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Israel as a Rogue State 3

Israel as a Strategic Liability? By Anthony H. Cordesman JUN 2, 2010
America’s ties to Israel are not based primarily on U.S. strategic interests. At the best of times, an Israeli government that pursues the path to peace provides some intelligence, some minor advances in military technology, and a potential source of stabilizing military power that could help Arab states like Jordan. Even then, however, any actual Israeli military intervention in an Arab state could prove as destabilizing as beneficial. The fact is that the real motives behind America’s commitment to Israel are moral and ethical. They are a reaction to the horrors of the Holocaust, to the entire history of Western anti-Semitism, and to the United States’ failure to help German and European Jews during the period before it entered World War II. They are a product of the fact that Israel is a democracy that shares virtually all of the same values as the United States.The U.S. commitment to Israel is not one that will be a…

Israel as a Rogue State 2

Israeli Naval Forces Seize Gaza Bound Aid Ship, "Rachel Corrie"Saturday 05 June 2010by: Jason Leopold, t r u t h o u t | ReportIsraeli naval forces seized control of another humanitarian aid ship headed for Gaza early Saturday.The Irish vessel, the Rachel Corrie, named after the US citizen who was intentionally crushed by an Israeli Army bulldozer in Gaza in 2003, refused demands by Israeli defense forces to dock in Ashdod. It was intercepted in international waters.According to the New York Times, "there were no resistance or injuries, and the military said the ship’s crew and passengers fully complied with the boarding.""Our forces boarded the boat and took control without meeting any resistance from the crew or the passengers. Everything took place without violence," a military spokeswoman told Agence France-Press, saying no shots had been fired.AFP further reported:The ship and the 15 people on board, most of them Irish or Malaysian acti…

Israel as a Rogue State

Alice Walker in this touching piece endorses BDS to end Israel's impunity.
Perhaps less conscientious writers, like some of Israel's leading ones (who count themselves on "the left"), can learn a thing or two about selfless human compassion instead of their eternal, racist, opportunistic, sickening "what's best for Israel" mantras!
Israel's Flotilla Massacre was not only terribly immoral and unquestionably illegal; it was patently irrational. It is already swelling the ranks of BDS support around the globe.
Omar Barghouti

You will have no protection
Alice Walker, The Electronic Intifada, 4 June 2010

Israeli soldiers stand guard as the Israeli navy raids one of the ships in the Freedom Flotilla. (Uriel Sinai/Getty Images)

You will have no protection

-- Medgar Evers to Civil Rights Activists in Mississippi, shortly before he was assassinated, 12 June, 1963

My heart is breaking; but I do not mind.

For one thing…

Israel als Schurkenstaat 264

Notes on Washington and the world by the staff of The New Yorker.

June 4, 2010
Debriefing: Lawrence Wright on Gaza
Posted by Samantha Henig

It’s only twenty-six miles long and seven miles wide, but once again Gaza has the world’s attention. The Israeli military’s raid of a Gaza-bound flotilla in international waters raised questions from abroad: who attacked whom, who was armed, and was there any legal basis for landing commandos on the ships? (Nine people on the flotilla were killed, one an American citizen.) But beyond all that loomed a larger issue: Why does Israel’s blockade of Gaza exist, and should it be eliminated?

That’s a controversy that Lawrence Wright took on in a piece for the magazine in November. Wright, who spent three weeks in Gaza, tells the story of Hamas’s rise to power; the capture of Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier; the theory behind Israel’s sanctions; and the way they have played out on the ground. Wright discusses the recent Gaza developments in this week’s Out Lo…

Israel als Schurkenstaat 263

*Reut Institute Admits Critics Have Many Valid Points* Israeli Think Tank Calls for
Sabotaging "Delegitimizers" of Israel


While a report by an Israeli think tank has been widely condemned
for advocating that the Israeli government use its intelligence services to
attack and sabotage non-violent human rights advocates, the report is worth
detailed study because it is chock full of admissions of illegitimate
features of the Israeli government it desperately seeks to protect.

The report, “Building a Political Firewall Against Israel’s
Delegitimization,” is the product of a year of research by a team of Tel
Aviv-based Reut Institute
investigators and includes contributions from more than 100 individuals in
Israel, the United Kingdom, and the United States. While the Israeli
government di…

Oil 82

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"BP heeft me al zeker vijfhonderd keer gezegd dat ik niet met jullie mag praten"

Schokkende getuigenissen van arbeiders die olie moeten opkuisen in Golf van Mexico

"BP heeft me al zeker vijfhonderd keer gezegd dat ik niet met jullie mag praten"Schokkende getuigenissen van arbeiders die olie moeten opkuisen in Golf van Mexico Het lijkt onwaarschijnlijk in een land als de VS in 2010, maar het is erg moeilijk werken voor dat deel van de pers dat vastberaden is om kritisch te berichten over de olieramp in de Golf van Mexico. BP gaat heel ver om de schade die de ramp aanricht verborgen te houden. Iedereen die voor BP werkt, ook in de opkuis, of voor één van de onderaannemers van BP, moet een papier tekenen waarin hij verklaart niet te zullen praten met de pers. Sommigen doen dat wel. Wegens ondertussen te gedegouteerd, of om andere redenen. Zoals het feit dat vorige week de arbeiders die de str…