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Wijsheid 6

'Is there not something worthy of perpetuation in our Indian spirit of democracy, where Earth, our mother, was free to all, and no one sought to impoverish or enslave his neighbor?'
Ohiyesa. Sioux

Charles A. Eastman, Ohiyesa (Winner), Wahpeton Dakota (Eastern Woodland Sioux), 1858-1939. Physician, autobiographer, legend re-teller, essayist, lecturer.

Charles Alexander Eastman is unique among Indian writers, whether storytellers or oral historians. He was raised traditionally, as a Woodland Sioux, by his grandmother, from 1858 - 1874, until he was 15. He thus gained a thorough first-hand knowledge of the lifeways, language, culture, and oral history. His father (thought to have been hanged at Mankato, Minnesota) reappeared and insisted he receive the white man's education, Educated at Dartmouth and Boston University medical school, Eastman became a highly literate physician, who was the only doctor available to the victims of the Wounded Knee massacre in 1890 -- a major histor…

Water Schaarste 4

De Guardian bericht:

'Dirty Water Kills 5,000 Children a Day· Sanitation the key to saving millions of lives· UN urges governments to ensure supplies for all.
by Ashley Seager

Nearly two million children a year die for want of clean water and proper sanitation while the world's poor often pay more for their water than people in Britain or the US, according to a major new report.
The United Nations Development Programme, in its annual Human Development report, argues that 1.1 billion people do not have safe water and 2.6 billion suffer from inadequate sewerage. This is not because of water scarcity but poverty, inequality and government failure.
The report urges governments to guarantee that each person has at least 20 litres of clean water a day, regardless of wealth, location, gender or ethnicity. If water was free to the poor, it adds, it could trigger the next leap forward in human development.
Many sub-Saharan Africans get less than 20 litres of water a day and two-thirds have n…

Martelen 54

Truthout bericht: 'Cleric Details CIA Abduction, Torture.
Milan - In an account smuggled out of prison, a radical Muslim cleric has detailed how he was kidnapped by the CIA from this northern Italian city and flown to Cairo, where he was tortured for months with electric shocks and shackled to an iron rack known as "the Bride."
Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr, also known as Abu Omar, wrote an 11-page letter describing his 2003 abduction at the hands of the CIA and Italian secret service agents. He somehow transferred the document out of Egypt - where he remains in custody - and into the hands of Italian prosecutors who are investigating his disappearance.
The Milan public prosecutor's office on Thursday confirmed the authenticity of the letter, the existence of which was first reported by the Italian daily newspaper Corriere della Sera.
The document has been submitted as evidence to defense attorneys representing 25 CIA officers, a US Air Force officer and …

De Israelische Terreur 115

Oorlog is niet iets abstracts. Dit is oorlog. Een oorlog die door de Nederlandse regering gesteund via door de economische, militaire en politieke steun aan Israel. Dit is waar premier Balkenende het in feite over heeft wanneer hij zijn steun aan Israel verdedigt. Een gruwelijk voorbeeld van het resultaat van een Israelische terreuraanval. Ditmaal een foto uit Libanon.Jennifer Loewenstein is a Visiting Research Fellow at Oxford University's Refugee Studies Centre. She has lived and worked in Gaza City, Beirut and Jerusalem and has traveled extensively throughout the Middle East, where she has worked as a free-lance journalist and a human rights activist. She can be reached at:
Nightmare in Beit Hanoun
In CounterPunch schrijft zij:'How Gaza Offends Us All.
An opened jaw with yellowed teeth gaped out of its bloodied shroud. The rest of the head parts were wrapped in a plastic bag placed atop the jaw and nostrils, as if to be close to t…

Iran 64

Dr. Elias Akleh is an Arab writer of Palestinian descent, born in the town of Beit-Jala. Currently he lives in the US.
'War on IranUnleashing. Armageddon in the Middle East.By Dr. Elias Akleh11/10/06 "Information Clearing House" In mid 1970s the American Power Elite drew a “Grand Plan” to control and to monopolize global oil and nuclear energy resources, for he who controls energy resources determines the fate of nations. The base of this “Grand Plan” is the invasion of energy rich countries to directly control their resources, and to create subservient governments that would exploit their own people as cheap labor to harvest energy for the United States.The collapse of the Soviet Union had created a window of opportunity for the United States to ensure and to affirm its global superiority through expansion and controlling energy resources without any real opposition. The attacks of 911 were necessary requirements for the Bush administration to wage a “global war agains…

Wijsheid 5

'No tribe has the right to sell, even to each other, much less to strangers... Sell a country! Why not sell the air, the great sea, as well as the earth? Didn't the Great Spirit make them all for the use of his children?Tecumseh. Shawnee.

Rob Schrama

Een bevriende buurtgenoot van me zit in de problemen. Hij emailde me dit: 'Beste vrienden,

Ik moet mijn atelierruimte in de Van Gendthallen per 10 december verlaten. De huur is mij opgezegd, omdat een vriend van mij, die mijn atelierruimte even mocht gebruiken voor een gemeenschappelijk project,
een klein vuurtje had ontbrand ter droging van een werkstuk. Ik wist dat niet, maar het wordt mij wel aangerekend, omdat het gebruik van vuur in deze oude las(!)hallen van Stork geen vuur gedoogd wordt.

Door het helpen van een vriend, ben ik nu de pineut.

Wie kan mij helpen aan:

1) een plek waar ik mijn wandplastieken veilig kan ophangen en bewaren. Het mag ook in een gebouw zijn waar ze voor langere tijd tentoon worden gesteld. Hiertoe zal ik wel enige duidelijke voorwaarden
moeten afspreken.

2) een atelierruimte van 60-100 m2 , met goede ventilatie, waar ik voortaan kan werken en mijn materiaal, en eventueel ook mijn werkstukken, kan opslaan. Per 1 december graag. Het hoeft niet in Amsterdam te…

De Israelische Terreur 114

Anja Meulenbelt bericht op haar weblog:

'Members of the European Parliament hold a press conference to discuss the findings of their delegation to Palestine. (David Lundy)

MEPs Call For An International Force To Stop The Killing In Gaza And For An End To The Occupation Press Release, Members of European Parliament, 9 November 2006 (Van Electronic Intifada)

We, the undersigned Members of the European Parliament, recently returned from a fact finding mission to Israel and Palestine, are shocked and appalled by what we have seen and experienced in Gaza.Due to economic sanctions, almost all public institutions have shut down. The hospitals are overcrowded and receive neither money nor sufficient medicine. The public employees have not been paid for months. The doctors told us that some deadly injuries are not caused by traditional weapons but most likely by new experimental chemical weapons. More amputations than ever are necessary. They have not had the time to examine the dead bodies y…

De Israelische Terreur 113

Een van de talloze slachtoffers van de al decennia durende Israelische terreur.

Reuters bericht:

'Palestinians seek U.N. action on Israeli "terrorism.

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - A Palestinian official accused Israel on Thursday of "state terrorism" in an attack in Gaza that killed 18 civilians and said Israeli apologies for such incidents were insincere and no longer acceptable.

"This is terrorism, this is state terrorism," Palestinian U.N. Observer Riyad Mansour told an emergency Security Council meeting. "These are war crimes for which the perpetrators must be held accountable under international law."
But an Israeli diplomat insisted Wednesday's deadly shelling in Beit Hanoun had been accidental. Israel was "deeply saddened" by it and doing its utmost to avoid a repetition, Israeli envoy Daniel Carmon said. "Although the Palestinian civilians killed in this incident may have been killed by Israeli fire, they are in fact the victi…

Donald Rumsfeld 2

Democracy Now bericht: 'The president of the Center for Constitutional Rights, Michael Ratner, is heading to Germany today to file a new case charging outgoing Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld with war crimes for authorizing torture at Guantanamo Bay. [includes rush transcript]
Would Rumsfeld stepping down leave him open to prosecution? In 2004, the Center for Constitutional Rights filed a criminal complaint in Germany on behalf of several Iraqi citizens who alleged that a group of U.S. officials committed war crimes in Iraq. Rumsfeld was among the officials named in the complaint. The Iraqis claimed they were victims of electric shock, severe beatings, sleep and food deprivation and sexual abuse.
Germany's laws on torture and war crimes permits the prosecution of suspected war criminals wherever they may be found. Now, the president of the Center for Constitutional Rights, Michael Ratner, is returning to Germany to file a new complaint. Michael Ratner joins us in our firehous…

De Israelische Terreur 112

De Israelische vredesgroepering Gush Shalom spreekt zich fel uit tegen het Israelisch terrorisme.

'The Israeli army Invaded Bet-Hanoun
And killed 50 Palestinians.
In revenge, Palestinians launched Qassam rockets at Askalon.
In revenge, The Israeli army committed A massacre in Bet Hanoun.
In revenge… Until when?
Until the end of the occupation!
Ad published in Haaretz, November 10, 2006

Blood on the flag The most eloquent expression to the feelings of the hundreds of demonstrators was given by a middle-aged woman, who held in her hands the national flag with a large stain of blood. The demonstration was organized spontaneously, only a few hours after it became known that the Israeli artillery had caused a horrible massacre at Bet-Hanoun in the Gaza Strip. The "Peace Now" movement was the first to take the initiative, and was immediately joined by Gush Shalom, the Women's Coalition for Peace, Anarchists for Peace and the Meretz and Hadash parties. The protest took place in fro…

Het Evangelie van Balkenende 2

Voor de Nederlandse politiek is het geen echt issue in deze verkiezingstijd, maar wel voor organisaties die voor de mensenrechten opkomen, zoals Amnesty International. Ik kreeg de volgende email van Amnesty:


De Nederlandse regering is al jarenlang een uitgesproken tegenstander van de doodstraf. Overal en altijd. Amnesty International heeft dan ook met grote verbazing kennis genomen van de recente uitspraken van premier Balkenende, minister Bot en minister Verdonk over de doodstraf. Zo stelde Premier Balkenende in Buitenhof op 5 november jl de doodstraf voor Saddam Hoessein 'terecht' te vinden. Als je voor uitzonderingen pleit dan ben je eigenlijk gewoon vóór. Een dergelijke reactie is niet alleen moreel ongepast, het is in strijd met zowel Nederlands als internationaal beleid en het doet schade aan de rol van Nederland als fervent tegenstander van de doodstraf. Hieronder vindt u…

Israelisch Expansionisme 30

Ik kreeg van Anke Polak van het Humanistisch Vredeberaad deze email opgestuurd:'Het Midden-Oosten beleid moet
radicaal om!

Kies op 22 november voor duurzame vrede

* Het Israëlische beleid is al 60 jaar lang gericht op verdrijving van de Palestijnen en de verwoesting van hun samenleving ten behoeve van een uitsluitend Joodse staat (politiek Zionisme).
* Israël vormt een permanent gevaar voor de Arabische buurlanden en Iran. Met Irak is- met dank aan de VS en de EU - inmiddels afgerekend. Syrië en Iran bevinden zich in de gevarenzone. Libanon is Israëls meest recente slachtoffer. Dit beleid bedreigt de politieke stabiliteit in de wereld.
* Israël onttrekt zich aan het internationale recht, waaronder aan 39 resoluties van de Veiligheidsraad.
* Israël discrimineert grote delen van de eigen bevolking.
* Op wereldschaal is dit optreden rampzalig voor de onderlinge relaties tussen burgers en leidt tot scherpe toename van dis…

The Empire 47

'Tomgram: Plebiscite on an Outlaw Empire
Outlaw Empire Meets the Wave.
5 Questions for Our Future.By Tom Engelhardt
The wave -- and make no mistake, it's a global one -- has just crashed on our shores, soaking our imperial masters. It's a sight for sore eyes.
It's been a long time since we've seen an election like midterm 2006. After all, it's a truism of our politics that Americans are almost never driven to the polls by foreign-policy issues, no less by a single one that dominates everything else, no less by a catastrophic war (and the presidential approval ratings that go with it). This strange phenomenon has been building since the moment, in May 2003, that George W. Bush stood under that White-House-prepared "Mission Accomplished" banner on the USS Abraham Lincoln and declared "major combat operations have ended."
That "Top Gun" stunt -- when a cocky President helped pilot an S-3B Viking sub reconnaissance Naval jet onto a carrier …

Klimaatverandering 53

De wal gaat het schip keren. De Guardian bericht:

'Australia suffers worst drought in 1,000 years.
Depleted reservoirs, failed crops and arid farmland spark global warming tussle.

Australia's blistering summer has only just begun but reservoir levels are dropping fast, crop forecasts have been slashed, and great swaths of the continent are entering what scientists yesterday called a "one in a thousand years drought".
With many regions in their fifth year of drought, the government yesterday called an emergency water summit in Canberra. The meeting between the prime minister, John Howard, and the leaders of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and Queensland was told that more than half of Australia's farmland was experiencing drought.
David Dreverman, head of the Murray-Darling river basin commission, said: "This is more typical of a one in a 1,000-year drought, or possibly even drier, than it is of a one in 100-year event." He added that the Murray-D…

The Empire 46

Charles Sullivan is a photographer, free lance writer and social activist living in West Virginia. He welcomes your comments at In Information Clearing House schrijft hij:
'Voting in the absence of Choice Too many Americans harbor the illusion that we live in a democracy simply because we have the right to vote. But let us be clear about something: voting matters only where real choices are allowed. It is universally understood that special interest money runs the American political system and thus defines what the choices will be. So we are left to choose between candidates who are financed by special interest money, which any fool can see, is no choice at all. The system is purposely designed to require enormous expense from its participants. According to the very mainstream USA Today, the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics predicts that $2.6 billion will be spent on Congressional races this year alone, which thus precludes any third party candidat…

De Israelische Terreur 111

De International Herald Tribune van vandaag:'Excerpts from a speech made in Tel Aviv by David Grossman, the Israeli writer, on the 11th anniversary of the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.
The death of young people is a horrible, outrageous waste. But no less horrible is the feeling that the state of Israel has, for many years now, criminally wasted not only the lives of its sons and daughters, but also the miracle that occurred here - the great and rare opportunity that history granted it, the opportunity to create an enlightened, properly functioning democratic state that would act in accordance with Jewish and universal values.
A country that would be a national home and refuge, but not only a refuge. It would also be a place that gives new meaning to Jewish existence. A country in which an important, essential part of its Jewish identity, of its Jewish ethos, would be full equality and respect for its non-Jewish citizens.
Look what happened. Look what happened to thi…

De Bush Bende 25

De Amerikaanse minister van Defensie Rumsfeld mag dan zijn afgezet, veroordeeld voor zijn misdaden is hij niet.


'Saddam's Unindicted Co-Conspirator: Donald Rumsfeld.

By Norman Solomon t r u t h o u t Perspective.

Saddam Hussein has received a death sentence for crimes he committed more than a year before Donald Rumsfeld shook his hand in Baghdad. Let's reach back into history and extract these facts:
· On December 20, 1983, the Washington Post reported that Rumsfeld "visited Iraq in what US officials said was an attempt to bolster the already improving US relations with that country."
· Two days later, the New York Times cited a "senior American official" who "said that the United States remained ready to establish full diplomatic relations with Iraq and that it was up to the Iraqis."
· On March 29, 1984, the Times reported: "American diplomats pronounce themselves satisfied with relations between Iraq and the United States and suggest…

De Israelische Terreur 110

Ik kreeg deze email gestuurd:

'Original Message -----
From: "Stop Oorlog" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2006 7:07 PM
Subject: 9 November: Protest op Dam tegen Israelische staatsterreur.

Protest op Dam tegen Israelische staatsterreur Donderdag 9 november 18.30 uurDam, Amsterdam Met sprekers vanuit o.a. de Palestijnse Gemeenschap Nederland, Een AnderJoods Geluid, Nederlands Palestina Komitee en Internationale Socialisten Vanmorgen vroeg zijn in Gaza Palestina minstens 20 burgers omgekomen doorIsraelische raketaanvallen op een woonwijk. Op 1 november, direct na detoetreding van de extreem-rechtse partij van Lieberman, Yisrael Beitenu,viel Israël Gaza binnen, in het dorp Beit Hanoun. Hiervoor werd alsargument aangevoerd, dat Israël een einde wil maken aan de'raketaanvallen' vanuit Gaza op Israël; de genoemde 'raketten' zijnzelfgemaakte metalen vuurpijlen die zelden slachtoffers of serieuze schadeaan hebb…

De Israelische Terreur 109

De Palestijnse civil society doet al enige tijd een klemmend beroep op Europese regeringen om zich te keren tegen de Israelische terreur. Als Europa hierop niet reageert, moet men niet verbaast zijn wanneer er terroristische aanslagen volgen in Israel of in Europa zelf. Contra-terreur is een logish gevolg van terreur, een geterroriseerde bevolking die in de steek wordt gelaten, blijft alleen contra-terreur over om te pogen de terreur van 'de joodse natie' te stoppen.

'Letter: Switzerland must act on Gaza even as others choose silence.

Ali Abunimah, The Electronic Intifada, 8 November 20068 November 2006

H.E. Ms Micheline Calmy-Rey
Federal CouncillorFederal Department of Foreign Affairs
Bern, Switzerland.
Via email: generalsekretaer at

Dear Minister Calmy-Rey,
This morning, Israeli occupation forces shelled a civilian area near Beit Hanoun in the north of the Gaza Strip, killing nineteen people, of whom at least eight are children, and four women. Eleven of the dead a…

De Israelische Terreur 108

'AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PRESS RELEASE. 8 November 2006. Israel/Occupied Territories: Amnesty International delegate visits scene of Gaza Strip killings.The killing this morning of 18 civilians in the Palestinian town of Beit Hanoun, victims of Israeli shelling, was an appalling act, Amnesty International said today. The organization called for an immediate, independent investigation and for those responsible to be held accountable. It said previous Israeli investigations, such as that carried out into the killings of a Palestinian family on a beach in the Gaza Strip last June, had been seriously inadequate and failed to meet international standards for such investigations, which must be independent, impartial and thorough.Those killed, most of whom were asleep in their beds when their homes were struck by shells fired by Israeli forces, included eight children. An Amnesty International delegate who visited the scene of the killings shortly after the attack was told that 15 of the v…

Wijsheid 4

'We do not want churches because they will teach us to quarrel about God, as the Catholics and Protestants do. We do not want to learn that.
We may quarrel with men sometimes about things on this earth. But we never quarrel about God. We do not want to learn that.'
Chief Joseph. Nez Perce.

De Dollar Hegemonie 12

De Asia Times bericht: 'Dollar poised for a dip.Making short-term predictions about the US dollar is notoriously difficult. So why do we say the dollar may fall after Tuesday's mid-term elections in the United States? Once we know what the future composition of Congress will be, the markets can shift focus from the excitement of the moment to what may lie ahead. We believe we have just seen the beginning of a more pronounced slowdown that will likely push us into recession. The reason we are more negative than many economists is that high levels of consumer debt make the economy much more interest-rate-sensitive than in past economic cycles. An area where this is particularly apparent is in the housing market, as consumers in the US, a so-called ownership society, have massive levels of debt accumulated in their homes. Given that only short-term interest rates have risen, only the most speculative homeowners with adjustable rate mortgages should have been affected. But in a wo…

De Nuance van de NRC 7

Dit stuur ik via email als open brief aan de NRC:

'Geachte redactie,

Uw krant bericht vanavond:

''Tientallen doden bij actie Gaza.
Door onze correspondent.

Gazastad, 8 nov. Bij Israëlische acties in de bezette Palestijnse gebieden zijn de afgelopen 24 uur zeker 32 Palestijnen gedood. Tanks vuurden vanochtend vroeg op huizen in Beit Hanoun in de Gazastrook en daarbij kwamen 18 bewoners, onder wie een gezin, om het leven. De meeste slachtoffers, vrouwen en kinderen, sliepen toen hun huizen werden beschoten…Het Israëlische leger motiveert de acties met het argument dat de beschietingen met Qassam-raketten gestopt moeten worden. Bij de Israëlische kuststad Ashkelon sloegen gisteren vier Qassams in. De raketten van amateuristische makelij richtten lichte schade aan. Ook Sderot werd bestookt.''

Lees verder:

Mijn vraag is simpel: waarom noemt u deze terreur aanslag 'Israelische acties'? Ik vraag dat omdat u een soor…

De Israelische Terreur 107

Ik kreeg dit email van Kees Wagtendonk van het Palestina Komitee:

'Weer 18 doden in de Gazastrook, "een tragische vergissing" aldus Israel,
jawel en die 53 die er aan voorafgingen de afgelopen week? Dit alles levert
opnieuw een voorbeeld van disproportioneel geweld zoals in de afgelopen
zomer in Libanon (inclusief de `vergissing' in Kana) en in Gaza. Hoeveel
doden hebben de Palestijnse `raketten' eigenlijk veroorzaakt? Volgens ons
geen enkele.
Nederland lag afgelopen zomer dwars in de EU, samen met Engeland, en
blokkeerde een oproep tot een staakt het vuren ten gunste van het
Amerikaanse groene licht voor het Israelische geweld. Bot laat het weer
afweten. Vanochtend was hij te horen in de Ochtenden, maar geen woord van

Morgen, 9 november, is ook de eerste dag van een internationale week tegen
de apartheidsmuur.

We hebben het in het NPK en in overleg met de PGN vandaag even gehad over
de wenselijkheid om vandaag nog naar de Dam te gaan. Het wordt morgen. Om
meer mensen d…

Geoffrey Millard

Vorige week zondag sprak Geoffrey Millard op de landelijke conferentie 'Oorlog & Vrede' in het Amsterdamse Felix Meritus. Geoffrey is woordvoerder van 'Iraq Veterans Against the War.' Na afloop van een van zijn toespraak interviewde ik hem over zijn ervaringen als Amerikaanse soldaat en over zijn verzet tegen de oorlog. Millard is een interessante spreker die vanuit een doorleefde ervaring kan vertellen.
Het interview kunt u hier beluisteren onder de rubriek interviews:

Geoffrey Millard kunt u ook beluisteren in deze filmdocumentaire: over de Iraakse veteranen kunt u hier lezen: over generaal Smedley Butler:

Noam Chomsky 12

Al Jazeera: 'Chomsky discovers roots of terrorism.
11/6/2006 3:00:00 PM GMT

“The problem lies in the unwillingness to recognize that your own terrorism is terrorism” -Noam Chomsky.

As the U.S. crucial congressional elections draw near, the debate over the U.S. President’s decision to invade Iraq and his so-called “war on terror” gets heated.
The American academic Noam Chomsky who has been the foremost critic of America's imperial adventures for more than three decades here tackles the roots of terrorism and the role of the U.S. and the British governments in fighting or spreading it.
Excalibur (Ex): How important is an understanding of the role of states such as the U.S. and the UK when examining the question of terrorism?
Chomsky (Ch): It depends on whether we want to be honest and truthful or whether we want to just serve state power ( . . . ) We should look at all forms of terrorism.
I have been writing on terrorism for 25 years, ever since the Reagan administration came in 1981 a…