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Irak 232

'UN Challenges US on Illegal Air Strikes in Iraq
By Nicolas J. S. Davies
Online Journal

Just as U.S. air operations over Iraq have reached their highest level since the destruction of Fallujah in November 2004, with as many as 70 close air support missions flown on many days since October 1, a new Human Rights Report published by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq has challenged the United States to stop killing civilians in illegal air strikes.
The Human Rights Report for the second quarter of 2007 was long overdue, and was finally published on October 11. The report explains that it was modified following discussions with U.S. and Iraqi occupation authorities, and this appears to account for the long delay in its publication. The report makes it clear that U.S. air strikes in densely populated civilian areas are violations of international human rights law. A footnote to the section on "MNF military operations and the killing of civilians" explains, "Cust…

Irak 231

'BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights 30 October 2007
Press Release


Last weekend, thirteen bodies, most likely of Palestinian refugees from Iraq,
were recovered on the coast of Italy after their boats, carrying at least 127
persons in search of safety, had broken apart. These tragedies highlight the
failure of the international community to protect Palestinian refugees.
Saving the lives of Palestinian refugees persecuted in and fleeing Iraq is a
priority. Emergency temporary protection and relocation opportunities must be
provided immediately, until repatriation becomes possible.
Badil calls upon the PLO to request all states, in particular Yemen, to allow
Palestinian refugees from Iraq to enter their territory to seek temporary
protection and/or relocation. Badil also calls upon states, the United
Nations, the PLO and civil society organizations to bring Israel into
compliance with its obl…

Nederland en Afghanistan 144

'Military tribunal investigating Afghan civilian shootings delayed

RALEIGH, North Carolina: A Marine Corps legal tribunal called to investigate the killing of up to 19 Afghan civilians earlier this year has been delayed until early December, a spokesman said Tuesday.
The court of inquiry, a rare legal mechanism last used in 1956, will examine the roles of two Marines present during the shootings. It was scheduled to begin Thursday at Camp Lejeune but was tentatively pushed back because of scheduling conflicts, said Lt. Col. Sean Gibson, a Marines spokesman at Central Command.
Mark Waple, an attorney representing one of the Marines, said the defense asked for the delay so lawyers "could get through the several thousand pages of information we have to digest."
As many as 19 people were killed and 50 injured in March when members of the Marine special operations company opened fire in a crowded roadway, after their convoy was rammed by a minivan full of explosives, Army officia…

Irak 230

'Criminal business as usual in Iraq
By The Arab Baath Socialist Party

One Arab Nation, with an eternal mission - Unity, Freedom, Socialism

In the name of God the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful

About the day light killing of our people' sons and daughters on the hands of the US,British and Australian so called "Security civil contractors" companies Our Resisting sons and daughters!While you resist the US occupiers and their collaborators, inflict the US occupation and its forces horrendous losses, and you teach them the lessons of bitterest defeat, you confront mass murder on identity, compulsory displacement and suffer from the deprivation of any requirements for a dignified livelihood and services such as running water, electricity, fuel and you name it.. while the US, British, Australian etc.. so called security companies, shed with impunity your innocent and pure blood.. This is what ugly Blackwater gangsters have undertaken when murdering thirteen Iraqi martyrs a…

Klimaatverandering 118

'Civilization Ends with a Shutdown of Human Concern. Are We There Already?A powerful novel’s vision of a dystopian future shines a cold light on the dreadful consequences of our universal apathy By George Monbiot"The Guardian" -- -- A few weeks ago I read what I believe is the most important environmental book ever written. It is not Silent Spring, Small Is Beautiful or even Walden. It contains no graphs, no tables, no facts, figures, warnings, predictions or even arguments. Nor does it carry a single dreary sentence, which, sadly, distinguishes it from most environmental literature. It is a novel, first published a year ago, and it will change the way you see the world.Cormac McCarthy’s book The Road considers what would happen if the world lost its biosphere, and the only living creatures were humans, hunting for food among the dead wood and soot. Some years before the action begins, the protagonist hears the last birds passing over, “their half-muted crankings miles a…

Robert Fisk 39

'King Abdullah flies in to lecture us on terrorism
By Robert Fisk

In what world do these people live? True, there'll be no public executions outside Buckingham Palace when His Royal Highness rides in stately formation down The Mall. We gave up capital punishment about half a century ago. There won't even be a backhander – or will there? – which is the Saudi way of doing business. But for King Abdullah to tell the world, as he did in a BBC interview yesterday, that Britain is not doing enough to counter "terrorism", and that most countries are not taking it as seriously as his country is, is really pushing it. Weren't most of the 11 September 2001 hijackers from – er – Saudi Arabia? Is this the land that is really going to teach us lessons? The sheer implausibility of the claim that Saudi intelligence could have prevented the ondon bombings if only the British Government had taken it seriously, seems to have passed the Saudi monarch by. "We have sent infor…

Oil 13

Een napalm hand.
'Cashing In on Terror By Robert Scheer Truthdig

Not to stoke any of the inane conspiracy theories running wild on the Internet, but if Osama bin Laden wasn’t on the payroll of Lockheed Martin or some other large defense contractor, he deserves to have been. What a boondoggle 9/11 has been for the merchants of war, who this week announced yet another quarter of whopping profits made possible by George Bush’s pretending to fight terrorism by throwing money at outdated Cold War-style weapons systems.
Lockheed Martin, the nation’s top weapons manufacturer, reaped a 22 percent increase in profits, while rivals for the defense buck, Northrop Grumman and General Dynamics, increased profits by 62 percent and 22 percent, respectively. Boeing’s profits jumped 61 percent, spiked this quarter by its commercial division, but Boeing’s military division, like the others, has been doing very well indeed since the terrorist attacks. As Newsweek International put in Au…

Oil 12

'Why Did We Invade Iraq Anyway?: Putting a Country in Your Tank
By Michael Schwartz

Lately, even Democratic candidates for president have been weighing in on why the U.S. must maintain a long-term, powerful military presence in Iraq. Hillary Clinton, for example, used phrases like protecting our "vital national security interests" and preventing Iraq from becoming a "petri dish for insurgents," in a major policy statement. Barack Obama, in his most important speech on the subject, talked of "maintaining our influence" and allowing "our troops to strike directly at al Qaeda." These arguments, like the constantly migrating justifications for invading Iraq, serially articulated by the Bush administration, manage to be vaguely plausible (with an emphasis on the "vaguely") and also strangely inconsistent (with an emphasis on the "inconsistent").
That these justifications for invading, or remaining, ar…

Irak 229

Irak probeert zich te verdedigen tegen de westerse doodseskaders, die druk bezig zijn de westerse waarden daar te verspreiden.

Iraqi Cabinet Votes to End Security Firms' Immunity
By Alissa J. Rubin
The New York Times

Baghdad — Draft legislation that lifts immunity for foreign private security companies gained the consent of the Iraqi cabinet on Tuesday and sent to Parliament for approval, a government spokesman said.
The measure would end a provision that protects the security companies from prosecution, which has been in effect since 2004, when the Americans handed sovereignty back to Iraq.
The provision has long rankled Iraqis, who say the private guards have used excessive force on a number of occasions, wounding or killing civilians. It became a major point of contention between the American and Iraqi governments after a Sept. 16 shooting by guards working for Blackwater that Iraqi investigators have said left 17 Iraqis dead and at least 24 wounded.
The Iraqi…

Nederland en Afghanistan 143

'Iraq, Afghan Vets at Risk for Suicides
By Kimberly Hefling
The Associated Press

Washington - Mary Gallagher did not get a knock at the door from a military chaplain with news of her Marine husband's death in a faraway place. Instead, the Iraq war veteran committed suicide eight months after returning home.
She is left wondering why.
It's a question shared by hundreds of families of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who have taken their own lives in a homecoming suicide pattern of a magnitude that is just starting to emerge.
Preliminary Veterans Affairs Department research obtained by The Associated Press reveals for the first time that there were at least 283 suicides among veterans who left the military between the start of the war in Afghanistan on Oct. 7, 2001 and the end of 2005.
The numbers, while not dramatically different from society as a whole, provide the first quantitative look at the toll on today's combat veterans and are reminiscent of the …

Nederland en Afghanistan 142

Ik zag gisteravond en vanavond Marga van Praag van het NOS-Journaal een oprechte poging doen om met jonge Nederlandse soldaten te praten, die in Afghanistan gewond waren geraakt. Op de vraag of het niet allemaal vergeefs was geweest, antwoordde een van hen dat ze blij waren als ze iets voor kinderen in Afghanistan hadden kunnen doen. Een ander vertelde dat de Afghanen afstandelijk tegenover hen waren geweest. Duidelijk werd dat ze met goede bedoelingen naar Afghanistan waren gegaan, en dat - als ze in staat zouden zijn geweest ze dan veel goed werk daar zouden hebben verricht. Maar wat er werkelijk daar gebeurd, buiten het hele kleine blikveld dat ze hadden, weten ze niet. Ook dat werd duidelijk.

Dit is een kind dat door Westerse clusterbommen werd getroffen. Ook de Nederlandse militairen hebben vele tientallen Afghaanse doden en gewonden veroorzaakt. Het is mooi geweest, laten de Nederlanse politici niet zwichten voor de Amerikaanse druk. Het westers geweld in het Midden Oosten heeft…

Recht op Terugkeer

'Israel mulls citizenship changes

Israel's interior minister has called for reforming the law that grants Jews around the world Israeli citizenship.
Meir Sheetrit said citizenship should be earned by a strong commitment to Israel and not granted automatically.
He was addressing the governors of the Jewish Agency, which is responsible for promoting Jewish immigration to Israel.
He said funds should go towards helping deprived immigrant communities already in Israel rather absorbing more "lost tribes" living in Africa and Asia.
Mr Sheetrit referred to the rise of neo-Nazism among young immigrants from the former Soviet Union as proof that the granting of automatic citizenship to people defined as Jews was not working.
Israel's Law of Return is one of the state's founding principles, and some Jewish Agency members have strongly criticised the minister.
Reports of the speech in the Israeli press said Mr Sheetrit wanted new immigrants to reside in Israel for five years b…

Nederland en Afghanistan 141

'NATO Denies Killing Afghan Civilians in Air Strike

KABUL: NATO denied killing about 11 Afghan villagers in an air strike on Taliban rebels last week and said allegations of civilian deaths were often ``insurgent propaganda.''
The International Security Assistance Force carried out a ``thorough investigation'' into the Oct. 22 air raid in eastern Wardak province and found the allegation to be ``completely without merit,'' the alliance said in a statement on its Web site.
Fighter jets targeted ``a large group of anti-government militants'' setting up an ambush for NATO soldiers in Jalrez district, according to the statement. It is the second time this month that a local Afghan official in the province has made an unsubstantiated allegation of civilian casualties, NATO said.'

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En populair dat het Westen zich daar maakt, met geen pen te beschrijven. De mensen daar zijn dol op ons. Dat krijg je wa…

Iran 179

'Middle East News
US differs with UN nuclear chief on Iran

Washington - The White House insisted Monday that Iran wants to build nuclear weapons, even though the head of the UN watchdog agency said he has 'no concrete evidence' of a weapons programme.
'This is a country that is enriching and reprocessing uranium, and the reason that one does that is to lead towards a nuclear weapon,' US President George W Bush's spokeswoman Dana Perino said of Iran.
She was responding to remarks by the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), who said diplomacy should be given time to resolve US-led concerns about Iran's nuclear activities and questioned the effectiveness of sanctions against Iran.

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Iran 178

'Secret move to upgrade air base for Iran attack plans
IAN BRUCE, Defence Correspondent

The US is secretly upgrading special stealth bomber hangars on the British island protectorate of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean in preparation for strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities, according to military sources.
The improvement of the B1 Spirit jet infrastructure coincides with an "urgent operational need" request for £44m to fit racks to the long-range aircraft.
That would allow them to carry experimental 15-ton Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) bombs designed to smash underground bunkers buried as much as 200ft beneath the surface through reinforced concrete.

One MOP - known as Big Blu - has already been tested successfully at the US Air Force proving ground at White Sands in New Mexico. Tenders have now gone out for a production model to be ready for use in the next nine months.
The "static tunnel lethality test" on March 14 completely destroyed a mock-u…

Iran 177

'Iran has 'evidence' US backing 'terrorists'
Iran has access to evidence of US support for terrorist groups in the Middle East, a senior Iranian official has been quoted as saying.
Iran's new chief nuclear negotiator, Saeed Jalili, made the allegation in comments to visiting Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan, whose country may soon send troops to hunt down Kurdish guerrillas in northern Iraq.
Tehran says the rebels are operating in Iraq with US forces present in the country and this shows Washington is refraining from tackling them.
Like Turkey, Iran also has faced cross-border attacks by Kurdish rebels and has shelled targets inside Iraq in response.
"Escalation of terrorism in the region is one of the direct results of the presence of occupiers in Iraq, particularly America," Jalili, an ally of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said according to the country's state broadcaster.
"And there are documents and information available proving Am…

Iran 176

'On Track for U.S. Collapse

By Michael S. RozeffBush and Cheney are steering the U.S. into a collapse. Only strong public voices by influential people can prevent the coming disaster. We desperately need for men and women who are known to the public and have credibility to speak up in the critical period ahead to avoid catastrophe.A few weeks ago, Israel bombed a alleged nuclear facility in Syria. This is a warm-up for an attack on Iran. In the last few days, the U.S. unilaterally tightened sanctions on Iran. Russia and China do not support this move. A week ago Bush warned Iran that its attainment of nuclear arms would lead to World War III. Russia, which has been assisting Iran in its nuclear construction program for decades, regards Western military action against Iran as unacceptable. China has been arming Iran with missiles. Its relations with Iran have been improving for years. We know that Bush and Cheney are capable of pre-emptive attack. We know that Bush will act if he be…

Iran 175

Hetzelfde draaiboek als voorafgaand aan de desastreuze bezetting van Irak. En nu opletten hoe wakker de Nederlandse commerciele massamedia zijn.

'No Evidence Iran Building Nuclear Weapons : Mohamed ElBaradei

By The Associated Press

WASHINGTON: The head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog said Sunday he had no evidence Iran was working actively to build nuclear weapons and expressed concern that escalating rhetoric from the U.S. could bring disaster."We have information that there has been maybe some studies about possible weaponization," said Mohamed ElBaradei, who leads the International Atomic Energy Agency. "That's why we have said that we cannot give Iran a pass right now, because there is still a lot of question marks.""But have we seen Iran having the nuclear material that can readily be used into a weapon? No. Have we seen an active weaponization program? No." U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice accused Iran this month of "lying" about…

Oil 11

'Tomgram: Michael Schwartz, Iraq Policy Floating on a Sea of Oil

History… phooey!
Or, more mildly, Americans traditionally aren't much interested in it and the media largely don't have time for it either. For one thing, the past is often just so inconvenient. On Monday, for instance, there was a front-page piece in the New York Times by Elisabeth Bumiller on Robert Blackwill, one of the "Vulcans" who helped Condoleezza Rice advise George W. Bush on foreign policy during the 2000 election campaign, Iraq Director on the National Security Council during the reign in Baghdad of our viceroy L. Paul Bremer III, and the President's personal envoy to the faltering occupation (nicknamed "The Shadow"), among many other things.
He is now -- here's a giant shock -- a lobbyist. And, among those he's lobbying for (in this case to the tune of $300,000) is Ayad Allawi, former CIA asset and head -- back in Saddam's day -- of an exile group, the Iraq Nationa…

Oil 10

Toch vrij laat dat men in het Amerikaanse Congres aan het verstand van de president is gaan twijfelen. Maar ja, die lui zijn ook politici. George W. Bush's mental health is doubtful

Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich doubted President George W. Bush's mental health after the comments he made about the prospect of a nuclear Iran precipitating World War III.
"I seriously believe we have to start asking questions about his mental health," Kucinich, an Ohio congressman, said in an interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer's editorial board on Tuesday. "There's something wrong. He does not seem to understand his words have real impact."
Kucinich, known for his liberal views, trails far behind the leading candidates in most Democratic polls. He was in Philadelphia for a debate at Drexel University.
Bush made the remarks at a news conference earlier this month.'

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Oil 9

Niet iedereen is even gelukkig met het feit dat de Amerikaanse president moordenaars gedeeltelijk immuniteit heeft gegeven. Zijn democratische tegenstanders willen wel de bezetting, maar een bezetting met, laten we zeggen, een menselijk gezicht, of in elk geval een bezetting waarbij niet overal zo'n afgeblazen arm open en bloot op straat ligt. Begrijpelijk ook. It's bad for business.'Immunity for Blackwater guards provokes anger
By Lara Jakes Jordan in Washington
Democrats have criticised the Bush administration for giving partial immunity to bodyguards from the Blackwater private security firm. They say the move equates to a failure to hold the contractors responsible for the killing of 17 civilians in Iraq last month.
Patrick Leahy, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, called the immunity deal another example of "the amnesty administration". "In this administration, accountability goes by the boards," said Senator Leahy, who sits on two Senate pane…

Oil 8

En ondertussen laat niet elk land zich meteen door de Amerikaanse druk afbluffen:Syria signs contract with Iran, Venezuela and Malaysia for construction of oil refinery

Syria made a US$2.6 billion (1.8 billion EUR) deal with Iran, Venezuela and Malaysia for the construction of an oil refinery in central Syria that will have a daily capacity of 140,000 barrels.
The ministry said the refinery will be built in Furoqlos, near the northern city of Homs, some 160 kilometers (100 miles) north of the Syrian capital, Damascus.
Under the agreement, Venezuela will get 33 percent of the revenues, while Iran and Malaysia will each receive 26 percent, with Syria getting the remaining 15 percent - in accord with each side's funding of the refinery.
The refinery will be provided with 42,000 barrels of crude oil a day from Venezuela; Iran will give 28,000 barrels and Syria 7,000 barrel a day for at least 25 years. Malaysia will provide the refinery with machinery, the ministry said in a statement.'…

De Israelische Terreur 270

'Israel's decision to cut power in Gaza is illegal, says UN
By Donald Macintyre in Jerusalem

The UN's top official in Gaza will tell British ministers today that Israel's cuts in fuel and power to the Palestinians violate international law, while the isolation of Hamas has strengthened extremism and started to drive non-affiliated moderates who can leave Gaza to do so.
"We keep saying people in Gaza are at rock bottom but they keep digging into the rock," Karen Koning- Abu Zayd, head of the UN refugee agency UNRWA, said of Israel's decision to start power cuts and reduce fuel supplies to Gaza in response to continued Qassam rocket attacks. Israel began cutting supplies on Sunday. The Supreme Court has given the state five days to answer a petition by human rights groups against the move, which follows the cabinet's declaration of Gaza as a "hostile entity" last month. An Israeli soldier and two Palestinian militants were killed yesterday in Gaz…

Oil 7

Het kan weleens tegenzitten op de beurs.
'US faces Consumer Confidence Index drop

Consumer Confidence Index fell to its lowest level in two years, causing worries for retailers about the forthcoming holiday shopping season.
The New York-based Conference Board said Tuesday that its Consumer Confidence Index dropped to 95.6 from a revised 99.5 in September. It was the lowest reading since 85.2 in October 2005 when gas and oil prices soared after hurricanes Katrina and Rita pummeled the Gulf Coast. Analysts had expected 99.5.
"Further weakening in business conditions has, yet again, tempered consumers' assessment of current-day conditions and may very well be a prelude to lackluster job growth in the months ahead," said Lynn Franco, director of The Conference Board Consumer Research Center, in a statement. "In addition, consumers are growing more pessimistic about the short-term future and their rather bleak outlook suggests a less than stellar ending to this year.
The …

Oil 6

Wessel: Housing, Oil Woes Make Recession Likely

The combination of a troubled housing market, rising oil prices and credit problems stemming from the subprime lending crisis is likely to lead the economy to recession, according to Wall Street Journal economics editor David Wessel.
"Housing is worse than we anticipated ... oil prices are higher and going higher" and tightening credit conditions will make it harder for consumers and businesses to borrow, Wessel tells Renee Montagne.
But many forecasters believe the resilient U.S. economy will avoid a recession.
"The more optimistic people say that exports will bail us out of this," Wessel notes. "The dollar is weak and that makes our exports more attractive to foreigners. And foreign economies — China, Europe — are pretty strong, so that gives us a ready market."
Optimists also say that as long as the job market holds up, "people will have money to spend and they'll keep spending," Wessel adds.
But …

Oil 5

'Marketplace' Report: Oil Prices' Record High

· Oil prices hit a record high of $92 a barrel on Friday and some analysts say it could climb pass $100.
Markeplace's Bob Moon says the latest spike in oil prices can be attributed to a number of factors, including the economic sanctions the U.S. imposed on Iran and gunmen attacking an oil facility in Nigeria. Another factor is OPEC deciding against increasing production at the moment.
Oil is sold in U.S. dollars in most places around the world. Because the dollar is weak, oil producers have to sell more oil at a high price to maintain their purchasing power.'

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Wat hier in feite staat is dat de Amerikaanse spilzucht afgewenteld wordt op de rest van de wereld, wat vooral de armen nog armer maakt en natuurlijk de rijken nog rijker, zoals altijd. De olieprijs is zo hoog omdat de VS een zwakke munteenheid heeft als gevolg van de gigant…

De Nuance van de NRC 42

Een wonderlijk bericht in De NRC: 'MI5 zag Orwell niet als een communist
Gepubliceerd: 4 september 2007 00:00 Gewijzigd: 4 september 2007 15:29
Door onze kunstredactie
ROTTERDAM, 4. SEPT. De Britse geheime dienst MI5 heeft in de Tweede Wereldoorlog door onderzoek een goed beeld gehad van de links-politieke opvattingen van George Orwell, in 1945 de schrijver van het anti-stalinistische Animal Farm. Conclusie: Orwell was geen communist.
Dat blijkt uit het dossier over Orwell dat MI5 heeft bijgehouden tussen 1929 en zijn dood in 1950. Persbureau AP heeft inzage gehad in de stukken, die vandaag zijn vrijgegeven. Hieruit blijkt dat de Special Branch van de Britse politie in 1942 – Orwell werkte toen voor de BBC mee aan programama’s voor het Britse rijk – navraag over hem heeft gedaan bij MI5. Orwell zou volgens de Special Branch ‘uitgewerkte communistische opvattingen’ hebben. Eveneens verdacht: "Hij kleedt zich als een bohémien, zowel op kantoor als in zijn vrije tijd."'

The Empire 289

'The Nuclear Bombshell That Never Went Off
By Jeff Stein

Congressional Quarterly

Say you're a member of Congress, and a Pentagon expert tells you that top officials are secretly letting Taiwan go nuclear, to contain China's emerging threat.
Do you: (1) start an investigation, with an eye toward hearings to grill officials on the facts, or (2) drop it and stand aside as officials run your whistleblower out of town?
In the real-life case of Pakistan and nuclear weapons, the answer from Congress has been (2). Twenty years ago, the House Foreign Affairs Committee learned that officials in the Reagan and Bush administrations were looking the other way while Pakistan acquired U.S. technology for its clandestine nuclear weapons program. Later, the United States allowed Pakistan to tweak its U.S.-supplied F-16s to carry nuclear bombs over India.
Why? Because Washington was dependent on Pakistan for arming and supplying the Islamic warriors battling the Soviet Re…

The Empire 288

'Thousands March Against the War in San Francisco, Across the Country
By Jim Doyle and Susan Sward
The San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco - On cue from a bullhorn's blast, thousands of protesters fell to the pavement on Market Street in a symbolic "die- in" Saturday as part of a coordinated protest staged in cities across the country against the war in Iraq.
For three minutes the demonstrators lay on the pavement, representing what organizers said were more than 1 million Iraqis killed since the war began in 2003. The protesters then resumed their march from San Francisco's Civic Center to Dolores Park.
March organizers put their number at 30,000 - old, young, workers, students, religious leaders. Police declined to give a formal estimate, but onlookers said the demonstrators definitely numbered more than 10,000. They filled up Market Street for several blocks, shouting that U.S. troops should be brought home and carrying banners decrying the war.

The Empire 287

Dit is Tom Lantos. He was a strong supporter of the war in Iraq and one of George Bush's allies on the Democratic side, facilitating the war in Iraq, authorizing the use of force by the president in Iraq. 'Dutch Lawmakers Offended by US Lawmaker


WASHINGTON (AP) -- Dutch lawmakers who recently visited the Guantanamo Bay military prison said they were offended by a testy exchange in Washington with a senior congressional Democrat.

The lawmakers said that Rep. Tom Lantos, D-Calif., chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told them that ''Europe was not as outraged by Auschwitz as by Guantanamo Bay.''

Lantos, a Holocaust survivor, was responding to arguments that the United States should shut down the prison, located on a U.S. naval base in Cuba, the lawmakers said. Mariko Peters, a member of the Dutch Green Party <
arty/index.html?inline=nyt-org> , who bega…

De Israelische Terreur 269

'The Sabeel Conference in Boston focusing on Israeli Apartheid over the weekend was a huge success with nearly 1000 attending. This quote from Bishop Desmond Tutu is relevant "From my experience in South Africa I know that truth-telling is hard. It has grave consequences for one's life and reputation. It stretches one's faith, tests one's capacity to love, and pushes hope to the limit.... No one takes up this work on a do-gooder's whim. It is not a choice. One feels compelled into it. Neither is it work for a little while, but rather for a lifetime - and for more than a lifetime. It is a project bigger than any one life. This long view is a source of encouragement and perseverance. The knowledge that the work preceded us and will go on after us is a fountain of deep gladness that no circumstance can alter." Bono adds a relevant point "History will be our judge, but what is written is up to us: Who we are, who we've been, what we want to be remem…

The Empire 286

The Bureaucracy, the March, and the War American Disengagement By Tom Engelhardt
As I was heading out into a dark, drippingly wet, appropriately dispiriting New York City day, on my way to the "Fall Out Against the War" march -- one of 11 regional antiwar demonstrations held this Saturday -- I was thinking: then and now, Vietnam and Iraq. Since the Bush administration had Vietnam on the brain while planning to take down Saddam Hussein's regime for the home team, it's hardly surprising that, from the moment its invasion was launched in March 2003, the Vietnam analogy has been on the American brain -- and, even domestically, there's something to be said for it.
As John Mueller, an expert on public opinion and American wars, pointed out back in November 2005, Americans turned against the Iraq War in a pattern recognizable from the Vietnam era (as well as the Korean one) -- initial, broad post-invasion support that eroded irreversibly as American casualties rose. "T…