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The Empire 193

'MacDonald: Where are the Navajo millionaires?
By Kathy Helms

WINDOW ROCK — Former Navajo Nation Chairman Peter MacDonald is writing a book. This has required him to do hours of research into resource issues and has led him to a burning question. Where are the Navajo millionaires? For nearly 90 years, since the 1920s when oil and gas were first discovered on Navajo, up till now, MacDonald said Wednesday, "Using Navajos' resources water, oil, gas, coal, uranium, and also the land for right-of-way the Navajo have made several thousand millionaires." "Millionaires in Gallup, Farmington, Flagstaff border towns. But not one Navajo is a millionaire. Isn't that something? "We've made millionaires in Russia, Britain, China, and every place else ... In the United States, some of them are in California
"How long are we going to do that?" MacDonald asked. "We're going to continue to increase that process by doing this Desert Rock." The Nav…

De Israelische Terreur 159

Een voorstel om van Israel een democratisch land te maken in plats van een 'joodse natie':

'Adalah proposes draft democratic constitution for a multicultural state of Israel
Draft Constitution Excerpt, Adalah,

On the tenth anniversary of its founding, Adalah: The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel issues "The Democratic Constitution," as a constitutional proposal for the state of Israel based on the concept of a democratic, bilingual, multicultural state. This proposed constitution draws on universal principles and international conventions on human rights, the experiences of nations and the constitutions of various democratic states. The following is the introductory chapter to the draft constitution: 1. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, which enshrined the human rights lessons of the evils committed during World War II, and the international human rights covenants, which were subsequently ratified, state that: All human beings are eq…

De Commerciele Massamedia 39

'Fool Me Thrice?
by Gordon Prather

Way back on 26 May 2003, more than a month before the Cheney Cabal
outed Valerie Plame as a covert CIA operative – running agents in
Iran, Iraq and elsewhere, seeking information on weapons of mass
destruction, under cover of Brewster-Jennings, a CIA-front "energy
consulting" firm – the New York Times published an editorial, calling
on the CIA, the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board and
Congressional Intelligence Committees to investigate how, inter alia,
the Bush-Cheney administration came to rely on forged documents to
make the case that Iraq was trying to import uranium from Africa.

"The failure so far to find any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq,
the prime justification for an immediate invasion, or definitive
links between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda has raised serious
questions about the quality of American intelligence and even dark
hints that the data may have been manipulated to support a pre-
emptive war."…

Het Neoliberale Geloof 23

Darin Carey checks a roll at the New Page paper mill in Luke, MD. For years, the residents of this economically-distressed hollow in the Appalachians have watched textile mills, glass factories and tire makers close down one after the other. Now, its lone remaining big factory is threatened by imports of cheaper paper made in China. (Photo: Jeff Swensen / The New York Times)

Toen ik afgelopen zomer door duizenden kilomters door het Zuidwesten en Westen van de VS reed viel me op hoeveel fabrieken en bedrijven gesloten waren. Veel werk verdwijnt naar de lage lonen landen, waar arbeiders nog goedkoper zijn. Ziehier een voorbeeld van het neoliberale geloof en de globalisering. Kijken welk antwoord ons christelijke/socialistisch kabinet op deze ontwikkeling heeft.

De New York Times bericht:

'A Cry to Limit Chinese Imports Rings at Paper Mill
By Steven R. Weisman

Luke, Maryland - For years the residents of this economically distressed hollow in the Appalachians have watched text…

Nederland en Afghanistan 123

Met dank aan de half miljard euro die de Nederlandse politiek uittrok voor het sturen van Nederlandse troepen die de opium-krijgsheren in Afghanistan aan de macht hielpen en houden.

De BBC bericht:

'Afghan opium 'hits record output'
BBC News, Washington

Opium production in Afghanistan reached record levels last year, the United States has said.

The US State Department's annual report on narcotics also said the flourishing drugs trade was undermining the fight against the Taleban.

It warned of a possible increase in heroin overdoses in Europe and the Middle East as a result.

Poppy production rose 25% in 2006, a figure US Assistant Secretary of State Ann Patterson described as alarming.

Four years after the US and its British allies began combating poppy production, Afghanistan still accounts for 90% of the world's opium trade.

The US has recently given the Afghan government more than $10bn in assistance, but most of that mon…

Verarmd Uranium 6

'Photo Top Left -- The Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) triggered the atomic bomb called Priscilla on June 24, 1957 at the Nevada Test Site. According to U.S. Department of Energy documents, Priscilla was a balloon type test, it was weapons related, and had a yield of 37 kill tons.
Photo Top Right -- This photo was taken on November 1, 1951 and was the "Dog" detonation. It was conducted as part of the Buster/Jangle test series between October and November of 1951. It was an airdrop with a yield of 21 kilotons. Another event
Photo Center Left -- On December 18, 1970, the Baneberry underground nuclear test was conducted at the Nevada Test Site (NTS); the event released radioactivity to the atmosphere. Baneberry had a yield of ten kilotons (a kiloton is the equivalent of 1,000 tons of TNT). The nuclear bomb was buried about 900 feet beneath the surface of Yucca Flat near the northern boundary of the NTS. The radiation release or venting resulted in a cloud of radioactive dust t…

Olie 11

'IRAQ: New Oil Law Seen as Cover for Privatisation Emad Mekay

WASHINGTON (IPS) - The U.S.-backed Iraqi cabinet approved a new oil law Monday that is set to give foreign companies the long-term contracts and safe legal framework they have been waiting for, but which has rattled labour unions and international campaigners who say oil production should remain in the hands of Iraqis.
Independent analysts and labour groups have also criticised the process of drafting the law and warned that that the bill is so skewed in favour of foreign firms that it could end up heightening political tensions in the Arab nation and spreading instability. For example, it specifies that up to two-thirds of Iraq's known reserves would be developed by multinationals, under contracts lasting for 15 to 20 years. This policy would represent a u-turn for Iraq's oil industry, which has been in the public sector for more than three decades, and would break from normal practice in the Middle East. Accordi…

De Bush Bende 43

'Hersh: Bush Funneling Money to al Qaeda-Related Groups
New Yorker columnist Sy Hersh says the "single most explosive" element of his latest article involves an effort by the Bush administration to stem the growth of Shiite influence in the Middle East (specifically the Iranian government and Hezbollah in Lebanon) by funding violent Sunni groups.
Hersh says the U.S. has been "pumping money, a great deal of money, without congressional authority, without any congressional oversight" for covert operations in the Middle East where it wants to "stop the Shiite spread or the Shiite influence." Hersh says these funds have ended up in the hands of "three Sunni jihadist groups" who are "connected to al Qaeda" but "want to take on Hezbollah."
Hersh summed up his scoop in stark terms: "We are simply in a situation where this president is really taking his notion of executive privilege to the absolut…

Klimaatverandering 97

'Group Says Ocean Harm Should Force US Carbon Regulation
By Timothy Gardner

New York - A wildlife conservation group said it is trying to pressure U.S. states to regulate carbon dioxide emissions under federal clean water laws because of harm the gas does to the cycle of life in the ocean.
Unlike most other developed countries, the United States, the world's top greenhouse gas emitter, does not regulate carbon dioxide and other gases that scientists link to global warming. Efforts by states and environmental groups to regulate CO2 through clean air laws have so far failed.
The Center for Biological Diversity, a national environmental group, on Wednesday petitioned California to regulate CO2 under the Clean Water Act. Miyoko Sakashita, an attorney for the group in San Francisco, said it would soon petition Oregon and Washington state as well as states on the East Coast to do the same.
Oceans absorb a third of the CO2 in the atmosphere and sink it to the de…

Klimaatverandering 96

'Fighting Warming Key to Anti-Poverty Goals
By Haider Rizvi
Inter Press Service

United Nations - Driven by increased concerns and mounting evidence of the threats posed by global warming, some of the world's most eminent scientists are telling policymakers to get their act together before it is too late to avoid a doomsday scenario.
Releasing a new study entitled "Confronting Climate Change: Avoiding the Unmanageable and Managing the Unavoidable," researchers said here Tuesday that world leaders should take immediate steps to start reversing the upward trajectory of greenhouse gas emissions, otherwise the current path would lead to "serious" climate change impacts.
Prepared in response to a request by the U.N. Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) two years ago, the 144-page study outlines a roadmap for measures to reduce dangerous emissions, alleviate poverty, and spur sustainable development.
"It is still impossible to avoid an un…

Het Kabinet 2

'Weblog Harry van Bommel
donderdag 1 maart 2007, 10.39 uur
Categorie: Algemeen
De onderste steen moet boven
Nog steeds krijgen we geen antwoord op heel veel vragen rond de steun aan de inval in Irak. Ik heb de feiten op een rijtje gezet in een leesbaar boekje. Het boekje dient als basis voor de motie vandaag in het debat met de regering. Een parlementair onderzoek moet er komen. Het boekje kost EUR 2,30 (excl. verzendkosten) en is eenvoudig te bestellen. ' Zie: Ondertussen bericht Trouw:
'Verdeeldheid in PvdA om onderzoek Irak
door Teun Lagas
De nieuwe PvdA-fractieleider Tichelaar heeft zijn fractiegenoten zwaar onder druk gezet om tegen een onderzoek te stemmen naar de Nederlandse steun aan de oorlog in Irak.

De sfeer in de nieuwe regeringscoalitie mag niet bedorven worden door afwijkend stemgedrag van de PvdA-fractie in deze gevoelige kwestie, maakte Tichelaar zijn partijgenoten duidelijk. Aanvankelijk da…

De Commerciele Massamedia 38

'Confessions of An American Media Man
Tom Plate, journalism veterean and academic, publishes a tell-all memoir about his decades in the business.
By MediaChannel.

Tom Plate, longtime Asian columnist and academic, has penned a memoir entitled Confessions of An American Media Man; the subtitle promises to reveal “What they didn’t teach you in journalism school.” Forbes writer James Brady previews it:

Tom started out as a “scholarship boy” at classy Amherst, where he and future best-selling author Aaron “Urban Cowboy” Latham published a quickie guide to dating in the Ivy League, Where the Boys Are. It sold out, co-eds in those days being what they were; Latham put his share into mutual funds, and Plate bought a sports car. “He’s worth millions. I’m not,” Tom said wryly.
Following an internship at The Washington Post under the newly arrived Bradlee, Plate was off to grad school at Princeton, passing up an offer to stay on and ignoring Ben’s counsel, as well, that “graduate school is B.S.”

Mohammed R. Jabri 6

'01/03/07 "M.R. Jabri"

Het Nederlanderschap lijkt waardeloos

Met een klaarwakker linkeroog kijkend naar de ontwikkelingen in het Midden-Oosten volgde ik de laatste tijd met een halfslaperig rechteroog de vermoeiende discussie omtrent het hebben van 2 paspoorten in Nederland. De peroxidesnuivende PVV-leider Geert Wilders maakt al sinds dat Ahmed Aboutaleb genoemd werd als mogelijke minister van Sociale Zaken bezwaar tegen diens aanstelling in het parlement. Dat Albayrak daar bij is gekomen was voor hem de bevestiging van een ‘moslimvergiftiging in iedere laag van deze samenleving’. Om onduidelijke redenen werd het nu pas een hot item in de media en steggelen verschillende juristen ineens over de juridische draagkracht van de bezwaren van Wilders. Conclusie: Geert heeft juridisch gezien helemaal gelijk. Dat hij dit zelf nog niet eens wist toen hij voor het eerst zijn bezwaren kenbaar maakte doet er eigenlijk niet eens meer toe. Het gaat hem om de loyaliteit die allochtone Ne…

Irak 179

De Guardian bericht:

'US commanders admit: we face a Vietnam-style collapse.

Elite officers in Iraq fear low morale, lack of troops and loss of political will Simon TisdallThursday March 1, 2007 An elite team of officers advising the US commander, General David Petraeus, in Baghdad has concluded that they have six months to win the war in Iraq - or face a Vietnam-style collapse in political and public support that could force the military into a hasty retreat.
The officers - combat veterans who are experts in counter-insurgency - are charged with implementing the "new way forward" strategy announced by George Bush on January 10. The plan includes a controversial "surge" of 21,500 additional American troops to establish security in the Iraqi capital and Anbar province.
But the team, known as the "Baghdad brains trust" and ensconced in the heavily fortified Green Zone, is struggling to overcome a range of entrenched problems in what has become a race agains…

Aldous Huxley

"Only a large-scale popular movement toward decentralization and self-help can arrest the present tendency toward statism... A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude. To make them love it is the task assigned, in present-day totalitarian states, to ministries of propaganda, newspaper editors and schoolteachers." - Aldous Huxley - (1894-1963) Author - Source: Forward to 'Brave New World', 1932

De Volkskrant 18

Zo opent een kwaliteitskrant als The Independent: 'Education class war.
What the battle of Brighton over a lottery for school admissions really means for...
Published: 01 March 2007

The introduction of a lottery to determine school admissions would mean children from less well-off families were more likely to be able to obtain places at England's top performing state secondary schools. Many of the places currently go to children whose families can afford higher priced housing near the school. It would mean that some children living on the school's doorstep would not be able to secure a place at their nearest school.
In theory, the ruling would allow parents from any social class to get their child into the school of their first choice. But some better-off parents who live in more expensive homes nearer to the school may be tempted to opt for the independent sector rather than risk having their child allocated to a school which does less well in a poorer neighbou…

Het Radio I Journaal

De vijf onderste hoofden presenteren het Radio I Journaal. Opvallend aan deze hoofden is dat ze allemaal heel erg blank zijn en heel erg Hollands en heel erg man van middelbare leeftijd. Geen medemens met ook maar een druppeltje gekleurd bloed zit erbij. Is dit een afspiegeling van de Nederlandse bevolking? Nee. Is dat toeval? Nee, natuurlijk, allen zijn door een zeef gegaan, een selectie. Kan geen enkele gekleurde medemens presenteren? Natuurlijk kunnen sommigen van hen wel presenteren. Maar waarom zit er dan geen enkele gekleurde presentator bij het Radio I Journaal? Dat moet u aan de redactie vragen. Hoe dan ook, wat ik wilde vertellen is het volgende: vanochtend sprak via het Radio I Journaal Geert Wilders - dat andere heel erg Hollandse man van middelbare leeftijd hoofd - tot ons luisteraars, gekleurde zowel als blanke, tot christen, moslim zowel als atheist. De malloot die tot ons sprak zei zonder ook maar 1 kritische vraag van het heel erg blanke man van middelbare leeftijd pre…

De Bush Bende 42

William Rivers Pitt is a New York Times and internationally bestselling author of two books: War on Iraq: What Team Bush Doesn't Want You to Know and The Greatest Sedition Is Silence. His newest book, House of Ill Repute: Reflections on War, Lies, and America's Ravaged Reputation, will be available this winter from PoliPointPress

The Bush Administration in One Sentence
By William Rivers Pitt
t r u t h o u t Columnist

History is bunk.- Henry Ford

Just because the Supreme Court set that poison precedent and anointed Bush, who brought in a crowd of neocon yahoos which earned no attention before the 2000 campaign, just because we 'Muricans vote for the man and not the mob, which in this case turned into the mob that ruined the country, you know, Cheney and Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz and Perle and Feith and Ledeen and Negroponte ...
... just because unreasonably massive tax cuts were combined in 2001 with the economic depth-charge that was the Enron/Arthur Andersen/inflated re…

11 September 2001 (24)

'Neocon Imperialism, 9/11, and the Attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq
By David Ray Griffin

02/27/07 "ICH" -- - -One way to understand the effect of 9/11, in most general terms, is to see that it allowed the agenda developed in the 1990s by neoconservatives—-often called simply “neocons”---to be implemented. There is agreement on this point across the political spectrum. From the right, for example, Stefan Halper and Jonathan Clarke say that 9/11 allowed the “preexisting ideological agenda” of the neoconservatives to be “taken off the shelf . . . and relabeled as the response to terror.”1 Stephen Sniegoski, writing from the left, says that “it was only the traumatic effects of the 9/11 terrorism that enabled the agenda of the neocons to become the policy of the United States of America.”2
What was this agenda? It was, in essence, that the United States should use its military supremacy to establish an empire that includes the whole world--a global Pax Americana. Three major mea…

Het Neoliberale Geloof 22

'Global markets slide after China sell-off
By Nick Beams
28 February 2007

Global stock markets tumbled on Tuesday after a near 9 percent drop in the Chinese market—the biggest fall in a decade—sparked fears that a series of financial imbalances in the global economy could start to cause serious problems.
The global sell-off, which hit all major markets, culminated in a drop of more than 415 points on Wall Street or more than 3 percent. This was the biggest one-day decline since the markets re-opened after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. At one point, the Dow was down by 545 points for the day, while two other key indexes, the Standard & Poor’s 500 and the Nasdaq Composite fell 3.5 percent and 3.9 percent respectively.
When trading opened on Wednesday, the Australian stockmarket, highly sensitive to economic developments in China, joined the global slide, falling by more than 3 percent and wiping off about $45 billion in stock values.
The immediate cause for the China slump…

Het Neoliberale Geloof 21

'US Mortgage Crisis Goes Into Meltdown
By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
The Telegraph UK

Panic has begun to sweep the sub-prime mortgage sector in the United States after the bankruptcy of 22 lenders over the past two months, setting off mass liquidation of housing loans packaged as securities. Analysts say the housing bust is pulling America into recession, citing a 14.4pc drop in housing starts
The rapid deterioration could not come at a worse time for British bank HSBC, which has set aside $10.5bn (£5.4bn) to cover bad loans in the US.
The cost of insuring against default on these loans has rocketed in recent weeks, from 50 basis points over Libor to 1,200, raising fears that a credit crunch could spread to the rest of the property market.
Low-grade BBB-rated securities - measured by the ABX index - have crashed from near par of 100 in early November to 72.5 this week.
Peter Schiff, head of Euro Pacific Capital, said the sector was in an unstoppable meltdown. "It's a self-perpetuat…

Iran 143

'Bush Faces Opposition on Iran Attack
By Robert Parry
Consortium News

A number of US military leaders, reportedly including the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, have waged an extraordinary behind-the-scenes resistance to what they fear is a secret plan by George W. Bush to wage war against Iran.
One intelligence source told me that Joint Chiefs chairman, Gen. Peter Pace, has explored the possibility of resigning if Bush presses forward with air attacks against Iran, a war strategy that might be done in coordination with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.
Though Pace has given no public signal on resigning, he has undercut Bush's case for an expanded Middle East war by challenging the administration claims about Iran's alleged sponsorship of attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq and by telling Congress that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have eroded American military capability to confront another crisis.
In a classified report to Congress, Pace warned that there is a signifi…

Martelen 69

In opdracht van de Nederlandse regering werkt het Nederlandse leger bewust mee aan het schenden van het internationaal recht door Afghaanse gevangenen aan de CIA over te dragen. Het kan daarvoor vervolgd worden.

'New Light Shed on CIA's "Black Site" Prisons
By Dafna Linzer and Julie Tate
The Washington Post
Wednesday 28 February 2007

On his last day in CIA custody, Marwan Jabour, an accused al-Qaeda paymaster, was stripped naked, seated in a chair and videotaped by agency officers. Afterward, he was shackled and blindfolded, headphones were put over his ears, and he was given an injection that made him groggy. Jabour, 30, was laid down in the back of a van, driven to an airstrip and put on a plane with at least one other prisoner.
His release from a secret facility in Afghanistan on June 30, 2006, was a surprise to Jabour - and came just after the Supreme Court rejected the Bush administration's assertion that the Geneva Conventions do not apply to prison…