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Ondankbare AfghanenGeschreven door Gerrit W. Winkelwagen zaterdag, 31 juli 2010 15:21 Na een verkeersincident, waarbij vrijdag een personenauto getorpedeerd werd door een SUV afkomstig uit een konvooi auto's van de Amerikaanse ambassade en 4 Afgaanse inzittenden van de personenauto om het leven kwamen, zijn rellen uitgebroken in Kabul. Het incident vond plaats op de weg tussen Kabul en het vliegveld. Zie ook Daarin vertellen (sommige) ooggetuigen dat er na de aanrijding op de inzittenden van de personenauto geschoten is door de Amerikanen. Mensen die kwamen kijken wat er gebeurde, zijn vervolgens in woede ontstoken. Ze vielen de auto's van de ambassade aan en staken er twee in brand. Leuzen die aangeheven werden richtten zich tegen de VS en Karzai. Militairen van de NAVO-macht ISAF en van het Afghaanse leger hebben (in de lucht?) geschoten om de menigte te verspreiden.

Tenminste een van de vehikels was van het particuliere militaire bedrijf DynCorp, dat diensten levert aan het A…

Israel as a Rogue State 79

Middle East history buff Hague whitewashes Israel’s villainy on the high seas
"We have to be steeped in the Middle East, way back to historical matters. Because you can't understand it without the history”By Stuart Littlewood

31 July 2010

Stuart Littlewood views British Foreign Secretary William Hague’s weasel words on the siege of Gaza and his consistent rear-guard defence of Israeli crimes, which show that Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent reference to the Gaza Strip as a “prison camp” should not be interpreted as signalling a change in the UK’s slavishly pro-Israel policies.

My MP, a Foreign Office minister in the shiny new coalition government, has written to me saying he believes the foreign secretary was "extremely fair, tough and statesmanlike" in his reaction to Israel's murderous assault on the vessel Mavi Marmara and the rest of the Free Gaza flotilla. “Mr Hague doesn’t seem to grasp that the violence was committed by Israeli stormtroopers dropping fr…

Daphne Meijer 33

Meer dan twee weken geleden publiceerde ik dit:

donderdag 15 juli 2010
Daphne Meijer 32 Daphne heeft een nieuwe reactie op uw bericht "Daphne Meijer 31" achtergelaten:

Stan, zullen we eens in het openbaar debatteren? Dan kan ik reageren op wat jij over mij zegt, kan ik iets over jouw standpunten en motieven zeggen, en komen we misschien een stap verder. Ik vermoed dat ik niet de enige ben die in de door jou geschetste 'meta-positie' verkeert. Het is een dilemma dat natuurlijk niet nieuw is, en waar vele joden een vorm voor proberen te vinden. The Magnes Zionist zit in Jeruzalem, dus dat is wellicht te hoog gegrepen, maar misschien zou Abu Pessoptimist mee kunnen debatteren?

Ik zie via de pingback wanneer je naar iets van me linkt. Dat is uiteraard okee. Ik zou het leuk vinden wanneer je de volgende keer ook een berichtje achterlaat, met een link of zo, zodat de lezers van mijn blog kunnen zien hoe jij verder borduurt op wat ik schrijf.

@ AdR: Dat is de makke v…

The Jewish Lobby 2

The Real Aim of Israel’s Bomb Iran Campaign

By Gareth Porter
July 30, 2010 "Information Clearing House--Reuel Marc Gerecht's screed justifying an Israeli bombing attack on Iran coincides with the opening of  the new Israel lobby campaign marked by the introduction of House Resolution 1553 expressing full support for such an Israeli attack.  What is important to understand about this campaign is that the aim of Gerecht and of the right-wing government of Benjamin Netanyahu is to support an attack by Israel so that the United States can be drawn into direct, full-scale war with Iran. That has long been the Israeli strategy for Iran, because Israel cannot fight a war with Iran without full U.S. involvement. Israel needs to know that the United States will finish the war that Israel wants to start.  Gerecht openly expresses the hope that any Iranian response to the Israeli attack would trigger full-scale U.S. war against Iran. "If Khamenei has a death-wish, he'll let …

The Empire 617

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs faces the WikiLeaks firestorm, 07/26/10. (photo: Getty Images)  Reader Supported News | Perspective here is the old argument put forth by the National Rifle Association that it is not guns that kill, it is the people who pull the trigger. This, of course, is at best a half-truth. What does the NRA think guns are manufactured for? The downing of clay pigeons? Nonsense. They are made to kill and maim. Be the targets men or lesser animals, be they used in the course of defense or offense, guns are designed and manufactured to inflict deadly harm. One can say the same thing for armies. They are not put together for marching in parades. They are designed to kill and maim on a large scale. You can change the name of that part of the government that manages professional carnage from the Department of War to the Department of Defense (as the US government did in 1949) but it makes no real difference. Once the military is engaged, the inevitable consequenc…

The Empire 616

Trends to Barbarism and Prospects for Socialism By James Petras July 30, 2010 "Information Clearing House--Western societies and states are moving inexorably toward conditions resembling barbarism; structural changes are reversing decades of social welfare and subjecting labor, natural resources and the wealth of nations to raw exploitation, pillage and plunder, driving living standards downward and provoking unprecedented levels of discontent.  We will proceed by outlining the economic political and military processes driving this process of decay and decomposition and follow with an account of the mass popular responses to their own deteriorating conditions.  The deep structural changes accompanying the rise of barbarism become the basis for considering the prospects for socialism in the 21st century. The Rising Tide of Barbarism In ancient society ‘barbarism’ and its carriers  ‘the barbarians’ were envisioned as threats by outside invaders from outlying regions descending on…

Depleted Uranium

Document Reveals Military Was Concerned About Gulf War Vets' Exposure to Depleted UraniumWednesday 28 July 2010 by: Mike Ludwig, t r u t h o u t | Report
(Photo: John Out and About / Flickr) For years, the government has denied that depleted uranium (DU), a radioactive toxic waste left over from nuclear fission and added to munitions used in the Persian Gulf and Iraq wars, poisoned Iraqi civilians and veterans. But a little-known 1993 Defense Department document written by then-Brigadier Gen. Eric Shinseki, now the secretary for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), shows that the Pentagon was concerned about DU contamination and the agency had ordered medical testing on all personnel that were exposed to the toxic substance. Shinseki's memo, under the subject line, "Review of Draft to Congress - Health and Environmental Consequences of Depleted Uranium in the U.S. Army -- Action Memorandum," makes some small revisions to the details of these three orders fr…