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Trouw Misschien Wel 14

Het christelijk dagblad Trouw bericht:
'Met Bosnische littekens vocht Nederland verder
Teun Lagas
„Nederland liet zich leiden door idealisme en moralisme”, oordeelde het Nederlands Instituut voor Oorlogsdocumentatie (Niod) achteraf over de lichtvaardige troepenzending naar Srebrenica, waar de soldaten machteloos moesten toestaan dat de Bosnische Serviërs in 1995 genocide pleegden op duizenden moslimmannen en -jongens.'
Lees verder: Met_Bosnische_littekens_vocht_Nederland_verder Opmerkelijk hoe dezelfde generatie zijn eigen geschiedenis kan vervalsen. Idealisme en moralisme? En wij maar denken dat het lafheid en minachting voor de moslims was. In elk geval zagen we hoe Karremans het in zijn broek deed en zijn manschappen de polanaise dansten nadat ze door de oorlogsmisdadiger Mladic waren vrijgelaten. Machteloos waren 'onze jongens' zeker. Machteloos, maar wel bewapend. Nadat de Serven met hun slachtoffers klaar waren,…

De Israelische Terreur 172

Ik kreeg deze afbeelding gemaild door Sonja. De politici Balkenende en Sharon, met op de achtergrond foto's van de moordpartij in Sabra en Shatila, waarvoor de oorlogsmisdadiger Sharon politiek verantwoordelijk was.

Mijn vraag:

Wat zijn de veel geprezen normen en waarden van de al even veel geprezen joods-christelijke cultuur?

De Dollar Hegemonie 32

Ongeveer een jaar geleden begon ik Amerikaanse artikelen over te nemen waarin gewaarschuwd werd voor de dreigende ineenstorting van de Amerikaanse huizenmarkt en de catastrofale consequenties daarvan voor de vrije-markt economie.

Vandaag is de NRC-redactie ineens wakker geschud, de gevaren kunnen niet langer meer genegeerd worden. Zelfs neoliberale journalisten kunnen een crisis niet te lang negeren.

'Hypotheekcrisis in VS kan Europa besmetten.

Op de Amerikaanse markt voor risicovolle hypotheken woedt een crisis die grote gevolgen kan hebben voor de economie. Europa staat stevig, maar is niet immuun.

Door onze redacteuren Maarten Schinkel en Ben Vollaard

Amsterdam, 14 maart. Hoe gevaarlijk is de crisis op de Amerikaanse hypotheekmarkt? De effecten zijn al te merken op het Damrak. In reactie op het nieuws uit Amerika stond de AEX rond het middaguur bijna twee procent lager, met de banken ABN Amro en ING als grootste dalers.
In de afgelopen weken raakten tal van hypotheekbanken in de VS i…

De Israelische Terreur 171

Een van de slachtoffertjes van Israelische bombardementen van Libanon. 'Olmert's leaked testimony reveals real goal of summer war Jonathan Cook, Electronic Lebanon,

Israel's supposedly "defensive" assault on Hizbullah last summer, in which more than 1,000 Lebanese civilians were killed in a massive aerial bombardment that ended with Israel littering the country's south with cluster bombs, was cast in a definitively different light last week by Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert.His leaked testimony to the Winograd Committee -- investigating the government's failures during the month-long attack -- suggests that he had been preparing for such a war at least four months before the official casus belli: the capture by Hizbullah of two Israeli soldiers from a border post on 12 July 2006. Lebanon's devastation was apparently designed to teach both Hizbullah and the country's wider public a lesson.Olmert's new account clarifies the confusing series of …

Iran 149

'Tomgram: The Seymour Hersh Mystery
A Journalist Writing Bloody Murder…
And No One Notices
By Tom Engelhardt

Let me see if I've got this straight. Perhaps two years ago, an "informal" meeting of "veterans" of the 1980s Iran-Contra scandal -- holding positions in the Bush administration -- was convened by Deputy National Security Advisor Elliott Abrams. Discussed were the "lessons learned" from that labyrinthine, secret, and illegal arms-for-money-for-arms deal involving the Israelis, the Iranians, the Saudis, and the Contras of Nicaragua, among others -- and meant to evade the Boland Amendment, a congressionally passed attempt to outlaw Reagan administration assistance to the anti-communist Contras. In terms of getting around Congress, the Iran-Contra vets concluded, the complex operation had been a success -- and would have worked far better if the CIA and the military had been kept out of the loop and the whole thing had been run out of the Vice Pre…

The Empire 205

'The Pragmatism of Prolonged War
By Norman Solomon.

The days are getting longer, but the media shadows are no shorter as they cover the war in Iraq through American eyes, squinting in Washington’s pallid sun.
Debated as an issue of politics, the actual war keeps being drained of life. Abstractions thrive inside the Beltway, while the war effort continues: funded by the U.S. Treasury every day, as the original crime of invasion is replicated with occupation.
More than ever, in the aftermath of the Scooter Libby verdict, the country’s major news outlets are willing to acknowledge that the political road to war in Iraq was paved with deceptions. But the same media outlets were integral to laying the flagstones along the path to war — and they’re now integral to prolonging the war.
With the same logic of one, two, and three years ago, the conformist media wisdom is that a cutoff of funds for the war is not practical. Likewise, on Capitol Hill, there’s a lot of huffing and puffing about how…

Free Kareem

'Egypt: Blogger Sentence Upheld
Middle East & North Africa, Breaking News, Egypt, Weblog, Freedom of Speech, Cyber-Activism, Human Rights, Internet & Telecoms, Law, Religion, Politics

According to Free Kareem, the Alexandria Court of Appeal today upheld the four-year prison sentence against Egyptian blogger Kareem Nabeel Sulaiman.
Dalia Ziada, a human rights activist and translator based in Cairo, reports that the Alexandria Appeal Court has upheld the four-year prison sentence against Kareem Amer.Furthermore, the judge approved a civil claim filed by the eleven lawyers who want to fine Kareem for ‘insulting Islam’.Kareem’s lawyers will apply for the Court of Cassation (third degree).Abdul Kareem Nabeel Suleiman, a.k.a. Kareem Amer, is in prison because he blogged his personal opinions on the Internet.
Kareem’s supporters, however, are pleading with sympathisers to help him, through applying more pressure on the Egyptian authorities for his release.
We have compiled a comprehen…

De Commerciele Massamedia 43

'Rather: Journalism Has ‘Lost Its Guts’
By MediaChannel.
Source: Daniel Terdiman, CNET

AUSTIN, TEXAS–To longtime CBS broadcaster Dan Rather, American journalism in recent years “has in some ways lost its guts.”
During his hour-long keynote address at South by Southwest Interactive, Rather opined at length on the state of his profession, in which too many journalists have become lapdogs to power, rather than watchdogs.
“I do not exclude myself from this criticism… By and large, so many journalists–there are notable exceptions–have adopted the go-along-to-get-along (attitude),” he said.
So, because of this “access game,” journalism has degenerated into a “very perilous state,” he said in response to a question from his on-stage interviewer, writer Jane Hamsher….
In his speech, he touched on the state of the Internet as a way to get information and news to people.
“The Internet is a tremendous tool for not just news, (because) its potential is unlimited for that,” Rather said…

De Israelische Terreur 170

Van joods -Israelische vredesactivisten kreeg ik het volgende bericht:

"35. The Committee notes with concern the application in the Occupied Palestinian Territories of different laws, policies and practices to Palestinians on the one hand, and to Israelis on the other hand. It is concerned, in particular, by information about unequal distribution of water resources to the detriment of Palestinians, about the disproportionate targeting of Palestinians in house demolitions and about the application of different criminal laws leading to prolonged detention and harsher punishments for Palestinians for the same offences. (articles 2, 3 and 5)

The State party should ensure equal access to water resources to all without any discrimination. The Committee also reiterates its call for a halt to the demolition of Arab properties particular in East Jerusalem and for respect for property rights irrespective of the …

De Bush Bende 48

Halliburton is het concern waarvan de Amerikaanse vice-president voor miljoenen aan aandelen bezit, en dat in ruil daarvoor vele lucratieve projecten in Irak kreeg, is van plan zijn hoofdkantoor elders te vestigen.

'Halliburton's Dubai Move Sparks US Political Ire
A weekend announcement by Halliburton, the US oil services giant,
that it is shifting its corporate headquarters to Dubai from Texas
triggered an angry response from some US lawmakers Monday.
Halliburton, which was once run by Vice President Dick Cheney, said
Sunday it was relocating to the United Arab Emirates to capitalize on
the region's booming energy market.
"It's an example of corporate greed at its worst," Democratic Senator
Patrick Leahy, chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee,
said in a statement.
"This is an insult to the US soldiers and taxpayers who paid the tab
for their no-bid contracts and endured their overcharges for all
these years," he ch…

De Anti Oorlog Beweging

'Campus Antiwar Movement Begins to Make Its Mark
By Ron Jacobs

Folks often ask, rather cynically, where are the students protesting the war? Well, the answer is that they are there-on their campuses and in the dorms-organizing speakers, rallies and teach-ins. The fact that folks off campus do not hear about these events does not mean that they aren't occurring. What it does mean is that the media is choosing not to cover them. Here in Asheville, NC, the local SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) linked group at University of North Carolina-Asheville (UNCA) organized a counter-recruitment protest in January 2006, a walkout and march against the war last October and is now actively involved in getting students to go to the March 17th March on the Pentagon. At UNC's Chapel Hill campus, six students were arrested on February 17, 2007 after refusing to leave Congressman David Price's office in a protest demanding that he vote against further war funding. Meanwhil…

The Empire 204

'A Quarter of US War Vets Diagnosed With Mental Disorder: Study Agency France Presse

A quarter of the Afghanistan and Iraq war veterans treated with US government-funded health care have been diagnosed with a mental disorder, according to a study published Monday.
And when psychosocial disorders such as domestic violence were included, the number of war veterans suffering from mental illnesses rose to 31 percent.
The instances of mental illness among recently discharged troops and members of the National Guard are significantly higher than those of a study published last year which examined active duty troops, the lead researcher told AFP.
That study found that while a third of returning troops were accessing mental health services, only 12 percent were diagnosed with a mental illness or psychosocial disorder.
"That's a big difference," said Karen Seal, a physician and researcher at the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center.
Of significan…

Klimaatverandering 100

'Woman, fighting to save her people from extinction
By Andrew Gumbel

If Nobel Peace Prizes could refreeze the polar ice caps, then Sheila Watt-Cloutier would be a very happy woman indeed because her people are, "defending the right to be cold".
As it is, the Canadian activist, who lives in a remote community up above the Arctic circle, is thrilled to have her name put forward as one of the 181 nominees for this year's accolade from the Nobel committee, because it can only advance the cause for which she has been fighting for the past 12 years - protecting the Inuit peoples whose lives are directly and most immediately threatened by the change in the world's climate and raising awareness about global warming. As she said recently: "It's been a long haul and a daunting task to get the message out. When you're 155,000 people at the top of the world, there aren't very many people who even know who you are or what you're facing."
It is far too so…

De Commerciele Massamedia 42

Het Britse Medialens fileert een documentaire:

'March 13, 2007
The Scientists Are The Bad Guys

On March 8, Channel 4 screened The Great Global Warming Swindle, a documentary that branded as a lie the scientific consensus that man-made greenhouse gasses are primarily responsible for climate change.
The film was advertised extensively on Channel 4 and repeatedly previewed and reviewed in newspapers. Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, Christopher Booker declared:
“Only very rarely can a TV documentary be seen as a pivotal moment in a major political debate, but such was Channel 4's The Great Global Warming Swindle last Thursday. Never before has there been such a devastatingly authoritative account of how the hysteria over global warming has parted company with reality.” (Booker, ‘A turning point in climate change,’ Sunday Telegraph, March 11, 2007)
Peter Hitchens commented in the Daily Mail:
“If you were worried about those snaps of polar…

De Israelische Terreur 169

Eergevoel? Hoe nu VVD-volksvertegenwoordiger Hans van Baalen. Wat is eer? En wat is geweten? En wat is collaboratie? En wat is lafheid? En wat is doortraptheid? Wat is karakterloosheid? Wat is brandende ambitie? Wat is gewetenloosheid? Wat is moraal? Wat zijn normen? Wat zijn waarden? Waarom laten Israelische soldaten zich fotograferen bij het stoffelijk overschot van een Palestijnse man? Is het slachtoffer een trofee? Is de foto er om thuis trots te laten zien aan je joodse landgenoten? Wat is haat? Wat is nihilisme? Wat is... Woorden hebben betekenis in het leven van mensen.

'Jimmy Carter: Palestinians ''Victims of Oppression''
Despite the storm it ignited, former U.S. president Jimmy Carter held fast on Thursday to his accusation that Israel oppresses the Palestinians on the West Bank and Gaza and seeks to colonize their land.
Speaking at The George Washington University to a polite but mostly critical student audience, Carter offered no second thoughts on his book…

De Israelische Terreur 168

'Israel planned for Lebanon war months in advance, PM says.
Olmert's leaked testimony contradicts earlier remarks · Criticism from inquiry may force resignation Conal Urquhart in Tel Aviv The Guardian
Preparations for Israel's war in Lebanon last summer were drawn up at least four months before two Israeli soldiers were kidnapped by Hizbullah in July, Ehud Olmert, the prime minister, has admitted.
His submission to a commission of inquiry, leaked yesterday, contradicted the impression at the time that Israel was provoked into a battle for which it was ill-prepared. Mr Olmert told the Winograd commission, a panel of judges charged with investigating Israel's perceived defeat in the 34-day war, that he first discussed the possibility of war in January and asked to see military plans in March.

According to the Ha'aretz daily, which obtained details of Mr Olmert's testimony, the prime minister chose a plan featuring air attacks on Lebanon and a limited ground operatio…

De Pro-Israel Lobby 33

En onmiddellijk draait de propaganda op volle toeren, de pro-Israel lobby zit niet stil. Het zal niet lang meer duren voordat dit soort berichten enigszins aangepast in de commerciele massamedia doordruppelen.

'Bedein: Israel On Alert For Iranian Attack
By: David Bedein,
The Bulletin

Jerusalem - The Middle East Newsline revealed yesterday that Israel, for the first time, placed its foreign installations on alert for an Iranian strike.Israeli officials said their Defense Ministry and Foreign Ministry have increased security on embassies and legations throughout the world. They said the government declared an alert after Tehran accused the Jewish state of abducting a senior Iranian official."The prospect of an Iranian retaliation or provocation exists," an Israeli official said.The alert was issued after Israel was blamed for the disappearance of a former Iranian deputy defense minister in Turkey. An Iranian delegation has been sent to Turkey and demanded the whereabouts of …

Iran 148

Dit is het begin van een verhaal waar u meer van zult horen. En wanneer dit nu publicitair goed gespeeld wordt, heeft u straks de reden waarom Iran moet worden aangevallen, volgens het nucleaire Israel en de VS. 'Israel behind Iranian general's 'defection,' US official says Washington Post quotes official as saying that Asgari's disappearance was voluntary, orchestrated by Israel. Another American official says former Iranian defense official is providing Western intelligence agencies with information on Hizbullah-Iran ties Ynetnews
A US official suggested Thursday that the disappearance of Iranian general Ali Rez Asgari was voluntary and orchestrated by Israel, according to a Washington Post report published Thursday.

The Post quoted another senior US official as saying that the former Iranian deputy defense minister, who once commanded the Revolutionary Guards, is providing Western intelligence agencies with information on Hizbullah and Iran's ties to the organiz…

De Israelische Terreur 167

'Nablus: Operation "Hot Winter" - Interview with Human Shield
This short interview was conducted in the aftermath of the Israeli Occupation Forces' operation "Hot Winter" in the West Bank city of Nablus.The 11-years-old girl Jihan Tahdush was kidnapped by IOF troops and repeatedly forced to serve as a human shield for soldiers in their house-to-house searches in the Old City.The full interview in better quality can be downloaded at: short clip is a co-production of a-films and RJI. The authors can be contacted at and video clips from the latest military operation in Nablus can be found at, and'


Iran 147

'Iranian influence soaring in Iraq
Shiites, Sunnis say Tehran is winner of U.S. invasion
By Liz Sly, Tribune foreign correspondent; Hassan Jarrah in Najaf and Nadeem Majeed contributed to this report

BAGHDAD -- In the cafeteria of Iraq's parliament, Shiite legislators slip into Persian when they don't want their conversations overheard. In the holy city of Najaf, an Iranian charity helps newlyweds buy furniture. Iranian weapons, freshly manufactured, are turning up in arms caches seized from insurgents in and around Baghdad.These are among the many ways in which Iran's soaring influence is being felt in Iraq, where Iran's complex entanglement in the affairs of its neighbor lies at the heart of the schism threatening to tear Iraq--and the region--apart.To Iraq's Sunnis, Iran's ascendancy as a regional power and its close relationship with the Shiite-led government represent a pernicious threat to the survival of Iraq's Arab identity."America handed Ir…

Irak 187

'Iraq: Killings drive women to become suicide bombers.

BAGHDAD, (IRIN) - Um Abdallah, 41, has a difficult task ahead of her - she has to learn how to use a gun and begin preparing for a day she believes is going to be one of God's forgiveness and revenge against foreign forces occupying her country.
"I'm going to be a suicide bomber in the name of God," Um Abdallah said. "I will be one of the Iraqis who will take revenge for all suffering that US and Iraqi militaries have caused in the past years and force them to leave the blessed land of Iraq.
"I know I will die but for a good reason. When I die I will be beside my loved ones who were killed without [good reason]," she added.
"I wasn't forced to be a suicide bomber. One day I woke up with this feeling, found the right person to help me to realise this dream and today I'm with five other women of different ages, preparing for the day of God's forgiveness," she said.
Um Abdallah is…

Olie 14

'Oil, War and Geopolitics: The Global Struggle Over Disappearing Petroleum Lecture By Michael Klare, Five Colleges professor of peace and world security studies Dickinson College, The Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues' Luister:

Olie 13

'Ghawar Is Dead! The Wide-Spread Use of Advanced Extraction Techniques are Killing the Mother of All Oil Fields
By Matthew S. Miller

“How could we drink up the sea? Who gave us the sponge to wipe away the entire horizon?What were we doing when we unchained this earth from its sun?”- Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science- 1882 “My father rode a camel. I drive a car. My son flies a plane. His son will ride a camel.”- Anonymous Saudi Sheik – 1982 “Ghawar, Ghawar she gave and gave; They sucked her dry like mankind’s slave;The Sheiks told us that big oil lie; And all those people had to die.” - Lyrical History.

I’ve watched in shock and awe in recent days, shaking my head and wringing my hands. Yet another unremarkable narrative of celebrity intrigue entered the echo chamber of the mainstream media system and its 24/7-positive-feedback-amplification-loop to emerge as biggest news event - no, the earth-shaking cultural event of the year. This time it is…Anna Nicole is dead! Her mournful su…

Irak 186

'Iraq: The Hidden Cost of the WarAmerica won't simply be paying with its dead. The Pentagon is trying to silence economists who predict that several decades of care for the wounded will amount to an unbelievable $2.5 trillion. By Andrew Stephen
"New Statesman" They roar in every day, usually direct from the Landstuhl US air-force base in the Rhineland: giant C-17 cargo planes capable of lifting and flying the 65-tonne M1 Abrams tank to battlefields anywhere in the world. But Landstuhl is the first staging post for transporting most of the American wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan back to the United States, and these planes act as CCATs ("critical care air transport") with their AETs - "aeromedical evacuation teams" of doctors, nurses and medical technicians, whose task is to make sure that gravely wounded US troops arrive alive and fit enough for intensive treatment at the Walter Reed Army Medical Centre, just six miles up the road from me in Washin…

Irak 185

'Beyond Quagmire.
A panel of experts convened by Rolling Stone agree that the war in Iraq is lost. The only question now is: How bad will the coming explosion be?
By Tim Dickinson

"Rolling Stone" -- -- The war in Iraq isn't over yet, but -- surge or no surge -- the United States has already lost. That's the grim consensus of a panel of experts assembled by Rolling Stone to assess the future of Iraq. "Even if we had a million men to go in, it's too late now," says retired four-star Gen. Tony McPeak, who served on the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Gulf War. "Humpty Dumpty can't be put back together again."
Those on the panel -- including diplomats, counterterror analysts and a former top military commander -- agree that President Bush's attempt to secure Baghdad will only succeed in dragging out the conflict, creating something far beyond any Vietnam-style "quagmire." The surge won't bring an end to the sectarian cleansi…

The Empire 203

´In Debt We Trust - America Before the Bubble Bursts
In Debt We Trust is the latest film from Danny Schechter, "The News Dissector," director of the internationally distributed and award-winning WMD (Weapons of Mass Deception), an expose of the media's role in the Iraq War.
The Emmy-winning former ABC News and CNN producer's new hard-hitting documentary investigates why so many Americans are being strangled by debt. It is a journalistic confrontation with what former Reagan advisor Kevin Phillips calls "Financialization"--the "powerful emergence of a debt-and-credit industrial complex."´ Zie