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Nederland en Afghanistan 127

De Nederlandse regering en een groot deel van de parlementsleden steunen de Amerikanen in Afghanistan. De argumentatie is dat het Westen daar de democratie brengt. In de praktijk komt het erop neer dat wij krijgsheren aan de macht houden die gezorgd hebben dat - volgens de VN - de opiumproduktie, grondstof voor de heroine - gigantisch is toegenomen. Ondertussen is de overgrote meerderheid van de bevolking er nog steeds straatarm en veroorzaken de westerse troepen steeds meer slachtoffers, een veelvoud van het aantal dat op 11 september 2001 om het leven kwam.

De Washington Post bericht:
Marines Used "Excessive Force" in Afghan Civilian Deaths
By Ann Scott Tyson and Josh White
The Washington Post
Saturday 14 April 2007

Afghan report on killings of civilians is called consistent with US findings.
A platoon of elite Marine Special Operations troops reacted with "excessive force" after an ambush in Afghanistan last month, opening fire on pedestrians and civilian vehicles alo…

De Volkskrant 24

Een lezeres van deze blog attendeerde me op dit bericht uit de Volkskrant:

'Kinderen verkocht voor aanslagen’
Van onze buitenlandredactie
BAGDAD - De Verenigde Naties melden in een rapport hoe Iraakse families hun gehandicapte kroost verkopen aan Al Qaida.
De dromen van de 13-jarige Barak Muhammad over een normale jeugd kwamen abrupt ten einde toen zijn vader hem voor 10 duizend dollar (7450 euro) verkocht aan militanten van Al Qaida. Als geestelijk gehandicapte werd Barak door zijn familie slechts als een last gezien. ‘Ze vertelden mij dat ik beter mijn waardeloos leven kon offeren voor Irak.’
Dus begeleidt Barak nu terroristen van Al Qaida bij nachtelijke aanvallen en fungeert als afleider bij aanslagen op Amerikaanse militairen en Iraakse politieagenten. Volgens een deze week verschenen rapport van de Verenigde Naties is Barak niet de enige.
Tientallen kinderen met een geestelijke stoornis zouden door families in Irak zijn verkocht of zelfs weggegeven aan Al Qaida, die hen bij aansla…


De coverstory van Elsevier: 'In Elsevier onder meer Op de knieën voor de islam: hoe Nederland zichzelf steeds meer islamiseert' Hoe zou u hebben gereageerd als er had gestaan: 'OP DE KNIEEN VOOR HET JODENDOM: hoe Nederland zichzelf steeds meer verjoodst.' U had geschokt gereageerd en terecht! Maar waarom vindt u deze cover dan normaal? Waarom accepteert u de hetze tegen islamitische landgenoten wel en tegen joodse Nederlanders niet? Wat is voor u het wezenlijke verschil? Zie:

The Empire 223

'Kurdistan's Covert Back-Channels By Laura Rozen Mother Jones
How an ex-Mossad chief, a German uberspy, and a gaggle of top-dollar GOP lobbyists helped Kurdistan snag 15 tons of $100 bills.
In June 2004, journalist Seymour Hersh reported in the New Yorker that Israelis operating in northern Iraq under the guise of businessmen were in fact cultivating Kurdish proxies to gather intelligence in preparation for possible future action against Iran. About the same time, I too was hearing about Israelis operating in Kurdish northern Iraq. First, from a former senior American diplomat who was invited by an Israeli American businessman to advise the Kurds on how to get billions of dollars they believed they were owed from the Saddam Hussein-era United Nations Oil-for-Food program. The diplomat gave me the Israeli's name - Shlomi Michaels - and phone numbers for Michaels in Beverly Hills, Turkey, and Israel. The diplomat had walked away from the project, put off by Michaels&#…

De Bush Bende 51

'Editors Note: Senator Patrick Leahy, the Democratic Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, suggested Thursday that Bush administration officials are lying about White House e-mails sent via email accounts maintained by the Republican National Committee that may have been lost. During an impassioned speech on the Senate floor, Leahy said he does not believe that the White House did not preserve the emails in question, rather, the White House is hiding the emails from Congressional investigators. Leahy said additional subpoenas may be forthcoming. TO/jl

Leahy Doubts Bush Aides on Lost E-Mails
By Laurie Kellman
The Associated Press
Thursday 12 April 2007

President Bush's aides are lying about White House e-mails sent on a Republican account that might have been lost, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy suggested Thursday, vowing to subpoena those documents if the administration fails to cough them up.
"They say they have not been preserved. I…

The Empire 222

'480 US nuclear warheads in Europe A documentary aired on Italian TV channel, RAI 24, has claimed that the U.S. military is keeping 480 nuclear warheads across Europe, 90 in Italy. Fifty of the warheads are being kept at Aviano Air Base, north-east of Italy and forty others at a military facility near Brescia. The documentary warns of possible nuclear strikes against countries in the Middle East. The Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) has banned the deployment of so many nuclear warheads in Europe. The documentary has also called on the Italian government to comply with its obligations under the NPT and demand the removal of the weapons from the Italian soil. Pointing to remarks made by NATO's Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Weapons of Mass Destruction policy, Guy Roberts, the documentary emphasizes that all sovereign countries have the right to call on the U.S. government to remove all its nuclear weapons from their soil.' Lees verder:…

Irak 200

'Red Cross Warns "Disastrous," “Immense” Iraqi Humanitarian Crisis "Ever-Worsening"
The International Committee of the Red Cross is warning that the conflict in Iraq is inflicting immense suffering on the entire population and is steadily getting worse. The Red Cross says “civilians are bearing the brunt of the relentless violence and the extremely poor security conditions that are disrupting the lives and livelihoods of millions.” ICRC spokesperson Nada Doumani joins us from Amman, Jordan. An explosion rocked the Iraqi parliament in Baghdad today, killing at least one person and wounding dozens more. The blast reportedly took place at a cafeteria inside the building at a time when many members of parliament were having lunch. The parliament building is located inside the heavily fortified Green Zone.
Earlier today a truck bomb explosion on a bridge in Baghdad killed as many ten people and sent several cars plunging into the Tigris River below. The blast partiall…

Hezbollah 2

'Hizbullah accuses US of secret war and arming opponents
· Cheney sanctioned covert operations, says leader · Militant group does not rule out clashes with Israel Washington is waging a covert war against Hizbullah, according to the militant group, which accuses the US administration of arming anti-Hizbullah militias and seeking to undermine the Lebanese army in moves which could plunge the country back into civil war.
"Dick Cheney [US vice president] has given orders for a covert war against Hizbullah...there is now an American programme that is using Lebanon to further its goals in the region," Sheikh Naim Qasim, Hizbullah's deputy secretary general, told the Guardian in an interview in a safe house deep in Beirut's Hizbullah-controlled southern suburbs.
The accusation follows reports in the US and British media that the CIA has been authorised to take covert action against the militant Shia group, which receives substantial military backing from Iran, as part of w…


'Take Back the Airwaves
By Amy Goodman. 12 Apr 2007-->
Our airwaves, the single most important method by which Americans get information about choosing the future president, are being held hostage by corporate broadcasters.
As the TV pundits on the networks gab about the tens of millions of dollars raised by the top presidential candidates, what they don’t talk about is where that money is going: to their own networks.
Money is now considered the single most important factor in our electoral process. Ideas and issues take a back seat to the bottom line. This prostitution of our electoral process has one key culprit: television advertising.
Political advertising makes or breaks candidates, and it takes a huge amount of money to implement a national advertising strategy. Now more than 20 states are piling onto Feb. 5, 2008, as their primary day, including states like California and New York with large, expensive media markets. The early, deciding role of money and television advertisi…

Don Imus

Don Imus is een radiopresentator die zich graag opstelt als een rechtse boerelul met een cowboyhoed op, sorry er is geen ander woord voor. Hij is er bij NBC uitgewerkt. 'Imus And Beyond
Isaiah J. Poole is the executive editor of
Soon, the Don Imus groveling and penitence tour sparked by his jaw-dropping description of the Rutgers University women’s basketball team as “nappy-headed ‘hos” will come to an end. And then what?
Does Imus say, in the words that the Rev. Al Sharpton used when Imus appeared on his radio show Monday, “let’s get past that, go on to the next commercial, and I live to curse another day”?
If the past is any guide, that is a sure bet. Imus has a long and sordid history of trafficking in racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia. And a lot of people who consider themselves reputable—both Democratic and Republican politicians, political consultants, journalists and pundits—have shacked up in this seedy AM radio motel as if it were a five-…

Klimaatverandering 104

'Scientists Left Uneasy by Changes to Climate Report
By William Scally, CQ Staff
Deletions made during an all-night editing session on a draft report on global warming released in Brussels, Belgium, on Friday have left some scientists uneasy.
The fourth assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that rising Earth temperatures raises the specter of widespread floods, water shortages and species extinction.
But some key findings in the report had to be changed in order to obtain the required consensus agreement from the more than 120 nations taking part.
“We believe that this was unprecedented in the history of the IPCC since 1988, and was an ugly and damaging development. To our knowledge there have been no similar acts in the history of the IPCC,” the environmental group Greenpeace said.
Changes in a 23-page Summary for Policymakers on climate change impacts, adaptation and vulnerability omitted a scenario showing the potential impact of policy on climate …

Nederland en Afghanistan 126

'Reaction to Ambush In Afghanistan Probed
By Ann Scott Tyson
Washington Post Staff Writer

The U.S. military announced yesterday that it has opened a criminal investigation into whether an elite Marine Special Operations platoon used excessive force in reacting to a suicide bombing in Afghanistan last month, an incident that left at least eight Afghan civilians dead.
Army Maj. Gen. Francis H. Kearney III, who commands U.S. Special Operations Forces in the Middle East and Central Asia, determined after an initial review of the March 4 incident that "the escalation of force might have been too high" and warranted an inquiry by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, said Lt. Col. Lou Leto, a spokesman for Kearney's command.
"We deeply regret the loss of life and casualties that resulted from the [suicide vehicle] attack and the actions that followed," Leto said. "General Kearney wanted to really stress that our goal is the safety and security of the Afghan …

Kurt Vonnegut

Gisteren is Kurt Vonnegut overleden, God hebbe zijn ziel. De goeien gaan altijd dood, de slechten lijken het eeuwige leven te hebben. Vonnegut was een groot moralist, op zoek naar zin en betekenis in een raadselachtig bestaan, waarin zelfs een zelfmoord kan mislukken.

Uit Slachthuis Vijf: 'De auteur van de monografie, die afkomstig was uit Schenectady, New York, bezat volgens sommigen het hoogste IQ van alle oorlogsmisdadigers, die veroordeeld werden tot dood door ophanging. Zo gaat het. De Amerikanen geloven, net als de mensen overal elders, veel dingen die duidelijk onwaar zijn, ging de monografie verder. Hun meest destructieve onwaarheid is dat het voor een Amerikaan zo gemakkelijk zou zijn om aan geld te komen. Ze willen niet toegeven dat het juist moeilijk is om aan geld te komen en daarom maken degenen die geen geld hebben zich aan één stuk door verwijten en verwijten en verwijten. Dit innerlijk verwijt is zeer waardevol voor de rijken en machtigen, die zowel publiekelijk als…

Wouter Bos

Marcel van Dam schrijft vandaag in zijn Volkskrant-column: 'Zou Bos werkelijk niet begrijpen dat het onverdraaglijk is dat hij voor mensen die voor zichzelf jaarinkomens van miljoenen organiseren de belasting niet wil verhogen, maar dat wel wil doen voor gepensioneerden die, omdat zij meer gespaard hebben dan anderen, daarvoor nu door Bos worden gestraft? Het is typisch voor de neoliberale hervormingen. Die treffen eenzijdig mensen die voor hun bestaanszekerheid afhankelijk zijn van de overheid en werken ten faveure van de groeiende groep vrije jongens die de globaliserende en individualiserende samenleving voortbrengt.' In de Pedagogie van de Onderdrukten schreef de Braziliaanse geleerde Paulo Freire: 'In een situatie van manipulatie komt links bijna altijd in de verzoeking "snel terug te keren tot de macht" en vergeet dat het noodzakelijk is zich samen met de onderdrukten te organiseren. Ze geraakt in een onmogelijke "dialoog" met de heersende elite. H…

Vrouwen 2

De eeuwige schoonheid van Emmylou Harris. En ze kan ook nog zingen. En hoe.

Ik hoorde net tijdens het VPRO radioprogramma De Avonden een gesprek over het feminisme en vrouwen of zoiets, ik luisterde maar met 1 oor en daar weer de helft van. Maar op de een of andere manier moest ik denken aan de facelifts van Hillary Clinton en Nancy Pelosi, die het ver hebben geschopt in de Democratische Partij. Ziet u dat ze dezelfde facelifter hebben? Kennelijk kun je net als bij de kapper een bepaald model vragen. Uit het gesprek op de VPRO maakte ik op dat de ontwikkeling waarbij vrouwen op maat hoge posities kunnen bereiken goed voor de mensheid is. Of misschien heb ik het gesprek niet goed begrepen, het was maar met een half oor. Het kan ook zijn dat maar 1 hersenlob van de interviewer functioneerde. De geinterviewde mevrouw bracht regelmatig een koket lachje ten gehore.
Enfin, zo kun je er als al dan niet feministische oudere vrouw ook uit gaan zien. Dat moet u als vrouw…

The Empire 221

'Congressional Report: Gross Mismanagement of Iraq Funds
By Jason Leopold
t r u t h o u t Report
Wednesday 11 April 2007

A damning report issued last month by the nonpartisan research arm of Congress says the Department of Defense continues to overstate its financial needs, by tens of billions of dollars, to fund the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The agency also casts serious doubt on President Bush's statements that money to fund the war will dry up by the end of the month if his budgetary demands are not immediately met.
The 45-page report, "The Cost of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Other Global War on Terror Operations Since 9/11," prepared for Congress by the Congressional Research Service, warned lawmakers that before they release additional funds to the Pentagon for the Iraq war, they should first demand that Defense Department officials provide an accurate accounting of how the money is being spent.
Since 2001, the Pentagon has grossly mismanaged the $5…

Google Earth

De NRC bericht: 'Verwoesting Darfur op Google Earth.
Washington, 11 april. Het Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington en de zoekmachine Google zijn samen een project begonnen om de oorlog in de West-Soedanese regio Darfur meer onder de aandacht te brengen.
Bezoekers van de website van het Holocaustmuseum kunnen een bestand downloaden dat icoontjes zichtbaar maakt op satellietbeelden van Darfur van Google Earth. De icoontjes geven verwoeste dorpen weer als vlammen en vluchtelingenkampen als tenten. Wie op een vlam klikt krijgt de naam van het dorp te zien en gegevens over de schade. Er is ook een icoontje dat verbinding maakt met een presentatie van het museum over Darfur.' Lees verder: Verwoesting_Darfur_op_Google_Earth
Een uitstekend initiatief is dit om onrecht in kaart te brengen. Het zou geweldig zijn om dit initiatief uit te breiden met de kaart van Palestina zodat men in beeld kan brengen hoeveel land Israel sinds 1967 gestolen …

De Nuance van de NRC 25

NRC bericht:

‘Perverse’ fondsen schokken de Kamer
Door onze redacteuren Heleen de Graaf Roel Janssen

Den Haag, 11 april. De Tweede Kamer hield vandaag een hoorzitting over de opmars van financiële opkopers in de Nederlandse economie. „Deze sector is te groot geworden om vrij te laten."
De toezichthouders op de financiële sector moeten vaker de „rode vlag” hijsen als activistische beleggers of opkoopfondsen bedrijven met een te hoge schuldenlast opzadelen.
Jan Kalff, ex-topman van ABN Amro, zette vanmorgen de toon op een hoorzitting in de Tweede Kamer over de invloed die private equity en hedgefondsen hebben op het Nederlandse bedrijfsleven. In een afgeladen zaal van het parlement luisterden bankiers en bedrijfsbestuurders ademloos naar zwaargewichten uit de financiële wereld. „Deze sector is te groot geworden om vrij te laten”, aldus Kalff. Hij pleitte voor meer regulering, extra waakzaamheid en grotere transparantie ten aanzien van opkoopfondsen.
De Kamer is bezorgd over recente ontwi…

Robert Fisk 33

'Robert Fisk: Divide and rule - America's plan for Baghdad
Revealed: a new counter-insurgency strategy to carve up the city into sealed areas. The tactic failed in Vietnam. So what chance does it have in Iraq?
Published: 11 April 2007

Faced with an ever-more ruthless insurgency in Baghdad - despite President George Bush's "surge" in troops - US forces in the city are now planning a massive and highly controversial counter-insurgency operation that will seal off vast areas of the city, enclosing whole neighbourhoods with barricades and allowing only Iraqis with newly issued ID cards to enter.
The campaign of "gated communities" - whose genesis was in the Vietnam War - will involve up to 30 of the city's 89 official districts and will be the most ambitious counter-insurgency programme yet mounted by the US in Iraq.
The system has been used - and has spectacularly failed - in the past, and its inauguration in Iraq is as much a sign of American desperation a…


'This month, MEF is featuring a clip from our brand-new release, Dreamworlds 3. In this nine-minute clip, Ways of Looking, the film describes the visual techniques used to position women’s bodies in music videos. Given that music videos consistently incorporate sexualized female bodies into their storylines, it is important to examine what these stories are telling us. Detailing the various common camera angles and the gaze through which these women of music videos are watched, the film makes clear that in the “dreamworld” of music videos, women are nothing but sexualized objects reduced to one or two parts of their bodies, passive things to be consumed and looked at.
>> Click here to watch the 9 minute clip.'


The Empire 220

'War Made EasyHow Presidents & Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death
Featuring Norman Solomon (2006) IN PRODUCTION - COMING SPRING 2007

In this section:SummaryLogistical InformationBiographical SummaryReviews and CommentsScreenings and FestivalsArticles
War Made Easy brings to the screen Norman Solomon's insightful analysis of the strategies used by administrations, both Democratic and Republican, to promote their agendas for war from Vietnam to Iraq. By familiarizing viewers with the techniques of war propaganda, War Made Easy encourages us to think critically about the messages put out by today's spin doctors - messages which are designed to promote and prolong a policy of militarism under the guise of the "war on terror." Based on the book by the same title.
Logistical Information:
Approx. 45 minutes
Biographical Summary:
Norman Solomon is a nationally syndicated columnist on media and politics. He is the founder and Executive Director of the Institute for Pu…

De Pro-Israel Lobby 37

'U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (right) at AIPAC's annual policy conference. (AIPAC)
Pelosi's Misguided Middle East Visit Dr. Marcy Newman, Electronic Lebanon,
This week U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi concluded her visit to the Middle East in Damascus, Syria, to which President George W. Bush's response was that her visit "sends mixed messages." While Pelosi's delegation to the region should be met with applause for refusing to participate in isolating Syria, her visit to Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria should be met with a great deal of caution.Twice in the last month Pelosi delivered a speech -- of more or less the same message -- before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) annual policy conference and before the Israeli Knesset. In these speeches, she unequivocally stated: "When Israel is threatened, America's interests in the region are threatened. America's commitment to Israel's security needs is unshakabl…

De Israelische Terreur 181

'An Israeli soldier takes pictures of a soldier as he aims his rifle towards Palestinian teenagers during clashes at Qalandiya checkpoint near the West Bank city of Ramallah, 9 February 2007. (Khaled Jarrar/MaanImages)

Torture: Read it in the Israeli press
Miko Peled,
The Electronic Intifada

Thanks to the Israeli press, people in Israel are informed regularly about their government's mistreatment of the 4.5 million Palestinians under their rule. Most of the information regarding the occupation of Palestine and the oppression of its people is well documented and accurately reported in the Israeli press. But even the most serious offenses are given a "kosher" stamp, so to speak, once the word "security" is attached to them.There are ample examples of this, but few are as striking as the one provided in the March 23rd issue of the Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot. In this issue, there is an interview with the retired Chief Interrogator of the Shabak, Israel's int…

De Israelische Terreur 180

Palestinian children attend a protest in front of the Red Cross headquarters in Hebron, in the southern West Bank, to demonstrate their support for Palestinian child prisoners in Israeli jails on the occasion of Palestinian Child's Day, 10 April 2007. (Mamoun Wazwaz/MaanImages)
Israelis Torturing Palestinian ChildrenNora Barrows-Friedman, The Electronic Intifada
DHEISHEH REFUGEE CAMP, Occupied West Bank, Apr 10 (IPS) - Mohammed Mahsiri, a resident of Dheisheh refugee camp in the occupied West Bank, sits in a crowded cafe, a red kuffiyeh wrapped around his neck and an iconic portrait of Che Guevara emblazoned on his black t-shirt.About a year and a half ago, he tells IPS, he and his friend were walking down the street when Israeli military jeeps surrounded them, shouted at them in Hebrew to stop, and forced them inside a jeep."I was taken to a detention centre and interrogated," Mohammed says. "The interrogation would begin at 2 o'clock in the afternoon and would f…

De Bush Bende 50

'Waxman Still Wants Rice to Answer Question on Niger Uranium Claims
The Politico

After receiving what he deemed an insufficient response from the State Department, House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.) is reiterating his request for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to appear before the panel on April 18 to answer questions about administration claims that Iraq tried to buy enriched uranium from Niger.
Waxman wants Rice to answer questions about what she knew about the assertion that Iraq tried to buy uranium before the U.S. invasion, according to a letter the chairman sent Rice on Monday.
The claims, which have since been proved false, were the basis for a now notorious line in President Bush's State of the Union in 2003 address to justify the invasion of Iraq. That claim eventually led to the outing of Valerie Plame, a covert CIA agent, who has already testified before Waxman's committee.
In his most recent letter to Rice, …

Irak 199

'Patterns of War Shift Amid US Force Buildup
By Alissa J. Rubin and Edward Wong
The New York Times

Baghdad - Nearly two months into the new security push in Baghdad, there has been some success in reducing the number of death squad victims found crumpled in the streets each day.
And while the overall death rates for all of Iraq have not dropped significantly, largely because of devastating suicide bombings, a few parts of the capital have become calmer as some death squads have decided to lie low.
But there is little sign that the Baghdad push is accomplishing its main purpose: to create an island of stability in which Sunni Arabs, Shiite Arabs and Kurds can try to figure out how to run the country together. There has been no visible move toward compromise on the main dividing issues, like regional autonomy and more power sharing between Shiites and Sunnis.
For American troops, Baghdad has become a deadlier battleground as they have poured into the capital to confront…

James Nachtwey

In het Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam, Keizersgracht 609, is een indrukwekkende tentoonstelling te zien van het werk van de Amerikaanse fotograaf James Nachtwey. Een sociaal bewogen mens. Zijn tentoonstelling wordt ingeleid door deze tekst van hem: 'Ik wil dat mijn werk deel gaat uitmaken van onze visuele geschiedenis, binnentreedt in ons collectieve geweten. Ik hoop dat het bijdraagt om eraan te herinneren dat de diepste tragedies van de geschiedenis niet gaan over de grote protagonisten die gebeurtenissen in gang zetten, maar om de ontelbare gewone mensen die vast zijn komen te zitten in die gebeurtenissen en door de medogenloze woede ervan worden verscheurd. Ik ben er getuige van geweest en deze foto's zijn mijn getuigenis. De gebeurtenissen die ik heb vastgelegd mogen niet worden vergeten en mogen niet worden herhaald.' Op de website van het FOAM staat dit: 'James Nachtwey noemt zichzelf een ‘anti-oorlogsfotograaf’: een fotograaf die niet alleen documenteert, maar een g…

De Volkskrant 23

Ideologische journalisen zijn veelal traag van begrip. Neem bijvoorbeeld Alex Burghoorn van de Volkskrant. Vandaag schrijft hij in zijn krant:

'Hamas geeft Israël lijst honderden gevangenen voor ruil.
Van onze correspondent Alex Burghoorn

JERUZALEM - De islamistische Hamas-beweging heeft Israël een lijst overhandigd met de namen van zeker enkele honderden Palestijnse gevangenen die Hamas wil ruilen tegen Gilad Shalit, de Israëlische soldaat die tien maanden geleden bij de grens van de Gazastrook is ontvoerd…
Strijders van Hamas hebben Shalit in juni op Israëlisch grondgebied ontvoerd. Nadat een groots legeroffensief in de Gazastrook zijn bevrijding niet dichterbij had gebracht, is Israël met Egyptische bemiddeling onderhandelingen begonnen.'


Twee opmerkingen: Waarom gebruikt Alex Burghoorn de kwalificatie 'ontvoerd' voor een krijgsgevangen genomen zwaar bewapen…

The Empire 219

'Six Crises in Search of an Author
By Tom Engelhardt
How the Bush Administration destabilized the "arc of instability."

One night when I was in my teens, I found myself at a production of Pirandello's Six Characters in Search of an Author. I had never heard of the playwright or the play, nor had I seen a play performed in the round. The actors were dramatically entering and exiting in the aisles when, suddenly, a man stood up in the audience, proclaimed himself a seventh character in search of an author, and demanded the same attention as the other six. At the time, I assumed the unruly "seventh character" was just part of the play, even after he was summarily ejected from the theater.
Now, bear with me a moment here. Back in 2002-2003, officials in the Bush administration and their neocon supporters, retro-think-tank admirers, and allied media pundits, basking in all their Global War on Terror glory, were eager to talk about the regio…

Irak 198

'Shia Leader Calls for More Attacks on US Troops as Car Bomb Kills 17 By Andrew Buncombe The Independent UK
Thousands of Shia protesters converged on the Iraqi city of Najaf last night for an anti-US rally on the fourth anniversary of the fall of Baghdad. The Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, in a statement distributed in the city, urged Iraqi police and army to stop co-operating with the US, and urged his militia to step up attacks and force the US to withdraw. In the latest violence, a car bomb killed 17 people and wounded two dozen in Mahmudiya, 20 miles south of Baghdad, the latest in a spate of attacks outside the Iraqi capital since a US military "surge" spearheaded a new security plan there.
Fearing more car-bombings timed to coincide with the anniversary, authorities in Baghdad and in Najaf announced a 24-hour ban on vehicles in both cities. "No, no, no to America. Muqtada, yes, yes, yes," the protesters chanted as they streamed towards Najaf.


Een slachtoffertje van Israelische bombardementen. Onderste foto: Israelische militairen tijdens de beschietingen en oorlogsmisdaden van het Israelische leger vorig jaar zomer. 'Why is Hezbollah on the Terrorism List? By Franklin Lamb, Counterpunch.
It was a sign of the times last week (March 27) when House Armed Services Committee Staff Director Erin Conaton declared in a memo to committee staffers that the powerful committee was scrapping the Bush Administration shop worn phrase, Global War of Terrorism. Conaton’s boss, Rep. Ike Skelton, (D-Mo) the new Chairman of the Committee commented that “the overused label had become an embarrassment and had lost its meaning”.
Recent research in Lebanon has turned up information previously unavailable which sheds light of the misapplication of the Terrorism label by the Bush administration.
The “T word” is often misapplied as former National Security Advisor Brzezinski reminds us as he tours the country promoting his new book, Second Chance a…

De Bush Bende 49

'Bush/Cheney Still Lie With Abandon
By Robert Parry

What makes George W. Bush and Dick Cheney such extraordinary threats to the future of American democracy is their readiness to tell half-truths and outright lies consistently without any apparent fear of accountability.
While other politicians might spin some facts in a policy debate or tell a fib about a personal indiscretion, President Bush and Vice President Cheney act as if they have the power and the right to manufacture reality itself, often on matters of grave significance that bear on war and peace or the future of the nation.
Even in the face of growing public skepticism, Bush and Cheney continue to invent new lies and retell old ones, seemingly with the goal of at least keeping their gullible right-wing "base" behind the faux reality depicted on Fox News, the Rush Limbaugh radio show and other right-wing media outlets.
So, on April 5, Cheney showed no hesitancy in telling Limbaugh&#…