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Derk Sauer 28

Ivo Andric: 'for we can stand everything except power.'
Mijn hele leven lang al ben ik me er sterk van bewust dat er iets ongrijpbaars aan alles is, iets waardoor alles toch anders is dan het zich voordoet en dat mij daarom dwingt me te matigen. Het maakt me ook bewust van het poetische der dingen en het intens vergeefse van het menselijk handelen. Ik beschrijf het liever dan het te veranderen, omdat de verandering altijd anders is dan men verwacht en hoopt en omdat de verandering altijd gepaard gaat met geweld. Van geweld, in de breedst mogelijke zin van het woord, word ik letterlijk misselijk. In dat opzicht verschil ik wezenlijk van mensen als Derk Sauer.
Dit verschil wordt schitterend geillustreerd in een gedicht van Nobelprijswinnaar Ivo Andric, een van de gevoeligste schrijvers van de twintigste eeuw. Hij vertelt een verhaal over een succesvolle staatgreep gepleegd door 350 Japanse samenzweerders. Wanneer de groep voor het eerst na de machtsovername bijeenkomt ontdekt men…

Israel als Schurkenstaat 121

Nu de grote angelsaksische opniemakers steeds kritischer worden ten opzichte van de 'Joodse staat' durft de Volkskrant-correspondent wat eerlijker te berichten.Lucas heeft een nieuwe reactie op uw bericht "Het Joods Slachtofferisme 6" achtergelaten:

Zelfkritiek gaat Israëli’s slecht af

‘De bevolking herkent het belang van democratische waarden’, zei onderzoeker Daniel Bar-Tal. Vrijheid van meningsuiting wordt in het algemeen door 98 procent belangrijk gevonden. ‘Maar wanneer het erop aan komt die toe te passen, blijkt dat de meesten bijna anti-democratisch zijn.’

Zelfkritiek gaat Israëli’s slecht af Van onze correspondent Alex Burghoorn op 29 april '10, 21:46, bijgewerkt 29 april '10, 22:57 Israëlische soldaten vieren een feestje terwi…

Israel als Schurkenstaat 120

Via Anzi:Anoniem heeft een nieuwe reactie op uw bericht "Boycot Israel 80" achtergelaten:

Hou het in de gaten, UvA!

Anti-Israel demonstrators reportedly attacked car following Israeli Deputy Ambassador speach at University of Manchester (UK) Posted on April 29, 2010 by TDB
Attacking the deputy ambassador’s vehicle (Photo: Joe Sheffer) Photo Courtesy Ynetnews
Haaretz:Israeli diplomat flees British anti-Israel demonstratorsBy Danna Harman, Haaretz CorrespondentTalya Lador-Fresher, Israel’s deputy chief of mission at the Israeli embassy in London, had to be shuffled out a side door and into a “get-away” car by Manchester police on Wednesday, following a lecture she was gave at the University of Manchester that was crashed by pro-Palestinian student protestors. The lecture, on the situation in the Middle East, which was originally supposed to take place months ago, was delayed because of early security concerns at the university – but went ahead Wednesday …

Israel als Schurkenstaat 119

April 28th, 2010 Variations on the Visual Trope of Totalitarianism Posted by Lucaites in no caption needed The scene here is Ramallah, February 2002. The tank is Israeli and the people blocking its path with their hands raised as if under arrest are Palestinians. The photograph is part of a NYT slideshow featuring the work of the recently wheel chair bound Palestinian photojournalist Osama Silwadi, who continues to photograph Palestinian life, albeit from a “new vantage.” His work, both prior to being crippled in 2006 by two bullets that shattered his spine and subsequently, is a testament to the power of photography to document the ever present tension between the tragedy and soulfulness of human life. The image that caught my attention, however, was the one above, which features the visual trope of the tank as the symbol of the totalitarian state.Developed by the British during WWI, the tactical and strategic capacity of the tank was revol…

Israel als Schurkenstaat 118

Via Rene:
Tomgram: Noam Chomsky, Eyeless in Gaza Posted by Noam Chomsky at 4:00pm, April 27, 2010. [Note for TomDispatch Readers:I’m away on vacation this week and largely off the grid, so don’t expect answers to emails or requests until the first week of May. In the meantime, here’s an excerpt adapted -- with a new TomDispatch beginning by the author -- from Noam Chomsky’s latest work, his must-read Hopes and Prospects, which can be preordered today, even as it wings its way toward local bookstores and Amazon. The book is a deep dive into the bone-chilling waters of the first years of the twenty-first century, including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In such phenomena as the democratic wave that has swept Latin America, however, Chomsky does see hope for our collective future -- and even on the subject of Gaza and the Palestinians, he sees possibilities, long blocked unfortunately by Washington and Tel Aviv. He is, as always, a man to contend with. And be sure to check out Timo…


From the Huffington Post...

Egypt: the next vulcano?
by Eric Margolis
Egypt is facing a potential political eruption that could rock the entireMideast and seriously undermine US domination of the strategic region.

This threat comes as tensions in the Mideast are already extremely high.Threats of war involving US, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, and Iran are flying fastand furious.

President Husni Mubarak, the US-supported strongman who has ruled Egypt with aniron hand for almost 30 years, is 81 and in frail health. Amazingly, he has nodesignated successor. No one knows who will take over Egypt when he dies.

For Mubarak, it may be "après moi, le deluge." Dealing with elderly dictatorsis always an extremely tricky business.

Mubarak, an air force general, was put into power with US help after theassassination of President Anwar Sadat by nationalist soldiers in 1981. Sadathad been a CIA "asset" since 1952.

My sharp-tongued mother interviewed Sadat in the 1950's and described him a…

Derk Sauer 27

28 maart vorig jaar kreeg Jan Marijnissen, grote vriend van SP-multimiljonair Derk Sauer, van de NRC de volle ruimte om dit te beweren:
De slippendragers van de macht groeien ten koste van de frontsoldaten van de waarheid.
Ik herhaal:
De slippendragers van de macht groeien ten koste van de frontsoldaten van de waarheid.

Jan Marijnissen: All dressed up and nowhere to go.
Wie verdient hier aan wie?

Boycot Israel 80

University students commit to sweeping boycotts Published today (updated) 28/04/2010 18:00
Bethlehem - Ma'an - In anticipation of Nakba commemoration day next month, Palestinian student and youth groups across the West Bank and Gaza signed a memorandum enacting a massive boycott of Israeli products and programs.
The document calls for a halt to any activities that could normalize relations between Palestine and Israel.

"Economic, political, cultural and institutional normalization legitimize Israel's oppression of the Palestinian people by giving the appearance of normalcy to the relationship between oppressor and oppressed. This relationship is hardly one between equals as Israel continues to violate our inalienable rights, steal our land, and prevent refugees from our right of return in contravention of international law and numerous UN resolutions," a statement from the student groups said.

The memorandum went on t…

Israel als Schurkenstaat 117

The Israel Lobby's Big Problem:
People Aren't Afraid to Criticize Israel Anymore
By Ira Chernus
March 27, 2010

I just ran across a couple of noteworthy quotes from members of AIPAC— the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the most powerful organization in the much-dreaded "Israel lobby" — which began its annual meeting in Washington on Monday:

"We were never exposed to anti-semitism, but we heard about anti-Israel campaigns in colleges, and next year we are going to college, and we want to have the tools to deal with that," said a high school senior, one of some 1300 students and youth at the meeting, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.Note how effortlessly this kid moves from "anti-semitism" to "anti-Israel."

That's how AIPAC has always recruited youth: Take Americans who have never experienced anti-semitism personally and make them believe that, even if they haven't seen any …