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Benny Brunner

Twee goede documentaires van mijn vriend Benny Brunner, een Israelisch-Nederlandse filmmaker, zijn hier te zien. Warm aanbevolen:


De Israelische Terreur 830

The rhetoric of "peace" Ziyaad Lunat, The Electronic Intifada, 15 April 2009
The Israelis have offered the Palestinians many types of "peace." Their first attempt to reach out to the Palestinians was in 1948 with an offer of a "racist peace." Ethnic cleansing was the basis of a "racist peace" where Zionist terrorists drove out two thirds of the Palestinian population from their homes. Its logic was that expulsion would end strife between Zionists and Palestinians (by eliminating one side) enabling the Zionists to enjoy peace in an ethnic Jewish haven. The Palestinians, stubborn as they were, refused a racist Zionist state as the basis for "peace." 

Israel relentlessly extended its hand to the Palestinians offering them a "military peace" instead. Deterrence was the basis of a "military peace" where a Zionist state armed to the teeth would instill fear in the hearts of the Palestinians. Its logic was that through milita…

De Israelische Terreur 829

April 17 is Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, which for years has been marked with sit-in tents, protests and solidarity actions both here and around the world in support of Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails.This year will be no different, especially for mothers who have waited year after year for their sons to come home. At present, there are close to 10,000 Palestinians in Israeli jails. Many have been sentenced, some serving consecutive life sentences, some years and some months. Others are in administrative detention, which allows Palestinians to be held without charge in accordance to a ‘secret file’ for any length of time, usually for renewable six month stretches. According to the Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem, as of February, 2009 there were 560 Palestinians in Israeli administrative detention facilities, two people who have served over four years without ever being charged. As for children, classified as those under the age of 18, also according to B’Tse…

Christen Fundamentalisten

Religious Right Group Claims Same Sex Marriage Leads to Mass MurderBy David Corn, Mother Jones.
Recent acts of gun violence, they claim, are the poisoned fruit of the pushfor gay marriage. 
Is there a connection between same-sex marriage and mass murder?
That's what one religious right outfit is suggesting. This week, Moralityin Media disseminated a statement noting that the Iowa Supreme Court hadlegalized gay marriage on the same day that a gunman murdered 13 people inBinghamton, New York. The headline on the release: "Connecting the Dots:The Line Between Gay Marriage and Mass Murders." The group's president, BobPeters, notes that the "underlying problem is that increasingly we live ina 'post-Christian' society, where Judeo-Christian faith and values haveless and less influence." And, he continues, this "secular value system isalso reflected in the 'sexual revolution,' which is the driving forcebehind the push for 'gay marriage.'&…

Louise O. Fresco van de NRC 3

Afgelopen dinsdag schreef de agrarisch sociologe Louise O. Fresco in haar NRC-column dat de Palestijnse bevolking in het door Israel bezette en belegerde gebied gebukt gaat onder het gebrek aan 'middelen van bestaan, met een door en door corrupte klasse van verdeelde leiders wier belang het slechts is gewapenderwijs hun eigen machtsaandeel uit te breiden. Ontwikkelingsgeld pompen in een dergelijke situatie heeft uitsluitend als effect het versterken van de corruptie en vergroten van de hoeveelheid wapens.'
Welnu, mevrouw Fresco,
Dit is de visie van iemand die met onjuiste veronderstellingen tot verstrekkende conclusies komt en ik kan me voorstellen dat soortgelijke ongenuanceerde denkbeelden uw positie bij de FAO dusdanig hebben verzwakt dat u niet anders kon dan uw ontslag nemen. Laat ik proberen een aantal genuanceerde feiten te geven zodat u in de toekomst een gedocumenteerde column kunt schrijven over deze zaak. Allereerst dit: het is een feit dat de Palestijnse bevolking t…

Palestina 19

Aid Rots Outside Gaza By Erin CunninghamInter Press ServiceApril 15, 2009
Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of aid intended for the Gaza Strip is
piling up in cities across Egypt's North Sinai region, despite recent callsfrom the United Nations to ease aid flow restrictions to the embattledterritory in the wake of Operation Cast Lead.
Food, medicine, blankets, infant food and other supplies for Gaza's 1.5million people, coming from governments and non-governmental agenciesaround the world, are being stored in warehouses, parking lots, stadiumsand on airport runways across Egypt's North Sinai governorate. 
Egypt shares a 14-kilometre border with Gaza that has been closed more orless permanently since the Islamist movement Hamas took control of theterritory in June 2007. 
Flour, pasta, sugar, coffee, chocolate, tomato sauce, lentils, date bars,juice, chickpeas, blankets, hospital beds, catheter tubes and otherhumanitarian- based items are all sitting in at least eight storage point…

The Empire 437

Fake Teabaggers Are Anti-Spend, Anti-Government: Real Populists Want toStop Banks from Plundering America
By Mark Ames and Yasha Levine and Alexander Zaitchik, AlterNet. PostedApril 15, 2009.
The tea parties are AstroTurf -- fake grassroots. But there is a realmovement growing against corporate greed and government malfeasance.
This afternoon, groups of angry conservatives will gather on street cornersand in parks across the country to protest.
They will carry signs and deliver speeches expressing outrage over theDemocrats' stimulus bill, over entitlements, over budget pork, over taxes.They will dump boxes of tea on the ground and wear three-cornered hats. Theleading lights of the Republican Party will be on hand to cheer them on.
But as with so much on the right, these apparent displays of populist rageare not what they will seem.
Six weeks ago, two of us (Mark Ames and Yasha Levine) published aninvestigation exposing the nascent "Tea Party" protest movement for what itreally…

The Empire 436

The Real Boston Tea Party was an Anti-Corporate Revolt
by Thom Hartmann

CNBC Correspondent Rick Santelli called for a "Chicago Tea Party" on Feb
19th in protesting President Obama's plan to help homeowners in trouble.
Santelli's call was answered by the right-wing group FreedomWorks, which
funds campaigns promoting big business interests, and is the opposite of
what the real Boston Tea Party was. FreedomWorks was funded in 2004 by Dick
Armey (former Republican House Majority leader & lobbyist); consolidated
Citizens for a Sound Economy, funded by the Koch family; and Empower
America, a lobbying firm, that had fought against healthcare and
minimum-wage efforts while hailing deregulation.

Anti-tax "tea party" organizers are delivering one million tea bags to a
Washington, D.C., park Wednesday morning - to promote protests across the
country by people they say are fed up with high taxes and excess spending.

The real Boston Tea Party was a protest against huge corporate …

Het Neoliberale Geloof 429

Geithner and Summers Want More Debt Bubbles: The Result Could Be Catastrophic
By Thom Hartmann, Smirking Chimp. Posted April 16, 2009.

"Everything predicted by the enemies of banks, in the beginning, is now coming to pass. We are to be ruined now by the deluge of bank paper. It is cruel that such revolutions in private fortunes should be at the mercy of avaricious adventurers, who, instead of employing their capital, if any they have, in manufactures, commerce, and other useful pursuits, make it an instrument to burden all the interchanges of property with their swindling profits, profits which are the price of no useful industry of theirs."

--Thomas Jefferson letter to Thomas Cooper, 1814.

Are we standing at the edge of a Great Inflation (like Weimar Germany), a second Republican Great Depression, or a return to the middle class prosperity of the Roosevelt/Eisenhower New Deal era? Until Americans understand the difference between "money" and "debt," odds are…

De Israelische Terreur 828

Gaza needs more aid
Mel Frykberg, The Electronic Intifada

RAMALLAH, occupied West Bank (IPS) - John Ging, head of the UN agency for Palestine refugees (UNRWA) in Gaza, has urged Israel to ease aid flow restrictions that are having a devastating effect on the 1.5 million inhabitants.

Ging says the amount of aid being allowed into Gaza at present is "wholly and totally inadequate. It's having a very devastating impact on the physical circumstances and also the mindset of people on the ground," Ging told IPS.

According to a report released last month by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), on average 127 aid trucks a day are entering Gaza.

OCHA stated that this was insufficient and way below the 475 that entered daily one month prior to Hamas's takeover of Gaza in June 2007.

"We need access," Ging said. "It's the number one issue. It's the number two issue. It's the number three issue, and so on. Until we get it, there…

The Empire 435

Empire and agency: "A World of Trouble: America in the Middle East"
Muhammad Idrees Ahmad, The Electronic Intifada

United States Middle East policy has been defined since World War II by the tension between two competing concerns: the strategic interests which require good relations with Arab-Muslim states, and domestic political imperatives which demand unquestioning allegiance to Israel. That the US interest in the region's energy resources has remained consistent, as well as its support for Israel, leads some to conclude that somehow the two are complementary. They aren't. US President Harry S. Truman recognized the state of Israel the day of its founding over the strenuous objections of his State Department in order to court the Jewish vote and, more significantly, Jewish money for his re-election campaign. Every president since -- with the exception of Lyndon Johnson and George W. Bush, who saw no cause to feign balance -- has sought to address this tension with…

De Israelische Terreur 827

Should Palestinian citizens vote in Israel's parliamentary elections?
Nimer Sultany, The Electronic Intifada

The recent Israeli elections witnessed a revival of the debate among the Palestinian citizens of Israel concerning the meaning of their participation, or the lack thereof, in the electoral process. The disqualification of Arab parties by the Knesset's Central Elections Committee and the subsequent reversal of the decision by Israel's high court led to two paradoxical results: on the one hand, it strengthened the doubts of some Palestinians vis-a-vis the fairness and effectiveness of the parliamentary presence of Palestinian representatives; on the other hand, it seems that these events mobilized more Palestinians to vote in order to defend their representation. Nevertheless, the steady decline of the Palestinian turnout in the national elections in recent years maintained its momentum: only 53 percent of the eligible Palestinian voters voted in the February elections…

Salomon Bouman 31

Salomon Bouman schreef me het volgende:

'Geloof me ik heb meer pijn van wat Israel doet dan jij je kan inbeelden. Het joodse land demoniseren : nee. Er wonen ook mensen die jou de citaten leveren om Don Quicotte te spelen. Je loopt in de valkuil van haat onder het mom van rechtvaardigheid.
Dat ik je schrijf komt voort uit een gevoel van diep medelijden met een op een dwaalspoor geraakt goed mens. DE GROETEN UIT MEKNES. SALOMON'

Beste Salomon,

Ik kan me wel degelijk verplaatsen in jouw pijn. Alleen een totaal gestoord mens zou dat niet kunnen. Verraad is het ergste wat een mens kan overkomen. En je bent verraden, niet door een of twee mensen, maar door een groot deel van de Nederlanders, je landgenoten, die op het moment dat het erop aan kwam de andere kant opkeken. Het gruwelijke van verraad is dat het niet alleen het heden kleurt, maar ook de toekomst en, erger nog, zelfs het verleden. Niets is meer wat het eens leek. Waar kan een fatsoenlijk mens nog in geloven na Auschwitz…

Boycot Israel 48

Another huge loss for Veolia; another attempt to present this failure as a "business decision" that is unconnected to the growing success of the BDS campaign to raise critical awareness -- in Britain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain and the Basque Country, and elsewhere -- about Veolia's involvement in the illegal Jerusalem Light Rail project.

This $1B loss is not peanuts, even for a company of the size of Veolia, a huge French conglomerate, operating in over 50 countries in many service provision businesses from garbage collection to public transportation.

BDS is most effective when it really hurts complicit corporations' profits. Ultimately, we cannot, and do not really care to, prove 100% correlation between Veolia's losses in Stockholm, West Midlands (UK) and now Bordeaux and the mounting reach and sophistication of the global BDS movement. What matters, at the end of the day, is that, since the BDS campaign against Veolia -- now titled Derail Veolia -- started …

Het Neoliberale Geloof 428

Als u wilt weten hoe burgers geflest worden door de congsi van politici en bankiers kijk dan hier naar:

Bill Moyers With William K. Black

Bill Black accused then-house speaker Jim Wright and five US Senators, including John Glenn and John McCain, of doing favors for the S&L's in exchange for contributions and other perks. Now Black is focused on an even greater scandal, and he spares no one — not even the President he worked hard to elect, Barack Obama. But his main targets are the Wall Street barons, heirs of an earlier generation whose scandalous rip-offs of wealth back in the 1930s earned them comparison to Al Capone and the mob, and the nickname "banksters."


Het Neoliberale Geloof 427

The Abuse of the Desire for Money or Capitalism's Addicts
by: François Flahault | Visit article original @ Le Monde

Are politicians thinking about the common good when they talk about "moralizing capitalism?" Undoubtedly, they are primarily thinking that they must calm discontent to maintain their credibility: a democratic state is supposed to fulfill the function of third party between the powerful and the weak. Yet now, even in the United States, which, through skillful electoral marketing, had long succeeded in making the poor vote for the rich (a success that has created imitators), the crisis has just reminded everyone that a gap exists between those two groups.

Must the search for the common good translate itself into a "moralization of capitalism?" All things considered, that would be a rather advantageous compromise for economic actors. Since everyone is painting themselves over in green (as ecology makes compulsory), why not also "communicate&qu…

De Pro Israel Lobby 115

Hard Questions on the Israel Lobby
by: HDS Greenway | Visit article original @

Does the pro-Israel establishment in America have too much sway over foreign policy? That's like asking is there too much milk in your coffee. It depends on how you like your coffee.

But, unlike coffee, any discussion of Israel's influence is fraught with emotion that can, sadly, limit a free exchange of views in the United States.

The issue came up again recently when Charles Freeman, a former ambassador to Saudi Arabia, withdrew from a top intelligence post to which he had been named by the Obama administration. In a March 10 personal statement after his decision not to serve as National Intelligence Council Chairman, Freeman said he was the victim of a campaign by the "Israel lobby." The headline in the New York Times was: "Israel Stance Was Undoing Of Nominee."

No doubt Freeman had been critical for many years of Israel's policies, which he tho…

Boycot Israel 47

Cultural solidarity in Quebec: An interview with filmmaker Malcolm Guy
Stefan Christoff, The Electronic Intifada.
An important development in the growing international campaign for a cultural boycott of Israel has recently taken place in Quebec, Canada.

Documentary filmmaker Malcolm Guy made media headlines last year for withdrawing from a jury for a key award for Tolerance in Cinema at the Rendez-vous du cinema quebecois (RVCQ) film festival in 2008, given that the award was funded by pro-Israel organizations. In response, this year the festival cancelled the major cinematic prize for the 2009 edition of the main festival celebrating filmmaking in Quebec.

The prize for recognizing "tolerance" in cinema was established as a joint initiative from the Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) and the Alex and Ruth Dworkin Foundation, was launched at the RVCQ festival in 2002. Although the festival award was cloaked as a celebration of progressive cinematic works from Quebec, celebrating the …

United Civilians for Peace

Nieuwsbrief april 2009
Beste Lezers,

De recente ontwikkelingen in Oost-Jeruzalem zorgen voor steeds moeilijkere leefomstandigheden voor de Palestijnse gemeenschap, zij veroorzaken schendingen van mensenrechten in de stad en verkleinen de kans op het vormen van een levensvatbare Palestijnse staat. Onlangs heeft de EU Heads of Mission een rapport uitgebracht waarin de acties van Israël in en rondom Oost-Jeruzalem één van de grootste uitdagingen worden genoemd voor het bereiken van een vredesovereenkomst tussen Israël en de Palestijnen. Het rapport concludeert dat de feiten op de grond, waaronder nieuwe nederzettingen, de bouw van de muur, het vernietigen van huizen, het sluiten van Palestijnse instellingen en het systeem van vergunningen, de Joods-Israëlische aanwezigheid in Oost-Jeruzalem versterkt en de Palestijnse gemeenschap in de stad verzwakt. Hierdoor raakt Oost-Jeruzalem steeds meer geïsoleerd van de rest van de Westelijke Jordaanoever. In het dossier Jeruzalem op onze website (ww…