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Hans de Clercq Ressentimenten 2

Dit is de laatste informatie op de weblog van Hans de Clercq. Informatie die volgens De Clercq de mensheid moet weten. Hij heeft niet de eer, lof, erkenning gekregen (uncredited) voor zijn werk, althans zo meent hij. Enfin, leest u zelf maar:
UncreditedAchttien jaar na dato heb ik ontdekt dat ik zonder het te weten naar alle waarschijnlijkheid een bijdrage heb geleverd aan het script van een speelfilm met Dustin Hoffman. Hoe dat kan? Let op. We schrijven 9 april 1992. Ik maak voor de VPRO een interview met de Britse filmregisseur Stephen Frears, die kortstondig in Nederland is op uitnodiging van de toenmalige minister van cultuur Hedy d’Ancona. Als ik me goed herinner had het iets te maken met de uitreiking van de ADO mediaprijs. Geen idee of die nog bestaat, de prijs werd destijds in het leven geroepen om radio- en televisiemakers te bekronen die zich hadden ingezet voor een evenwichtige beeldvorming over minderheden in Nederland. Stephen Frears is op dat moment bij het grote publiek b…

The Empire 634

How Much Is Enough? America's Runaway Military Spending "We have fewer enemies [than in the Cold War era] and we're spending more money." August 17, 2010  |   Photo Credit: goober LIKE THIS ARTICLE ? Join our mailing list: Sign up to stay up to date on the latest headlines via email. Petitions by|Get Widget|Start a Petition » The August 9 announcement by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates of cost-containment measures at the Defense Department should not obscure two underlying facts. First, as he conceded, these proposed economies will not result in cutting the overall Pentagon budget, which is slated for expansion. And, second, as a Washington Post article reported, "defense officials characterized them as a political preemptive strike to fend off growing sentiment elsewhere in Washington to tackle the federal government's soaring deficits by making deep cuts in military spending." But why should anyone want to cut the U.S. military budget? One reason …

The New Anti-Semitism

In the Netherlands the new antisemites use their support for Israel as a weapon against the islam. The antisemite and the modern philosemite drink from the same source. According to the old fashioned antisemite a jew is not allowed to do anything, and according to the modern antisemite, the so called philosemite, a jew can do everything. For the antisemite as well as the philosemite jews are another breed of people, not people like themselves. Jews are for them the other.

Rage Against Islam: the New Anti-Semitism Recent attacks on Islam in the United States echo old slurs against Jews. August 19, 2010  |   LIKE THIS ARTICLE ? Join our mailing list: Sign up to stay up to date on the latest headlines via email. Petitions by|Get Widget|Start a Petition » After Abraham Foxman waded into the “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy,opposing plans to construct an Islamic community center a few blocks from the World Trade Center site, the Anti-Defamation League chief was assailed by critics who c…

Hans de Clercq Ressentimenten

Naar aanleiding van dit bericht kreeg ik de volgende reacties, onder andere van ene Hans de Clercq, iemand die in de journalistiek geen merkbare sporen heeft achter gelaten, maar wel allerlei ressentimenten heeft tegen degenen die dit wel hebben gedaan. Ik kom hier op terug:

 Paul zei
Gezien de huidige politiek zal Wikileaks nog genoeg te doen hebben in de toekomst
12:27 PM
 Hans de Clercq zei
Ik begrijp de functie van dit weblog niet zo goed. Van her en der meningen van anderen plukken en met paste/copy op je eigen weblog plaatsen. Wonderlijk. Stan was vroeger al berucht om zijn neiging tot epigonisme Kennelijk is daar niet veel aan veranderd.
7:55 PM
 Anoniem zei
Wel, de Clerq, als u dit weblog niet begrijpt, kan ik u doorverwijzen naar Krapuul. Daar ligt het allemaal wat eenvoudiger en zult u uw mening zeker kwijt kunnen.

8:06 PM
 Anoniem zei

John Pilger 37

Why WikiLeaks Must Be Protected

By John Pilger

August 19, 2010
 "Information Clearing House" -- On 26 July, WikiLeaks released thousands of secret US military files on the war in Afghanistan. Cover-ups, a secret assassination unit and the killing of civilians are documented. In file after file, the brutalities echo the colonial past. From Malaya and Vietnam to Bloody Sunday and Basra, little has changed. The difference is that today there is an extraordinary way of knowing how faraway societies are routinely ravaged in our name. WikiLeaks has acquired records of six years of civilian killing for both Afghanistan and Iraq, of which those published in the Guardian, Der Spiegel and the New York Times are a fraction. There is understandably hysteria on high, with demands that the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is "hunted down" and "rendered." In Washington, I interviewed a senior Defense Department official and asked, "Can you give a guarantee that the ed…

Israel as a Rogue State 88

Chris Hedges' Columns Formalizing Israel’s Land Grab Posted on Aug 16, 2010By Chris Hedges Editor’s Note: Chris Hedges’ next column will appear Sept. 6.

Time is running out for Israel. And the Israeli government knows it. The Jewish Diaspora, especially the young, has a waning emotional and ideological investment in Israel. The demographic boom means that Palestinians in Israel and the occupied territories will soon outnumber Jews. And Israel’s increasing status as a pariah nation means that informal and eventually formal state sanctions against the country are probably inevitable. Desperate Israeli politicians, watching opposition to their apartheid state mount, have proposed a perverted form of what they term “the one-state solution.” It is the latest tool to thwart a Palestinian state and allow Israel to retain its huge settlement complexes and land seizures in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. The idea of a single state was backed by Moshe Arens, a former defense minister and forei…

Israel as a Rogue State 87

FOCUS: OPINION The roots of Israeli exceptionalismBy Mohamed El-Moctar El-Shinqiti

Aggression immersed in victimhood is a striking reality of the Israeli discourse [GETTY]An American academic once told me: "Many people in the Islamic world think America does not believe in human rights, but they are wrong; America believes in human rights indeed, the problem is the American definition of human."
In other words: the American definition of 'human' is not a universal one. This is not purely an American characteristic; every culture faces the challenge of broadening its cultural limits and universalising its moral norms.
But among all human cultures and ideologies, the Israeli case is unique in its double standard.
Criminality wrapped in self-righteousness and aggression immersed in victimhood are a few striking characteristics of the Israeli reality and discourse.
The Israeli personality
The duality of "…

The Empire 633

States of Paralysis: America's Surrender to the Spectacle of TerrorTuesday 17 August 2010 by: Henry A. Giroux, t r u t h o u t | Op-Ed
(Image: Jared Rodriguez / t r u t h o u t; Adapted: dreamer.., net_efekt) When our fears have all been serialized, our creativity censured, our ideas "marketplaced," our intelligence sloganized, our strength downsized, our privacy auctioned; when the theatricality, the entertainment value, the marketing of life is complete, we will find ourselves living not in a nation but in a consortium of industries, and wholly un-intelligible to ourselves except for what we see as through a screen darkly. -Toni Morrison(1) As the link between the media and corporate power becomes more integrated, the visual theater of terror mimics the politics of the "official" war on terror. Echoing the discourse of the "official" war on terror, the violence of extremist groups as well as state-sanctioned and corporate violence are underst…