very protection which Washington had demanded for the protesters of Tahrir Square – the tens of thousands of young Egyptians demanding Hosni Mubarak's overthrow have taken the first concrete political steps to create a new nation to replace the corrupt government which has ruled them for 30 years. Sitting on filthy pavements, amid the gar…

Het NOS-Journaal 11

Het NOS-Journaal liet net in de acht uur uitzending weer een onvervalst staaltje propaganda zien, zoals die gebruikelijk was in Oost Duitsland onder partijleider Walter Ulbricht. Nadat eerst nieuwslezers De Boer had laten weten dat Mubarak van de Amerikaanse regering mag blijven zitten, met andere woorden dat de Amerikanen geen onmiddellijke democratie willen zoals de meerderheid van de Egyptenaren eist, liet men mevrouw Clinton aan het woord die de regimes in de Arabische wereld -- die voor het merendeel door de VS financieel, politiek en militair worden gesteund -- bekritiseerde. Theater, propaganda, NOS-Journaal en zodra men kritiek heeft daarop dan wordt de redactie razend van woede zoals ik de afgelopen dagen uit eigen ervaring heb mogen merken. Kritiek wordt in Hilversum niet geduld en ondertussen wordt de journalistiek daar een steeds groter aanfluiting.

Arab Regimes 128

The spirit of Egypt’s Tahrir Square
Mubarak’s day of departure is his day of delayBy Christopher King

4 February 2011

Christopher King views the United States’ and Europe’s equivocal attitudes towards the people’s uprising in Egypt and considers what the impacts on Europe and the US might be if the uprising succeeds.

The people of Egypt restore one’s faith in humanity’s spirit and its aspirations. Despite vicious attacks by government thugs the demonstrators have remained peaceful while defending themselves. They long for democracy; so they should and their high spirits on the prospect of achieving it are justified. We see in Tahrir Square an inspirational spirit of cooperation in a people’s desire for freedom. One is shamed to reflect that Britain is a primary colluder with the dictator who had kept them poor and repressed and is still attempting to maintain his grip.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and his government clearly do not want to resign. Despite unprecedented demonstrations…

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Western powers are trying to obstruct a real democracy in Egypt, because obviously the pro-Israel lobby doesnot want a democracy in Arab countries. Let's hope the pro-democracy forces in Egypt will go on.
West Backs Gradual Egyptian Transition
Hannibal Hanschke/European Pressphoto Agency Protesters gather behind a barbed wire barricade in a street as Egyptian soldiers check them before they enter Tahrir Square in Cairo. More Photos »

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The US arms industry and the people’s revolt in Egypt
By Paul J. Balles

6 February 2011
Paul J. Balles comments on the USA’s ambivalent line on the people’s revolution in Egypt. He argues that although the administration has a growing fear that a government hostile to Washington could gain control Egypt, “the unspoken fear is that American arms manufacturers will lose a reliable customer".

“The military was greeted warmly on the streets of Cairo. Crowds roared with approval as one soldier was carried through Tahrir Square today holding a flower in his hand,” reports Democracy Now! senior producer Sharif Abdel Kouddous.

He speaks of "a great sense of pride that this is a leaderless movement organized by the people. A genuine popular revolt. It was not organized by opposition movements, though they have now joined the protesters in Tahrir." “US military aid to Egypt has been spent primarily on strengthening the regime’s ‘domestic security’ and its ability to confront popular…