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Ma`arat al-Nu`man

Ma`arat al-Nu`manFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Ma'arrat al-Numan) Ma`arrat al-Nu`man
معرة النعمان Great Mosque of Ma`arrat al-Nu`man
Ma`arrat al-Nu`man Location in SyriaCoordinates: 35°38′N36°40′ECountry

Israel as a Rogue State 152
Blueprint for a One-State Movement

Wednesday 24 November 2010

by: Ilan Pappé, Haymarket Books | Book Excerpt

*An excerpt from Gaza in Crisis: Reflections on Israel’s War Against the
Palestinians <>, by Noam Chomsky and Ilan Pappé,
edited by Frank Barat*

The demise of the Oslo Accord at the very beginning of the twenty-first
century gave special impetus to the old/new idea of a one-state solution. It
seems to be with us again and the interest in it grows by the day. And yet
it does not appear as an item on the agenda of any actor of significance on
the Palestine chessboard. Neither major powers nor small political factions
endorse it as a vision or strategy, let alone as a tactic for the future.
Its attractiveness, however, is undeniable given the failure of the
alternative solutions.

*A Troubled History*

The one-state soluti…