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Israel as a Rogue State 86

Israeli Generals and Intel Officials Oppose Attack on IranFriday 13 August 2010 by: Gareth Porter  |  Inter Press Service | News Analysis Washington - Pro-Israeli journalist Jeffrey Goldberg's article in "The Atlantic" magazine was evidently aimed at showing why the Barack Obama administration should worry that it risks an attack by the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Iran in the coming months unless it takes a much more menacing line toward Iran's nuclear programme. But the article provides new evidence that senior figures in the Israeli intelligence and military leadership oppose such a strike against Iran and believe that Netanyahu's apocalyptic rhetoric about an Iranian nuclear threat as an "existential threat" is unnecessary and self-defeating. Although not reported by Goldberg, Israeli military and intelligence figures began to express their opposition to such rhetoric on Iran in the early 1990s, and Netanyahu acted to en…

The Empire 629

The Jewish Lobby 4

Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic published a lengthy piece this week arguing that war with Iran was essentially unavoidable, the only question is whether Israel or the US will initiate it.

Rather than a critical analysis of Israeli thinking on this matter, Goldberg’s article comes across as the first salvo in a long-term campaign that is just as much geared towards starting war as it is to push Obama out of the White House.

In the piece below, published by today, I offer my thoughts on this matter.
Why the pro-Israel crowd is hyping the Iran threatBy Trita Parsi <>

Aug 13, 2010

Obama administration officials, as well as U.S. lawmakers and European diplomats passionately made the argument this spring that tough sanctions on Iran were necessary to avoid war. But contrary to their predictions, the drumbeat for war…

The Zionist Lobby

Get the Palestinians Out of Washington?Friday 13 August 2010
by: Allen McDuffee, t r u t h o u t | Report

Aaron David Miller. (Photo: New America Foundation / Flickr) As the U.S struggles to bring Israelis and Palestinians together at the negotiation table, some in the U.S. are debating whether or not a Palestinian delegation should even be allowed in Washington. Over the last few weeks since the State Department announced it was upgrading diplomatic relations with the Palestinian Authority, a controversy was ignited in Washington and elsewhere over whether the Obama administration had gone too far or not far enough. On July 20, the State Department sent a letter to Ambassador Maen Rashid Areikat, the Chief of the PLO Mission to the United States, stating that the U.S. had granted the upgrade to a "general delegation." The U.S. does not allow a full embassy because it does not recognize a Palestinian state. Elliott Abrams, Senior Fellow for Middle East Studies at the Council on Fo…

The Empire 628

Ignorance, apathy, parochialism and the US national psycheThe cases of Omar Khadr and Bradley ManningBy Lawrence Davidson

13 August 2010

Lawrence Davidson shows how popular apathy and parochialism, combined with control of the information flow by the US government and its allied mass media, has led to a situation whereby the American public views injustice and illegality with complete indifference.

At present there are two men sitting in prison who have never met but are nonetheless intimately connected. One is 23 year old Omar Khadr, a Canadian citizen who was with a group of Afghan resistance fighters attacked by US troops in 2002 (when he was 15). The second is Private First Class Bradley Manning, the man who blew the whistle on the barbaric tactics used by the US in both Iraq and Afghanistan. It is their different forms of resistance to a war sold to the US public as "necessary" and defensive that binds their fate. Omar Khadr – child prisonerOmar Khadr was taken prisoner i…

The Empire 627

he decline of America's middle class can be charted directly. In the three decades after World War II, the median wage (smack in the middle) grew rapidly, right along with productivity gains. Even as late as 1980, the richest 1 percent of Americans received only about 9 percent of the nation's total income. But starting in the 1980s - and increasingly since then - the economy has made the rich far richer without doing squat for the vast middle. The median hourly wage has barely grown, if you take inflation into account. Indeed, it dropped in the last so-called "recovery" between 2001 and 2007. And health-care and pension benefits have declined; we've gone from defined-benefit pensions to do-it-yourself pensions, while health insurance premiums, deductibles, and co-payments have skyrocketed. Meanwhile, the rich have been getting a larger and larger portion of total income. From 9 percent in 1980, the top 1 percent's take has increased to 23.5 percent in 2007. CE…

Israel as a Rogue State 85

Let op, dit is bekend over de schrijver van dit artikel Jeffrey Goldberg: 
IraqIn "The Great Terror", the article that Goldberg wrote for the New Yorker in 2002 during the run-up to the Iraq war, Goldberg argues that the threat posed to America by Saddam Hussein is significant. The article opens with a vivid description of Hussein's Al-Anfal Campaign, including his regime's use of poison gas at Halabja.[10] Goldberg goes on to relate detailed allegations of a close relationship betweenHussein and Al Qaeda, which Goldberg claims he "later checked with experts on the region."[10] Goldberg argues that: "If these charges are true, it would mean that the relationship between Saddam’s regime and Al Qaeda is far closer than previously thought."[10] Goldberg concludes his article with allegations about Hussein's supposed Weapons of Mass Destruction: Saddam Hussein never gave up his hope of turning Iraq into a nuclear power ... There is some debate among…