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Het Neoliberale Geloof 95


Half-point cut? Testifying before the Senate banking committee, U.S. Fed chairman Ben Bernanke rejected the notion that a recession is imminent. But, he said, the Fed will act in a 'timely manner' in an effort to quell the downturn that's well under way.

Sluggish growth, more interest rate relief, but no recession.

That's the latest status update on the slumping U.S. economy from Federal Reserve Board chief Ben Bernanke as he testified yesterday before the Senate banking committee.

With the economy still deteriorating, he vowed that the central bank would act in a "timely manner" as an insurance policy against an even steeper downturn.

"My baseline outlook involves a period of sluggish growth, followed by a somewhat stronger pace of growth starting later this year as the effects of monetary and fiscal stimulus begin to be felt," Mr. Bernanke told the committee.

Mr. Bernanke also painted a grim picture of the housing market, whic…

The Empire 356

Frida Berrigan: Surge in spending on nukes a grave error
Frida Berrigan
The Capital Times

For many Americans, nuclear weapons bring up old memories and forgotten associations -- the duck and cover drills of the 1950s, President Reagan's exhortations against the "evil empire," and the plot lines of countless straight-to-video political thrillers. It may then come as a surprise that in 2008 the United States is considering a huge new investment in nuclear weapons.The U.S. Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration is pushing for an estimated $150 billion to develop a new generation of nuclear weapons and a more "responsive" production network. The centerpiece of this move is called Complex Transformation, a multiyear plan to build new or upgraded facilities at each of the NNSA's eight nuclear weapons-related sites. The plan also calls for building a new nuclear weapon called the reliable replacement warhead, which would replace all depl…

The Empire 355

'Lebanon's new proxy force
Matthew Cassel,
Electronic Lebanon
"We don't want a confrontation. But if we are dragged into one, we will not stay [with our] hands tied," warned Parliamentary Majority Leader Sa'ad Hariri during a speech to supporters and journalists in Tripoli on Saturday night. His words to Hizballah and the Lebanese opposition echoed those of top US diplomat to the Middle East David Welch in a letter to Arab League chief Amr Mousa in which he warned that the US would not sit by with its "hands tied" if the current political crises continues.The US, along with its close ally and Lebanon's hostile neighbor, Israel, have long wanted to see the disarmament of the resistance and now political movement Hizballah. This is especially so after Israel's withdrawal from southern Lebanon in 2000 and Israel's failure to militarily defeat the group during the July 2006 war, both widely viewed as Hizballah victories.Hariri, the son of ass…

Het Neoliberale Geloof 94

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.
The Hollow Men
T.S. Eliot

Let me open up today with stories about the economic decline that is already beginning to decimate the lives of so many Americans. I have been writing about this every day and the response has hardly been deafening. Political gossip and minutia seems to have a greater grip on the progressive imagination than tracking the financial collapse. This is a media reform issue too because the coverage remains so sporadic and confusing. The NY Times discovered today as its lead story that the subprime mortgages mess is just one part of a much larger story. That story was reported MONTHS ago in many business publications. I have been saying it for two years. Maybe I am in my own bubble, but it is one that I want to burst.
Michael Moore made his first movie about General Motors. Rea…

Paul Brill 2

Eergisteren schreef ik dit over:
'Paul Brill
De atlanticus en politiek commentator van de Volkskrant Paul Brill is ernstig verontrust, zo lees ik in een openingsartikel in zijn krant. Paul wordt dit keer aangekondigd als 'onze verslaggever' en lepelt klakkeloos en zonder context de woorden van de Amerikaanse minister van Defensie Robert Gates op.''‘Tweedeling NAVO zou fataal zijn’Van onze verslaggever Paul Brillgepubliceerd op 11 februari 2008 02:47, bijgewerkt op 11 februari 2008 09:05'
Gisteren nam de NRC een column van de goed ingevoerde William Pfaff over de NAVO met als onderkop: 'Er is al jaren geen sprake meer van gemeenschappelijke opvattingen en belangen.' Pfaff concludeert: 'Er is maar 1 model voor een doelmatig militaire alliantie, en wel dat de groep krachtige gemeenschappelijke opvattingen en grote gemeenschappelijke belangen heeft, en bereid is elkaar te raadplegen en tegemoet te komen. Als die gemeenschappelijke opvattingen ontbreekt, is…

The Empire 354

'Soldier, After Bipolar Treatment and Suicide Attempts, Sent Back to War Zone
The Associated Press

Fort Carson - A Fort Carson soldier who says he was in treatment at Cedar Springs Hospital for bipolar disorder and alcohol abuse was released early and ordered to deploy to the Middle East with the 3rd Brigade Combat Team.
The 28-year-old specialist spent 31 days in Kuwait and was returned to Fort Carson on Dec. 31 after health care professionals in Kuwait concurred that his symptoms met criteria for bipolar disorder and "some paranoia and possible homicidal tendencies," according to e-mails obtained by a Denver newspaper.
The soldier, who asked not to be identified because of the stigma surrounding mental illness and because he will seek employment when he leaves the Army, said he checked himself into Cedar Springs on Nov. 9 or Nov. 10 after he attempted suicide while under the influence of alcohol. He said his treatment was supposed to end Dec. 10, but his commanding office…

De Israelische Terreur 323

'Olive Trees in “Zion”

"On behalf of the landowners, the Shahadeh family, and the residents of the village of Al-Mashhad, I want to send a message to people everywhere – the Jewish National Fund, to the Nazareth Illit Municipality, to the Members of Knesset and the government, and to the residents of Israel. We don’t want the events of 1976 to repeat themselves, but I have to say that not one meter of land will be taken from us unless we die on our lands. We do not hold any hatred or racist feelings toward anyone. We just want to resolve the matter in a just way. If not, there will be no turning back. We don’t have anywhere else to live or to build our homes. We are a family that makes its living from agriculture and we have no other land to farm. Either we will die or we will live in peace with the neighboring cities without our lands being harmed. I repeat: what happened in 1976 won’t be repeated."
Ramzi Shahadeh, landowner in Al-Mashhad village'
Lees verder: http://w…

Institute of Social Studies

Voor gedegen informatie kunt u bij het ISS terecht:

'Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We've developed a web PORTAL for our teaching specialisation in human rights, development and social justice (HDS). It's designed to interact with the main website of the Institute of Social Studies as well as various forms of multi-media.It will serve as a complement for our teaching, inform our students and colleagues about projects we're working on and be a point of reference for HDS alumni as well as potential HDS students. Being a portal, what we have here is only a start and will forever be a and all feedback on and suggestions for the HDS Portal are very much welcomed!Human Rights, Development and Social Justice (HDS)'


De Dood van een Massamoordenaar 4

De hypocrisie van de westerse commerciele massamedia wordt door de mensen van Medialens scherp geanalyseerd:


The death of the former Indonesian dictator, Suharto, on January 27 could have unleashed a flood of revelations detailing British and American support for one of the 20th century’s worst mass murderers. Instead, the media continued the cover up that has so far lasted more than forty years.The 1965-6 massacres that accompanied Suharto’s rise to power claimed the lives of between 500,000 and 1 million people, mostly landless peasants. A 1977 Amnesty International report cited a tally of "many more than one million” deaths. ( In the words of a leaked CIA report at the time, the massacre was "one of the worst mass murders of the 20th century". (Declassified US CIA Directorate of Intelligence research study, 'Indonesia - 1965: The Coup That Backfired,' 1968; http://newsc…

De Israelische Terreur 322

Ook dit zult u niet snel via de Nederlandse commerciele massamedia te weten komen.

'Palestinians who appealed to the Israeli Supreme Court to stop settlers from digging tunnels under their homes were rounded up by the Israel police
For months the Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA), with funding from the settler organization ELAD, has been digging under the private property of Silwan residents in occupied East Jerusalem. The owners of the land were not informed nor did they give their consent to the digging that has already resulted in damage to the walls of their homes. The damage to buildings and infrastructure has reached a state where the main road caved in recently under the weight of the winter snow. Letters sent by Attorney Sami Ershed on behalf of the residents to the IAA requesting information about the digging taking place on their land have not been answered.
On Friday, February 7th Silwan residents established a protest tent on a privately owned plot adjacent to the ELAD …

The Empire 353

Informatie die u doorgaans niet snel in de Nederlandse commerciele massamedia zult aantreffen, aangezien men het er te druk heeft met lokaal gekeutel. 'United States Lacks the Capability to Counter Insurgency in the Muslim World
Recognizing that the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan will not be the last of their kind, a new RAND Corporation study issued today finds that U.S. capabilities to meet the threat of Islamist insurgencies are seriously deficient and out of balance.
The report finds that large-scale U.S. military intervention and occupation in the Muslim world is at best inadequate, at worst counter-productive, and, on the whole, infeasible. The United States should shift its priorities and funding to improve civil governance, build local security forces, and exploit information — capabilities that have been lacking in Iraq and Afghanistan.
“Violent extremism in the Muslim world is the gravest national security threat the United States faces,” said David C. Gompert, the report…

11 september 2001 (38)

Nadat ons allemaal was wijs gemaakt dat Osama bin Laden de grote planner achter de aanslagen van 11 september was, en er zelfs wereldwijd opnamen waren uitgezonden waarin een als Osama bin Laden verklede figuur ons vertelde dat hij de aanslagen had laten plegen, komen de Amerikaanse militairen ineens met weer een andere man op de proppen die nu de rol van hoofdschuldige moet spelen. Verwarrend. Nog verwarrender is dat mijn collega's in Nederland dit alles zonder blikken of blozen overnemen. Die lui kun je alles wijsmaken.Veel terughoudender is de verslaggeving van de kwaliteitskrant The Independent: 'US accused of using 'kangaroo court' to try men accused of role in September 11 attacks
By Andrew Gumbel

The United States military announced yesterday that it was bringing death penalty charges against Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and five other men suspected of orchestrating the September 11 attacks, and intended to try them under the Bush administration's much-criticised mil…

De Israelische Terreur 321

Informatie over de Israelische terreur die de westerse commerciele massamedia in alle vrijheid doorgaans weigeren te melden: 'Israeli forces kill one, injure 24 and destroy property in Gaza Report, Al Mezan. Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) stepped up their attacks against the Gaza Strip, launching aerial attacks on different parts of the Strip. The IOF launched two raids on Rafah, killing a policeman and causing considerable material damage in al-Shaboura refugee camp in Rafah. Also, IOF jet planes launched four attacks on a training site under construction and one attack on a steel factory in al-Zaitoun neighborhood in Gaza City, destroying it. Many homes in the vicinity were damaged. The attacks also resulted in the injury of 24 persons, including 14 children and six women.According to Al Mezan's initial field investigations, at approximately 11:30pm on 9 February, IOF warplanes fired a missile at a policeman as he was walking in the al-Brazil neighborhood in Rafah. He was i…

De Israelische Terreur 320

'Photostory: Solidarity with Gaza Slideshow, The Electronic Intifada, As Israel tightened its siege on the Gaza Strip, Palestinians and solidarity activists demonstrated their support for the people of Gaza. The above images were sent to The Electronic Intifada from around the world and document various actions, demonstrations and vigils in solidarity with Gazans under siege. If you have images to which you hold the rights documenting Palestine, Palestinian life, politics and culture, or of solidarity with Palestine, please email images and captions to photos A T electronicintifada D O T net.' Zie:

De Israelische Terreur 319

'Book review: "Israel and the Clash of Civilisations" Raymond Deane, The Electronic Intifada,
11 February 2008

Much debate on conflict in the Middle East is beset by contradictions and unanswered questions. These include: If the war in Iraq was motivated by oil, then why was it opposed by so many within the oil industry itself? Was the US incited by the omnipotent Zionist lobby to a war that is opposed to America's vital interests (and is the lobby omnipotent?)? Or is Israel merely a tool of the US establishment, seen as a vital defender of Western interests in the recalcitrant Orient?In his second book, Nazareth-based English author Jonathan Cook seeks to cut these Gordian knots, and in the process proposes an uncompromisingly grim diagnosis of what is happening in the world's most unstable region, and why it is happening.Borrowing analysis by Greg Palast, Cook accepts that the oil industry wished to see Saddam toppled, but maintains that it envisaged "a US…

De Israelische Terreur 318

'Israel's "next logical step"
Ali Abunimah,
The Electronic Intifada,

"The next logical step" for the Israeli government " will have to be a decision whether to target the top political leadership" of Hamas. So said an Israeli official quoted in The Jerusalem Post. Tzahi Hanegbi, a senior member of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's Kadima party and chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, echoed the call, arguing that "There's no difference between those who wear a suicide suit and a diplomat's suit." Following a cabinet meeting on 10 February, Israel's Interior Minister Shimon Sheetrit specifically called for the execution of Ismail Haniyeh, the democratically-elected Hamas prime minister, and added that for good measure "We must take a neighborhood in Gaza and wipe it off the map."Last September, Yossi Alpher, the co-founder of the European Union-funded publication Bitterlemons, wrote an article a…

Paul Brill

De atlanticus en politiek commentator van de Volkskrant Paul Brill is ernstig verontrust, zo lees ik in een openingsartikel in zijn krant. Paul wordt dit keer aangekondigd als 'onze verslaggever' en lepelt klakkeloos en zonder context de woorden van de Amerikaanse minister van Defensie Robert Gates op.

''‘Tweedeling NAVO zou fataal zijn’
Van onze verslaggever Paul Brill
gepubliceerd op 11 februari 2008 02:47, bijgewerkt op 11 februari 2008 09:05

MÜNCHEN - De NAVO mag geen alliantie met twee klassen worden: een eerste klasse van lidstaten die bereid zijn te vechten, en een tweede klasse van lidstaten die dat mijden. Een ontwikkeling in die richting zou de verdragsorganisatie ‘feitelijk de das om doen’.
Deze krachtige waarschuwing gaf de Amerikaanse minister van Defensie Robert Gates zondag in München, waar hij de jaarlijkse Conferentie over vredes- en veiligheidsbeleid toesprak.
Deze conferentie wordt wel omschreven als de ‘politieke salon van de NAVO’, waar tal van ministers…

De Israelische Terreur 317

'Photostory: The month in pictures,
January 2008 Slideshow,
The Electronic Intifada,
January 2008 saw a tightening of Israel's siege of the Gaza Strip following Hamas' routing of Fatah there the previous June. Palestinians in Gaza have been cut off from the outside world and Israel has banned or severely restricted the import of basic needs such as fuel, medicine and medical equipment, food, school supplies and cement. In January, electricity cuts lasted more than 12 hours per day as lack of fuel forced the closure of the region's sole power plant. In the early morning hours of 23 January, 17 bombs planted by Palestinian resistance created an opening in the iron Israeli-built wall separating Gaza from Egypt and allowed a moment of free movement for hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who seized the opportunity to visit family in Egypt, buy much needed supplies, or simply have a taste of the normal life being denied to them by Israel.The above slideshow is a selection…

De Israelische Terreur 316

Onder de ogen van de wereld, we staan erbij en we kijken er naar, de Israelische terreur tegen een hele bevolking. En het mag van het Westen. Sterker nog, dit terrorisme wordt gesteund door het Westen, diplomatiek, economisch, politiek en zelfs militair. Zolang het nog kan. Wij zijn namelijk beschaafd, wij zijn blank, wij zijn dus beter dan de rest. En het Westen heeft eeuwenlang de joden vervolgd, dus mogen van het Westen de joods-Israeli's de Palestijnen terroriseren, die moeten van het Westen nu maar een tijdje de rol van jood spelen.

'Leaving Gaza
Riven by factional violence and under blockade from Israel, which regards it as a hostile entity, life in the Gaza Strip has become ever more brutalised. The recent blasting open of the southern border with Egypt by Hamas offered a temporary respite to its occupants. But the opening of the Rafah border masked the reality of a population still largely cut off from the world by Israel to punish Gaza for Qassam rocket attacks on Isra…