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The Empire 89

'Experts Expect Democrats to Increase Military Spending.
by Aaron Glantz.

Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress are likely to drive U.S. military budgets even higher in 2007, experts say.
This year's Pentagon budget is $436 billion. That amount does not include more than $140 billion that's being spent this year alone on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
"If you think a new wind is blowing in Washington in terms of security issues because the Democrats are going to take over Congress, you probably have another think coming," Christopher Hellman of the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation told OneWorld.
Hellman said that because Democrats are afraid to appear weak on national security, they are likely to continue funding Cold War weapons systems like the F-22 fighter plane, which was designed to address projected Soviet capabilities that no longer exist.
This year, the Pentagon requested no F-22 fighters, but Congress added $1.4…

De Israelische Terreur 132

'Blanket Immunity from War Crimes.
When Criticism of Cluster Bombs is "Anti-Semitic."
The Israeli paper Ha'aretz reports that the head of Germany's Jewish community accused a minister in Angela Merkel's German government of "anti-Semitism" because of the minister's statement on Israel's use of cluster bombs. Development Aid Minister Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul had asked for a United Nations probe into Israel's use of cluster bombs in civilian areas of Lebanon.
Charlotte Knobloch, president of the Central Council of German Jews, complained about what she terms a growing "anti-mood [sic] against Israel and the Jews" in Germany. [Ha,aretz August 30] Merkel, who made absolutely no criticism of Israel during the fighting, immediately met with Knobloch to "soothe Jewish ire" according to Deutche Welle [August 31]
The U.N. humanitarian chief Jan Egeland revealed this week that of the estimated 100,000 unexploded …

Irak 132

De Independent:

'Diplomat's suppressed document lays bare the lies behind Iraq war.
The Government's case for going to war in Iraq has been torn apart by the publication of previously suppressed evidence that Tony Blair lied over Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.
A devastating attack on Mr Blair's justification for military action by Carne Ross, Britain's key negotiator at the UN, has been kept under wraps until now because he was threatened with being charged with breaching the Official Secrets Act.
In the testimony revealed today Mr Ross, 40, who helped negotiate several UN security resolutions on Iraq, makes it clear that Mr Blair must have known Saddam Hussein possessed no weapons of mass destruction. He said that during his posting to the UN, "at no time did HMG [Her Majesty's Government] assess that Iraq's WMD (or any other capability) posed a threat to the UK or its interests."
Mr Ross revealed it was a commonly held view among B…

11 September 1973 (11)

Naar aanleiding van mijn kritiek op het Pinochet-item van NOVA schreef de hoofdredacteur van dit tv-programma onder andere dit: ‘De aanname dat Schaad niet kritisch is ondervraagd of onweersproken blijft, is onjuist. Maar als hij zegt 3000 doden en 17 jaar onderdrukking een verantwoorde schadepost te vinden, dan komt het niet aan op doorvragen maar op een oordeel of die afweging abject is of niet. Dat geldt ook voor zijn overtuiging dat niet ieder land (en volk) gebaat is bij democratie. En voor dat oordeel heeft de kijker ons niet nodig.
NOVA is er uiteindelijk om te informeren; niet om te getuigen. De impliciete opvatting van sommige briefschrijvers dat we de kijker maar op verkeerde idee├źn brengen door mensen als Schaad aan het woord te laten, kunnen we niet serieus nemen. Aan bevoogding van het kijkerspubliek doen we niet mee, ook al omdat dat zomaar kan leiden tot vormen van zelfcensuur die haaks staan op onze informerende taak.
Tot slot: tegenover Schaad staat de Chileen Bincho Al…

Israelische Kernwapens

'Iran, Arabs demand UN action over Israeli nuclear arms.
Agence France Presse.

CAIRO (AFP) - Iran and Arab states have seized on Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's statement implying that Israel has nuclear weapons, calling it proof of a regional threat and demanding UN action.
On Monday Olmert appeared to admit -- in breach of the
Jewish state's decades-long policy of ambiguity -- that
Israel possessed such weapons.
Iran called his comments a confession and demanded action
from the United Nations.
"This confession shows the real threat to security and stability in the Middle East, and it shows this regime's evil plans to carry out threats, a terror strategy and continued occupation," foreign ministry spokesman Mohammed Ali Hosseini said Wednesday.
"It is extremely necessary to adopt fast and efficient solutions on the UN Security Council and the Organisation of the Islamic Conference and other regional organisations to combat these clear threats," he said.

The Empire 88

De neoliberale hel in de VS.

'America's Young Adults Face Serious Economic Challenges.
18-34 Year Olds Confronted with New Financial Obstacles Not Experienced by Previous Generation.

NEW YORK - December 13 - Today's young adults are feeling the full,
deep impact of a massive shift in the US economy, and are no longer
able to start and sustain a family, build a career and grow assets in
the same manner as the previous generation, according to a new report
series published today by Demos, a national, nonpartisan public
policy center.

The new five-part "Young Adult Economics Series" shows that America's
young people are feeling the full effect of a 30-year shift from an
industrial to technology- and service-based U.S. economy. The series
shows that the combination of stagnant wage growth, growing debt, and
high costs of education, homeownership and healthcare are new
realities. These are now common factors that challenge the ability of
America's 20-and 30-somethings to sta…

De Israelische Terreur 131

Reuters bericht:
'Israel gets High Court nod for "targeted killings."

JERUSALEM, Dec 14 (Reuters) - Israel's top court on Thursday rejected a demand by civil liberties groups for a blanket ban on the military's "targeted killings" of Palestinian armed faction leaders, saying the tactic could be justified under laws of war.Using air strikes or covert commandos, Israel has tracked and killed many scores of Palestinian militants during 6 years of fighting, missions that have also regularly caused civilian casualties. The practice has drawn global censure and charges that Israel is pursuing an illegal assassinations policy.While Israel has largely put the controversial operations on hold as part of a Gaza Strip truce declared last month, defence officials say they are still the best last resort for preventing attacks by militants who cannot be easily caught and prosecuted.The High Court of Justice, rejecting petitions filed by a pro-Palestinian lobby and anot…

Electronic Intifada

Het loopt tegen het einde van het jaar, tijd voor de goede doelen. Ik kreeg net deze email:

'For six years, The Electronic Intifada, Electronic Iraq, and—now—Electronic Lebanon have brought the voices of those living through the most frightening and brutal events to a worldwide audience. We break stories and provide original analysis, unavailable from any other source. We illuminate the creativity through which people proclaim their dignity and pursue peace with justice.
To stay viable and fiercely independent, we need your support today. A one-time donation will give us a great boost. Even better, a recurring monthly donation will sustain us over time.
With thanks from The EI team and best wishes for 2007.



Ik kreeg net deze email:

'Dear stan,

While many of us are busy shopping for the newest toys for children in our families, UNICEF is working to provide kids around the world with gifts from an entirely different holiday shopping list—gifts that save lives.Please take a look at UNICEF's shopping list and consider making a special, lifesaving gift to the world's children this year .On behalf of the millions of children served each year by UNICEF, we extend our most sincere gratitude for your generous support.

With warmest regards and best wishes this holiday season,
Charles J. Lyons
President, U.S. Fund for UNICEF

P.S. Your donation will help UNICEF deliver its low-cost, high-impact "gifts of life" to children around the world. Please make your gift now.

The Empire 87

De Deense fotograaf Jacob Holdt schrijft bij deze foto: 'Poor whites I always found the hardest to photograph - at least in the USA where they have deeply internalized the prevailing American philosophy - that you are yourself to be blamed for your own misery. Thus they are also robbed of the dignity and pride characterizing the poor in other countries.' Zie:
De World Socialist Web Site bericht:'60 million Americans living on less than $7 a day.
US income figures show staggering rise in social inequality.
A recent analysis of Internal Revenue Service tax data sheds further light on the enormous gap that has grown between America’s wealthy elite and the masses of working people over the last quarter of a century. The examination of IRS figures was conducted by the New York Times and reported in its November 27 article, “’04 Income in U.S. Was Below 2000 Level” by David Cay Johnston.
The article begins by noting tha…

Aangifte Strafbaar Feit 3

Na ruim acht maanden wachten heb ik te tenslotte toch een reactie gekregen van het Openbaar Ministerie op mijn aangifte van een strafbaar feit. Volgens fungerend Hoofdofficier van Justitie W.B.M. Tomesen is justitie 'niet ontvankelijk.' Dat wil zeggen: hij kan minister van Defensie Henk Kamp niet vervolgen voor een strafbaar feit en ook niet de betreffende militairen die in Afghanistan verdachten aan Amerikanen hebben overgeleverd, terwijl men wist dat deze bondgenoot het internationaal recht niet respecteert ten aanzien van dit soort krijgsgevangenen.Zie: En: u met de muis de brief aanklikt kunt u het beter lezen.Het is een leemte in het Nederlands recht. Politici kunnen alleen worden vervolgd voor strafbare feiten als er daarvoor opdracht is gegeven via een Koninklijk Besluit of een Besluit van hun collega's in de …

11 September 1973 (10)

De volgens zakenman Schaad 'hele stoute oogjes' van 'generaal Pinochet.'

Hieronder het hoofdredactioneel commentaar van NOVA naar aanleiding van onder andere mijn kritiek op het uitgezonden item over dictatorPinochet.

‘De wijze waarop NOVA stilstond bij de dood van de Chileense dictator Pinochet is sommige kijkers in het verkeerde keelgat geschoten.Het voornaamste verwijt luidt dat een persoonlijke vriend van Pinochet alle ruimte kreeg om kritiekloos zijn zegje te doen. In plaats daarvan hadden we ons moeten houden bij de zwarte feiten achter het totalitaire bewind van Pinochet of bij de duistere rol van de Amerikanen op de achtergrond. Dat hebben we niet gedaan. En wel op grond van de volgende overwegingen.De feiten zijn bekend en onweersproken als het gaat om Pinochet: de staatsgreep, de 3000 doden en verdwijningen, de martelingen, het verbieden van politieke partijen en vrije pers - het spreekt allemaal voor zich. Ook de rol van de Amerikanen bij de staatsgreep is lan…


"The size of the lie is a definite factor in causing it to be believed, for the vast masses of a nation are in the depths of their hearts more easily deceived than they are consciously and intentionally bad. The primitive simplicity of their minds renders them a more easy prey to a big lie than a small one, for they themselves often tell little lies, but would be ashamed to tell big lies."Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) Source: Mein Kampf, p. 197. 14th Edition.

The Empire 86

De elite van het imperium dat claimt overal ter wereld de zegeningen van de democratie te willen brengen, is uiterst karig met die 'zegeningen' in eigen natie. 1 procent van de Amerikanen bezit 40 procent van alle rijkdom van het land, meer dan 40 miljoen Amerikanen is zo arm dat ze geen ziektekostenverzekering kunnen betalen. Ondertussen blijft de kloof tussen arm en rijk toenemen. Bloomberg bericht:'Americans See Widening Rich-Poor Income Gap as Cause for Alarm.
by Matthew Benjamin

Americans overwhelmingly say the growing gap between rich and poor has become a serious national concern, a sentiment that may bolster Democrats' plans to narrow the income divide when they take control of Congress.
Almost three-quarters of Americans believe inequality is a major issue, versus 24 percent who don't think so, according to a new Bloomberg/Los Angeles Times poll. Most of the concern is among Democrats and independent voters, though a majority of Republicans -- 55 percent -- a…

11 September 1973 (9)

De Volkskrant bericht: 'Leger ontslaat kleinzoon Pinochet.
SANTIAGO - De kleinzoon van de voormalige Chileense dictator Augusto Pinochet is woensdag ontslagen uit het leger omdat hij tijdens de uitvaart van zijn grootvader diens militaire coup van 1973 heeft geprezen. Dat maakte generaal Oscar Izurieta woensdag bekend.
‘Hem is verteld dat hij een ernstige misstap heeft begaan en dat hij ontslagen wordt’, zei de bevelhebber van het leger. Augusto Pinochet Molina (33) sprak spontaan en zonder toestemming op de uitvaartplechtigheid en prees zijn omstreden grootvader die het land volgens hem had behoed voor een marxistische totalitaire staat. Ook bekritiseerde hij de gerechtelijke procedures die de afgelopen jaren in gang waren gezet tegen zijn grootvader.
De socialistische regering en president Michelle Bachelet, die onder het regime van Pinochet werd gemarteld, reageerden woedend op de uitspraken en riepen het leger op Pinochet Molina te straffen voor zijn opmerkingen. ‘Dit is een …

11 September 1973 (8)

Consortium News bericht:

'Pinochet's Death Spares the Bush Family.
By Robert Parry.

Gen. Augusto Pinochet’s death on Dec. 10 means the Bush Family can
breathe a little bit easier, knowing that criminal proceedings
against Chile’s notorious dictator can no longer implicate his
longtime friend and protector, former President George H.W. Bush.

Although Chilean investigations against other defendants may
continue, the cases against Pinochet end with his death of a heart
attack at the age of 91. Pinochet’s death from natural causes also
marks a victory for world leaders, including George H.W. and George
W. Bush, who shielded Pinochet from justice over the past three decades.

The Bush Family’s role in the Pinochet cover-up began in 1976 when
then-CIA Director George H.W. Bush diverted investigators away from
Pinochet’s guilt in a car bombing in Washington that killed political
rival Orlando Letelier and an American, Ronni Moffitt.

The cover-up stretched into the presidency of George W. Bush when he

De Pro-Israel Lobby 20

De Pro-Israel lobbyist en neocon Paul Wolfowitz heeft de wind tegen.'World Bank's Wolfowitz heckled for Iraq role.
ATLANTA, (Reuters) - Iraq war protesters interrupted a speech by World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz on Sunday calling him a war criminal and saying he lied during the run-up to the war.
Wolfowitz, who was a deputy U.S. defense chief to Donald Rumsfeld and a key advocate of the Iraq war, was in an Atlanta synagogue to speak about the relevance of Africa for Americans.
At one point a man stood up silently at the front of the audience wearing an orange jumpsuit, seen by protesters as symbolic of clothes worn by prisoners at the U.S. jail at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
"You lied about the Iraq war! You are a war criminal!" shouted another woman as she was escorted from the synagogue. Some in the audience booed while a few said silent protests should be allowed.
Outside around 20 protesters held up signs condemning Wolfowitz and the war.
Wolfowitz said his current job p…

11 September 1973 (7)

Aan het einde van de middag kreeg ik deze email van NOVA-reacteur Wim Fortuyn naar aanleiding van mijn open brief aan mijn oude vriend de NOVA-verslaggever Jan van Loenen:

Nog meer opwinding. Geniet ervan. Naar aanleiding van jouw en andere reacties besteedt NOVA op de website aandacht aan de kritiek op het Pinochet-onderwerp, want we kunnen de briefschrijvers niet allemaal persoonlijk beantwoorden. Op de site verwijzen we naar twee van de ingezonden stukken, waaronder het jouwe. Zie de bijlage of kijk op
Wim Fortuyn, redactie NOVA'

Op de NOVA-website staat het volgende:

'Hoofdredactioneel Commentaar: Pinochet
13 november 2006

De wijze waarop NOVA stilstond bij de dood van de Chileense dictator Pinochet is sommige kijkers in het verkeerde keelgat geschoten.Het voornaamste verwijt luidt dat een persoonlijke vriend van Pinochet alle ruimte…

Klimaatverandering 64

De Independent bericht:'Arctic's summer sea ice 'could disappear completely by 2040.'
The Arctic could lose virtually all its summer sea ice by the year 2040 - 40 years earlier than previously thought - according to a study by leading climate scientists.
A rapid acceleration in the loss of sea ice seen in recent years will be dwarfed by the massive melting, up to four times faster than previously, which could take place within 20 years, the scientists predict.
If nothing is done to curb man-made emissions of greenhouse gases the Arctic Basin, from Siberia and Greenland to Canada and Alaska, could be open water in summer within the lifetime of today's children.
The findings, part of the fourth assessment of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) due next year, are published today in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.
Previous climate models of the sea ice in the Arctic have suggested that the earliest date for a completely ice-free summer would be around…


Ik kreeg net deze email gestuurd:'Nog tot 2 januari 2007 is te bewonderen
de fotoexpositie “Moslima’s” van Mirjam Terpstra en Heleen Wiering
in de Centrale Bibliotheek
Prinsengracht 587
1016 HT Amsterdam
Tel. 020 5230900.

Openingstijden Centrale Bibliotheek
13.00 - 21.00 uur
10.00 - 21.00 uur
10.00 - 21.00 uur
10.00 - 21.00 uur
10.00 - 19.00 uur
10.00 - 17.00 uur
13.00 - 17.00 uur

*) van oktober t/m maart - 5 dec. gesloten vanaf 17.00 uur- 25/ 26 dec. en 1 jan. 2007 gesloten- 31 dec. gesloten vanaf 16.00 uur

Voor meer informatie:'Het is gratis.

Nederland en Afghanistan 118

Dit is het hoofd van Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, een van de wreedste Afghaanse krijgsheren. 'During the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Hekmatyar received billions of dollars in military assistance from Pakistan's ISI and funds the CIA channeled to the mujahadeen through the ISI.' Zie: verklaarde hij:'US Troops Will Be Forced Out of Afghanistan Like the Soviets.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, Dec. 12--In a rare video message, Afghan insurgent leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar claims that American troops will be forced out of Afghanistan like the Soviets before them, AP said.The leader of the Hezb-e-Islami militant group also touts the Republican Party defeat in last month’s US midterm elections as a victory for militants fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.“It seems that every bullet that mujahedeen had fired toward the Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan has turned into a vote against Bush,“ Hekmatyar said in the undated video statement recei…

De Dollar Hegemonie 18

'U.S. dollar facing imminent collapse? Fed in bind as Paulsen, Bernanke head to China.

Even as the stock market is hitting new record highs almost every day, the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department are quietly coordinating a devaluation of the dollar that the Bush administration hopes will be a slow decline rather than a dollar collapse. This week, in an unusual move, the Bush administration is sending virtually the entire economic "A-team" to visit China for a "strategic economic dialogue" in Beijing Dec. 14 and 15. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke are leading the delegation, along with five other cabinet-level officials, including Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez. Also in the delegation will be Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt, Energy Secretary Sam Bodman, and U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab. The Bush administration wants to get China's cooperation in pr…

Martelen 63

'The Darkest Corner of the Mind.

US interrogators have devised a new form of torture. It debases the democracy they claim to be defending.

By George Monbiot. Published in the Guardian 12th December 2006.

After thousands of years of practice, you might have imagined that every possible means of inflicting pain had already been devised. But you should never underestimate the human capacity for invention. United States interrogators, we now discover, have found a new way of destroying a human being.
Last week, defence lawyers acting for Jose Padilla, a US citizen detained as an “enemy combatant”, released a video showing a mission fraught with deadly risk – taking him to the prison dentist. A group of masked guards in riot gear shackled his legs and hands, blindfolded him with black-out goggles and shut off his hearing with headphones, then marched him down the prison corridor(1).
Is Padilla really that dangerous? Far from it: his warders describe him as so docile and inactive that he cou…

11 September 1973 (6)

Ik kreeg net dit emailtje van Wim Fortuyn, de maker van het NOVA-item over Pinochet, naar aanleiding van mijn open brief aan mijn oude vriend Jan van Loenen:

'Beste Stan,
Fijn dat je me de spiegel voorhoudt. Inderdaad, ik ben alleen maar bezig met mijn carriere en kijkcijfers. Ja, ik had moeten beseffen dat het gevaarlijk is de domme kijker te confronteren met dubieuze opvattingen. En natuurlijk, ik had Schaad moeten ontmaskeren door hem eindeloos door te zagen over het begrip democratie - ook al is de man zelf noch zijn oppervlakkige mening van enig belang.
Maar voor ik je nou op inconsequenties ga wijzen: doe me een lol en houdt jouw oude en mijn nieuwe vriend Jan van Loenen er buiten. Ach laat ook maar. Want als hij zijn stem leent aan een tekst die niet volgens jou deugt, deugt Jan zelf natuurlijk ook niet. Dan is hij op z'n minst een collaborateur.
Tja, we kunnen niet allemaal blijven hangen in de getuigenisjournalistiek van de jaren '70.
Wim Fortuyn.'

Ik heb hem het vo…

11 September 1973 (5)

In de uitzending van NOVA over Pincohet zegt Jan van Loenen: '11 september 1973, de militaire coup komt op een moment dat de Chileense economie volledig is ingestort. Pinochet, net door president Allende benoemd tot legerleider wil niet ingrijpen, maar kon niet anders, zegt Peter Schaad.' Zie: ziet de kijker de zakenman Schaad die verklaart: ‘Natuurlijk, Allende was gekozen op democratische wijze, maar hij heeft er een geweldige pan van gemaakt. Het leven was gewoon, werd elke dag slechter. Er was geen eten, er was geen vervoer. Pinochet en zijn mede-junta members die zijn gevraagd door de bevolking om er wat aan te doen. Ik bedoel, d’er waren, de huisvrouwen die gingen naar het ministerie van Defensie met hun polleples en hun pannen en gingen vragen: ‘doe d’er alsjeblieft wat aan.’ En dat hebben ze uiteindelijk gedaan en Pinochet - moet ik erbij zeggen - zeer tegen zijn zin. Want Pin…

Nederland en Afghanistan 117

De New York Times bericht:

'Taliban and Allies Tighten Grip in North of Pakistan.

Peshawar, Pakistan - Islamic militants are using a recent peace deal with the government to consolidate their hold in northern Pakistan, vastly expanding their training of suicide bombers and other recruits and fortifying alliances with Al Qaeda and foreign fighters, diplomats and intelligence officials from several nations say. The result, they say, is virtually a Taliban mini-state.
The militants, the officials say, are openly flouting the terms of the September accord in North Waziristan, under which they agreed to end cross-border help for the Taliban insurgency that revived in Afghanistan with new force this year.
The area is becoming a magnet for an influx of foreign fighters, who not only challenge government authority in the area, but are even wresting control from local tribes and spreading their influence to neighboring areas, according to several American and NATO officials and Pak…